5 Dog Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy

Interactive Dog Toys

What do you do to keep your dog busy? Dog toys are one of the ways to kill the boredom. These dog toys also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, prices. It is equally important to understand the type of dog toy, which not only keeps them busy but also builds both psychical and mental capabilities.

1.  Giggle Ball

Giggle ball

Giggle balls are the most popular in the world, an example being the Wobble-Wag-Giggle-ball. Inside the ball, some tubes produce sounds. If your dog has a habit of chewing stuff then this Wobble Wag Ball would keep it busy. Dogs that rarely go outside for walks or runs, Wobble – Wag-Giggle – ball becomes an alternative to not only keep them busy indoors but also physically active. The advantage of it is that it could be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, any dog of any size or age can use it.

2. Kong 

Kong Dog Toy

Everybody enjoys rewards, after achieving an activity dog to enjoy this. It has been in the market for over 40 years and still selling. Kibble, peanut butter, dog snacks or veggies can be some of the treats to stuff in the Kong Classic. Therefore, a dog gets these treats while continuously chewing the Kong Classic. This is the best way to keep the dog busy as well as reward the dog.

3. Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Another treat for the dog guessed it right. This is a grass-like structure and fluffy in texture. The Wooly Snuffle Mat builds the instincts to sense food. Then how is this? Dog treats are scattered in the mat, the dog is then obligated to sniff through the fiber mat and acquire for itself food. This activity also makes the dog independent, as it will learn to look for its own other than waiting to be given food. Try this, if you find your dog as a lazy being.

4.  Dog Twister

Dog Twister 1

Do you want your dog to be a problem solver and smart? Nina Ottosson, a Sweden based Company made the possible through the dog twister. It has challenges and puzzles that the dog is to find to acquire a treat. Other than being a good mind teaser to your dog, it also enhances a proximity relationship with you and your do due to its interactive nature. Nina Ottosson Dog twisters remain to be in the list of favorites to both the dog owners and the dog themselves. 

5. Interactive Dog Bowl

Interactive Dog Bowl

Right now, you must be wondering, how can a bowl be a toy? An example of the interactive bowl is the Ootdpet Interactive bowl, made of silicon and in the form of a maze. Foods or dog snacks are set down in the maze-like structure. The dog is then meant to get food from those structures without moving the bowl or pouring the food. This interactive bowl not only keeps the dog busy, as it can be used as a prescription for the dog’s health.

Healthy, yes healthy. Some dogs have a habit of eating a lot of food at once, which causes stomach blot. The interactive bowl allows dogs to have a habit of acquiring a small amount of food. Interactive dog bowls can serve two purposes as a toy and as a health benefit.


When purchasing a dog toy, it is advisable to look at a few things before. What is the size, the difficulty, material, noise, treats, and engagement? Since different dogs react differently, and all these variables are important before purchase.

Do not also be too quick to judge and predetermine what the dog likes and not. Patience is a great virtue in this. Also do not just stick to one type of dog toy, try a couple of them to establish a great-analyzed result. Encourage yourself the attitude of monitoring. Look at what is safe, what is engaging and what is sizeable for your dog. To add on this establish what you want your dog to achieve apart from keeping it busy. An example do you want your dog to acquire a new skill from using the toy?

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