10 Reasons Why Labradors are the Best Dog Ever

Do you want to get a dog soon and confused about the type you should get? One of the most popular dogs in America. These character traits are very attractive to human beings. Talk of trainable, friendly, adventurous, and most important obedient animals. If you have a child then lucky for you because Labrador gets along with them very well.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Labrador

1. Intelligent

Yes, you got those right, intelligent matters when getting a dog. Labradors are very quick to learn new tricks that are taught by the owner. Not to mention they have a very high instinct, which is from their early breeding times. Funny enough is that through their instincts they can switch up fast depending on the type of environment.

An example is that if a Labrador is with children, it will play with them and if it put to any sporting activity; it will put its mental and physical strength too. Their intelligence also qualifies these dogs to go for hunting, fishing and do some investigations here and there.

2. Live long

These dogs live even more than your cat. Labradors have a life expectancy of 10-12 years maximum. Although the study says that it depends on their coat and because they are active dogs, therefore it is hard for them to look old. Their life span will allow you to live with your dog together with your family in peace without worrying about its death.

3. Affordable

Are you scared about the cost when acquiring a dog? Labs are less costly especially when it is gotten from a rescue center. These dogs can cost about $175 at most. It is not only about acquiring it rather also checking on the cost of maintenance. Labs eat everything and anything, no need to rush in the pet stores looking for your dog’s favorite food.

Labradors are very active animals the more active it reduces the number of trips of going to the vet. These animals can play with any other toy just like any other dog; this automatically reduces the cost of purchasing a variety of toys.

4. Companion

They can be good friends if you are always lonely at home with your family. These dogs can play with your children and keep them busy when you are busy. Do you always go for jogging alone? Labs can be good partners to go for a jog with. Their active nature makes them good athletes. Just the same way there are friendly to human beings they are also friendly to other dogs. One can never find Labradors barking at other dogs and becoming unhostile to them.

5. Adopt to the environment

Do not worry about your dog adapting very well to the environment. Labradors do not react differently in summer, winter, autumn or spring. The environment does not easily influence their health. Although this does not mean that, you leave your labs out in the cold. Equally just, try to apply common sense when exposing your lab to any type of environment.

6. Cute

You must be thinking that this is not a good reason to own a lab. Cuteness and adorability affect human psychology. Waking up and looking at a cute dog gives psychological satisfaction that you need. Labradors come in different attractive colors: brown, black and light brown. Their “otter tail “when they are happy also expresses their adorability.

7. Enthusiastic and form good comedians

Life can be gloomy at the time but not when a Labrador is around. Labradors readily approach the world. That is why in most cases you would find Labradors to be comforters. They are positive-minded beings. Their presence just showers the room with another type of energy. Labs are the best if your motive is just to be happy.

8. Build us as a person

These beings help us control our emotions. For this reason, therefore, the enable we to remain focus on our daily routines in life normally. Other than that, labs build us as a person when they are always making us learn new things. Okay look at it this way, training a lab requires a bit of professionalism and for this, it requires us to learn new things every day about labs.

9. Sporty

If you are the kind of person who enjoys going for fishing, hunting, athletics or any other kind of sporting activities then labs are the best to play this kind of roll. These does are always eager to learn a new thing every day. Thinking of whether a Labrador can swim as a sport. These dogs are even better than the fish themselves. They following the human being in daily routine influences them to be sporty in nature.

10. Good listeners

As they say, always save the best for the last.  One of the qualities that push one to acquire a lab. They are always there to listen to your misunderstanding of the day and always try to comfort you. These dogs are easily trained unlike other breeds not because they are special but because they are good listeners.


Have you thought of other reasons as to why you should own a Labrador? If you have read this and you are satisfied with at least three reasons as to why you should own a lab, why not then. Its qualities just stand out and attract you to get a Labrador as a pet. At the end of the day, choose a dog that matches the qualities you are looking for.


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