Boy Dog Names that Start with the Letter N

After having a dog, everyone suffers from this dilemma is what its name should be. There are millions of names available in the world, but all names do not suit dogs. The name also has to be some meaning. It also has to reflect the personality of the dog and its breed. For this reason, all dog names are not appropriate for all dogs. Here are some modern dog names that start with the letter N. Anyone with the fascination with the letter N can choose one of these names for their dog.

Dog NameMeaningThe breed it suits
NadirSomeone who is beloved by everyoneGolden Retriever
NandaSomeone who always remain happy and joyfulLabrador
NahuelTiger in Native American languageAlaskan Malamute
Newmansomeone who is new and suddenly came in lifePug
NevadaAnyone who is covered in snowSamoyed
NewtonSomeone smart like Sir Isaac NewtonLabrador
NicolaiThe Greek name for water and seaPug
NigelWho always love to live in the cloudCocker Spaniel
NileAs the famous river of EgyptLabrador Retriever
NimaSomeone who comes as a blessingNeapolitan Mastiff
NoahWho can rescue anyone from sudden dangerGerman Spitz
NolanA born champion who wins everywhereLhasa Apso
NorrisSomeone who has arrived from the northRottweiler
NukaIn Native American language someone similar to a brotherBeagle
NuriAn eternal flame that never dies outGolden Retriever
NuruBright and clear like sunlightPit Bull Terrier
NishantEnd of night and beginning of new dawnBorder Collie
NingSomeone who loves peace and bring prosperityBeagle
NestorSomeone who comes home in the eveningGerman Shepherd
NeelamOne who is clear as a blue sapphire gemDogo Argentino
NatsuoThe Japanese term for the good upcoming summertimeLabrador
NazimOne who disorganize every time possiblePug
NedOld English term for someone who always guardsCocker Spaniel
NashOld English term for Ash colourLabrador Retriever
NinoHebrew term for someone who is merciful and kindGolden Retriever
NorvinOld English term for a friend who came from the northPit Bull Terrier
NabeelThe Arabic term for someone who is noble from insideBorder Collie
NovenaLatin term for the number nineGerman Shepherd
NovakSlavonic term for someone noviceCocker Spaniel


Being a dog owner is similar to being a parent. It is quite a responsible job. For this reason, it is advised to choose the dog name wisely. Before choosing the name, it is a good idea to discuss several name options with friends and family. Make sure that everyone feels comfortable with the name and everyone able to pronounce it correctly. It is better if everyone calls the dog with one name. Otherwise, the dog may get confused with its identity. Many time dog acts dumb when multiple people call it with multiple names. They find it difficult to respond properly when asked and sometimes refuse to obey the command of the owner.