5 Worst Chew Toys for Retrievers

All retrievers do chew. However, they don’t start chewing suddenly because they are naughty. There is a scientific reason behind this habitual change. At a certain age, the retriever’s teeth start growing. It causes a sensation in the jaw. To ease the sensation, the dog starts chewing hard objects.

The chewing action gives the dog some relaxation. In such a scenario, many retriever owners buy chew toys for the dog without knowing much about them. Some of these toys are beneficial for the dog but not all of them. Some of the low qualities chew toys possess a serious threat to the dog’s health. Let’s take a look 5 worst chew toys for retrievers.

The risk from chew toys

Now a day every company is competing with each other and they are maximizing their profit by cutting costs. A few companies take this approach negatively and compromise with the product quality. Chew toys made from low-quality material can cause serious health risks for the dog. Here are a few dangers the dog may face from low-quality chew toys.

  1. Chocking: if the chew toy is not built of durable material, then its pieces can come off easily. The dog can eat it and get chocked by it. Over years many dogs have died for this reason.
  2. Dental Issues: Hard and sharp edges of the chewing toy can rupture a dog’s gum. This rapture can later turn into an infection and cause severe problems for the dog.
  3. Toxicity: Many chew toy companies use harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process. When the dog chews these toys they absorb these chemicals. It can cause toxicity in the dog.

5 Worst Chew Toys

Currently, there are multiple chew toys available on Amazon. Most of these toys are good in quality. They pose no threat to the dog. The dog can chew these toys all day long without any complication. However, there are a few chew toys that are not good in quality. Here are five worst chew toys for dogs.

1) Tikaton Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Tikaton Dog Chew Toy

It is a big bone-shaped chew toy for aggressive dogs. The toy colourful and mimics the texture of real bone.  It is made out of rubber. The toy is quite strong and durable. The dog won’t be able to chew it off that easily. However, many dog owners have reported that the chew toy gives an allergic reaction to the dog.

It is believed that the chemical composition of this toy is quite harmful and not suitable for all dogs. In many dogs, this toy may enhance shedding and other side effects. If the dog decides to chew it for a long time then the chemicals of this toy may go to its stomach and create digestive problems. In the long-term, the dog might lose its appetite and get sick.

2) FANIMAL Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

FANIMAL Dog Chew Toy

This chew toy is made out of natural rubber and it is non-toxic and safe for the dog. It also has a hidden pocket that slowly feeds the dog while chewing. The owner can insert the dog’s favourite snack in this pocket and let the dog get it through chewing. The chew toy has jagged ridges all over.

These jagged ridges clean the dog’s teeth when chewing and work like a toothbrush. Many dog owners have given positive reviews to this chew toy. However, bacteria and fungus can accumulate in the ridges if not cleaned properly. Over time it becomes a breeding ground for germs. These germs are capable enough to make the dog very sick.

3) KISHONET Squeaky Dog Toys Dog Clean Teeth Chew

KISHONET Squeaky Dog Toy

This chew toy comes as a cartoony shark pad shape. The chewing pad is available in bright black, red, and white colours. The pad encourages the dog to chew it. It is made from cotton and pulse. The soft material of this pad puts gentle pressure on the dog’s teeth and cleans it thoroughly.

However, many people have reported that the material is not very durable. Young dogs with sharp teeth can easily make a hole in it and destroy it in hours. Then most dogs pull the pulse from inside and make a big mess in the house. A large group of people has expressed their dissatisfaction over this chew toy. They think it is just a waste of money.

4) JOYDODY Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

JOYDODY Dog Chew Toy

It is a red bone-shaped chew toy that has long bristles on the side. These bristles intend to work like a toothbrush. These bristles clean the dog’s teeth while it is chewing. The manufacturing company says that it offers 360 degrees of a dental cleaning. The red colour of this chew toy is very attractive and dogs love it. However, the toy has an artificial beef flavour.

Even though all dogs love beef, but many of them are allergic to artificial flavour. Another down point of this chew toy is its durability. Many dog owners shared their experience online, where they reported that dogs with a strong jaw can easily make pieces of it. As a result, the chewing toy becomes a serious choking threat for the dog.

5) FUZZU Steamed Vegetables Dog Chew Toy

FUZZU Steamed Vegetables Dog Chew Toy

One of the major drawbacks of this chew toy is its appearance. With a glance, the toy looks like a carrot. Most retrievers don’t like vegetables. In the initial period, they don’t like to chew this toy. It is made of sturdy polyester material. For this reason, dogs aren’t able to rip eat easily. However, the chew toy soaks the dog’s saliva easily. Over a period it becomes smelly and causes lots of hygiene problems.


Chewing is a natural urge and every retriever dog feels it. A good chewing toy keeps the boredom away and keeps the dog focus on the chewing activity. It is a type of game for the dog. An owner should never resist his dog from chewing. It can be counterproductive. Chewing keeps the dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Instead of resisting, a dog owner should buy a good chewing toy for the dog.

Most retrievers are large. They are born hunters. For this reason, they have enormous power in their jaw. Therefore, an ordinary chewing toy can turn into pieces in just a couple of days. Small pieces of the chewing toy can become a choking hazard for the dog. Similarly, low-quality material of the chewing toy can cause several health problems. The dog can have an allergy or various digestive problems. Therefore, check the durability and manufacturing materials before purchasing any chewing toy.