Best Retriever Training Whistle

Compared to other domestic animals, dogs are very obedient and energetic. It is their natural tendency. Humans have taken benefit of this tendency and trained the dog for multiple tasks. Retrieving is one such task. However, a dog requires lots of training to become an effective retriever. In this task, the most essential training tool is a whistle. A whistle allows the trainer to give a command to the dog. It also saves the trainer’s breath, because the trainer doesn’t have to yell on the dog all day long. Here are some of the best retriever training whistles available on the Amazon.

IGC Dog Whistle

IGC Dog Whistle

It is a metallic whistle with a plastic cover on top. The whistle can produce in ultrasonic frequencies. For this reason, the pitch of the sound is very high. The dog can hear the sound of the whistle from miles away. It becomes very important during a hunting expedition. In these events, the dog needs to go further from their owner for hunting. In this situation, a whistle with ultrasonic sound can guide him properly.

The best feature of this whistle is its pitch adjustability. The whistle can be adjusted for sound in-between 5.4 kHz to 12.8 kHz. It gives the dog owner to produce unique sound from the whistle. Therefore, the owner can have a distinctive sound for his dog. Out of all noises, the retriever will know which his master’s whistle is and follow his command in a better way.

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Whistle

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Whistle 1

This whistle is good for the initial stage of retriever training. Made of plastic, it is a very durable sturdy whistle. The plastic is very high grade and has non-toxic properties. Therefore, it is 100% safe for a kid’s mouth. The whistle comes in bright orange colour. Thanks to this bright colour it is very easy to find among other items. There are no worries about losing it easily.

It is a whistle without Pea. Therefore, unlike other whistles, it does not freeze in winter. It works in any condition. The whistle is good for colder climate weather. Most trainers use it for close distance training. With the help of this whistle, a trainer can teach how to stop barking. The high noise of this whistle is good for intimidating small puppies and corrects their behaviour.

SportDOG Brand Competition Mega Whistle

SportDOG Brand Competition Mega Whistle

As the name suggests, it is a mega whistle that makes lots of noise. Most trainers use this whistle for advanced level retriever training. The whistle produces the sound in the front direction. This way it keeps the handler’s ears safe. Even in bad windy weather, the sound of this whistle goes long distances. It is very useful for hunting or retrieving training. By using its loud sound, the trainer can easily instruct dogs during blind retrieves.

The whistle comes with a plastic pea inside. The pea creates a unique sound and resonate the level higher. The body of the whistle is made from durable black colour plastic. For this reason, it blends in well with any dress and doesn’t look clunky. The whistle has an orange tip. There is a brass ring on the bottom of the whistle that goes easily with any Lanyard.

Acme Dog Whistle 211.5

Acme Dog Whistle 211.5

This whistle produces one level of high pitch noise. Thanks to its simple design the trainer can easily blow this whistle. To blow this whistle, the dog owner does not require much air. For this reason, the whistle does not put any strain on the lung. It is suitable for older people who have cardiac or breathing problems. It is an all-round whistle and can be used both in a town and Countryside.

The whistle comes in bright orange colour. It also has a ring that allows the dog owner to put it on the Lanyard. It is a very lightweight whistle. For this reason, carrying it everywhere is no hassle. It is very easy to give the right command to the dog and make him obedient.

Coghlan’s Function Whistle

Coghlans Function Whistle

It is a multifunction whistle for professional hunters. This whistle is not just for giving commands to the dog, but it also has multiple useful properties that can be useful in the wilderness. The whistle has a two-scale thermometer in the bottom and a compass on the top. There is also a magnifier hidden in the whistle and it opens like a Swiss-knife. In the jungle, this magnifier can be used to start a fire from sunlight.

Thanks to its multifunctional properties the whistle becomes very useful during hunting. The compass of this whistle helps the hunter navigate in dense jungle. The whistle is made from high-quality material and it is designed to withstand rough weather. The whistle also makes high noise. Therefore the dog can hear it from long distances. Instead of a ring, the whistle has a clip system. It easily attaches to all types of equipment. It is a premium whistle for training, backpacking, camping, and hunting exercises.

Acme Silent Dog Whistle

Acme Silent Dog Whistle

It is a solid metal whistle. The whistle is made from solid brass and it has a nickel coating. The nickel coating gives it the shininess and silver-like appearance. As a metal brass has high resonation capability. Therefore, the whistle makes a very high-frequency sound. For ordinary people this sound is inaudible, but the dog can listen to the sound. In a normal condition, the retriever dog can hear the whistle sound from up to 400 yards. Due to its silent sound-producing capability, the whistle does not irritate others and no one complains for this reason.

Due to its metallic design, the whistle lasts a lifetime. The whistle also comes with its enclosure. It helps keeps dust and debris out of the whistle tip and maintains the hygienic condition of the whistle. The whistle is designed and manufactured by a British company and the company has a 133 years legacy of producing high-quality whistle.

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