Behavior & Training

Retriever Training Whistle

Best Retriever Training Whistle

Compared to other domestic animals, dogs are very obedient and energetic. It is their natural tendency. Humans have taken benefit of this tendency and trained the dog for multiple tasks. Retrieving is one such task. However, a dog requires lots of training to become an effective retriever. In this task, the most essential training tool […]

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Chew Toys for Retrievers

5 Worst Chew Toys for Retrievers

All retrievers do chew. However, they don’t start chewing suddenly because they are naughty. There is a scientific reason behind this habitual change. At a certain age, the retriever’s teeth start growing. It causes a sensation in the jaw. To ease the sensation, the dog starts chewing hard objects. The chewing action gives the dog

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Retriever Training Marking Drills

Retriever Training Marking Drills

A Retriever is not a retriever at all if it is unable to mark a fallen game. Therefore, “Marking” ability is considered as one of the most crucial parts of hunting. However, while focusing on sharpening the marking abilities of their Retriever, people often make the grave mistake of ignoring other aspects of their training.

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Retriever Steadiness Drills

Retriever Steadiness Drills

Even though marking is a natural talent of Retrievers, steadiness is not. Yet, stability is one of the essential skills that your retriever must develop to pass a hunt test or field trial. If your retriever is a self- dependent dog and does not rely on your command during marking exercises, there are high chances

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Retriever Training Bumpers

Best Retriever Training Bumpers

For ages, dogs were the best companion of hunters. With their agility, they can go anywhere and bring back hunted animals and birds to their owners. Labrador, Golden Retriever, and Chesapeake Bay retriever are some of the best types of dog for this job. However, these dogs don’t know how to retrieve it when born.

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