Boy Dog Names That Start with the Letter C

Happiness is when you have the love and support of a trustworthy companion. No wonder people feel so gratified when they get the affection of a loyal companion like a dog. In fact, bringing a new pup home can turn out to be one of the best moments of a person’s life. It is like a newborn baby has stepped into its home for the first time.

Now, how can you let your newborn baby live without a name? So buck up and get started with your dog’s name searching mission without any delay. If you are muddled about where to begin, don’t be. That’s what we are here for.

Why not begin your name hunting journey with the letter C? Below, you will find some of the most unique and trendy names with the alphabet C. Furthermore, all of them have been shortlisted, keeping in mind the following essential factors:

  1. Convenience: You must choose a convenient name for both you and your dog.  Ascertain that your dog’s name is short enough to be easily pronounced by you and quickly memorized by your dog.
  2. Infrequency: A name that is too common can lead your dog to get confused at public places. Therefore, we have listed some of the most uncommon dog names. However, most of these names are also used for human beings. Therefore, when you go through the list, ascertain that you don’t select a name already existing in your family. It will create some significant pandemonium at your home.
  3. Personality: The list contains names for dogs of diverse breeds, conformation, temperaments, behaviors, etc. All you need to do is keep your eyes open to assess your dog’s personality and go through the list thoroughly to find the perfect name.
  4. Phonetics: It is a proven fact that dogs tend to be more responsive to names having two syllables and a vowel sound. Therefore, you must try to select a name that takes these two determinants into consideration.

Male Dog Names Starting with the Alphabet C

1. C3PO21. Casey41. Cheeks61. Chum81. Comet
2. Cahill22. Casimir42. Chess62. Cisco82. Conlan
3. Caiden23. Cache43. Cheney63. Clark83.Comiskey
4. Cai24. Casio44. Chesnut64. Chusetts84. Comics
5. Cain25. Casino45. Chesney65. Cletus85. Cookie
6. Caleb26. Casper46. Chevy66. Clark Kent86. Changer
7. Cal27. Caspar47. Chester67. Clive87. Cooper
8. Callan28. Cedric48. Chico68. Clint88. Copper
9. Calhoun29. Ceasar49. Chewy69. Click89.Copernicus
10. Cappuccino30. Cepeda50. Chili70. Cloud90. Cork
11. Campanella31. Champ51. Chief71. Clumsy91. Corky
12. Carl32.Chamberlain52. Chipper72. Clyde92. Corey
13. Captain33. Chance53. Chip73. Cobb93. Cody
14. Carr34. Chaos54. Chopper74. Coach94. Corus
15. Carson35. Chaney55.Chocolate75. Coco95. Cosmo
16. Cartwright36. Charlie56. Chubby76. Coby96. Corvus
17. Carter37. Chap57. Chub77. Cody97. Cox
18. Casanova38. Checkers58. Chuck                Norris78. Coco98. Cousey
19. Carzan39. Chase59. Chuck79. Colorado99. Cronus
20. Cash40. Cheeto60. Chuma80. Cole100. Cupid


The list mentioned above is comprehensive enough to help you select a suitable name for your new furry friend. Even if they do not appeal to you, they will trigger some excellent ideas regarding your dog’s name in your mind. Just make sure that the name you choose is consistent with your pup’s behavior and personality. Do not make mistakes like naming a rough and tough  Labrador retriever, “Ruffles.” It will be really embarrassing for both your dog and you.