Dog Names for Boys that Starts with Letter M

Many people think having a dog is just like having a toy. However, this way of thinking is not right. The dog is living a breathing life. Therefore, having a dog is like becoming a parent. The owner not only has to take care of the dog, but they also have to name it with a proper name. A name not only gives the dog identity but also portrays its personality. Here are few male dog names that start with the letter “M”. Anyone who likes the letter M can name their dog with one of these names.

Dog NameMeaningThe breed it suits
MarcoThe Latin term for someone who hits the markLhasa Apso
MalcolmScottish term for someone devotedRottweiler
MaximoThe Latin term for someone greatBeagle
MerrickThe Japanese term for someone fastGolden Retriever
MakaiA great gift of godPit Bull Terrier
MyloA German term for born hunterBorder Collie
MalekAn Arabic term for someone sovereignBeagle
MyronSomeone with a charming personalityGerman Shepherd
MauroAnyone who came from the darkness of nightDogo Argentino
MaamarSomeone who brings prosperity with themLabrador
MaanalSomeone who loves to jump all the timePug
MaaranHindu term for a brave-heart personCocker Spaniel
MattisA Scandinavian term for the gift of godLabrador Retriever
MadduxSomeone who bring lots of wealthGolden Retriever
MugaSomeone who doesn’t care anythingPit Bull Terrier
MulcahyAn Irish word for battle chiefBorder Collie
MuninA Scandinavian term for a sweet memoryGerman Shepherd
MizuThe Japanese term for waterCocker Spaniel
MokiA Native American term for the deer hunterGolden Retriever
MontegoA Spanish word for mountainLabrador
MikealA Russian name for someone specialAlaskan Malamute
MilapA Native American term for a big heartPug
MinganA Native American term for Grey WolfSamoyed
MirzaA Turkish term for good childLabrador
MenawaThe great warrior who defeats everyonePug
MeronThe Hebrew term for a good soldierCocker Spaniel
MeztliAn Aztec term for glowing full moonLabrador Retriever
MichiA Japanese term for righteous WayNeapolitan Mastiff
MaxtonSomeone who can take maximum pressureGerman Spitz


Giving a unique name to the dog define its characteristics and behavior. For this reason, knowing the meaning behind its name is an important aspect. Make sure the people who often interact with the dog can pronounce its name correctly. Otherwise, the dog may get confused with its name. In scientific research, it has been proven that the dog often behaves better when the owner calls his name with love and care.

The name of the dog also showcases the personality of the owner. A suitable uncommon name shows the sophisticated class of the dog owner. The dog is a friendly animal and known as the best companion of a man. Therefore, the dog owner has to take care of the dog.