11 Ways to Tell Your Labrador is Happy

A wise man once said, “Happiness depends on ourselves”, but as a lab owner, we all know that all our happiness lies in him/her. Our dogs become happy when we are happy and vice-versa. This bond is interconnected. Your lab and you both feel comfortable in each other’s company and that’s the power of a positive relationship. No wonder dogs are said to be one of the oldest companions of sapiens. Many folklores are present which talks about the unbreakable relationship between man and dog.

But there are times when we feel that there is something that is missing in between you and your lab. Sometimes you wish if your dog could speak and express his emotions for you. That communication gap might prick you but not now! No, we are not introducing any gadget to translate the emotions (P.S: Researchers are working towards that also ) but we are bringing out the signs or ways to tell you that your Labrador is delightful. So here is the list:

Running Silver Labrador

1) Licking You Like Anything

The first one is pretty obvious.  Now, imagine that you are working for the entire day and you come home late at night and after opening the door your lab jumps on you and starts licking. He is delighted to see you home after a long time. One thing to notice here is that pack animals like wolves, tigers, etc lick their partner as a sign of welcome, and also this means that he has oneness with you.

The next point is similar to this trait.

2) Nose Nudge

Researchers have found that nose nudge or poking gently using nose, is prominent with the herd. They used these techniques including licking for welcoming the dominant member of the pack. So next time if your four-pawed friends are welcoming you by nudging its nose then you can assume that it is in a joyful mood.

3) Playful Mood with Belly Up

You might have noticed that while playing anything your pet shows up his belly or rolls on the ground with belly up, this is a submissive mood. Initially, dogs were a wild animal, and for any wild animal belly is the weakest point, and laying on the back is the most vulnerable position, so what it means is, when your dog is exposing his belly in front of you, it means that he/she is trusting you and is in a cheerful mood.

4) Calm and Non-destructive Behavior

According to science, each body in the universe tends to attain a stable position and the same case is with your hound. When your lab is calm and compost, it means that he is in a state of bliss and his brain is not releasing any stress hormone. No one likes destructive behavior and if your tyke is showing that, then you should diagnose the situation. You should take them to the vet for proper investigation as diseases can also make dogs destructive.

5) Proper Appetite

We all know how much labs love to eat. They can munch on, for the whole day. The loss of appetite can be very alarming and can be caused because of mental breakdown or any disease. It is seen in many cases that dogs literally left eating after their owner’s demise. You can calculate the height of the sensitivity of these creatures. A spike in eating is seen as a sign of disease so in both cases you should consult a vet.

6) Swishy Tail

What comes to your mind when you think of a dog? A wagging tail and lolled tongue aren’t it! But you might be surprised to know that there are variable tail position and their different meaning. Naturally, when your dog is happy then its tail will sway from side to side and also will involve its body. But when the tail is wagging at a slower speed and is held high then it is threatened and might attack. A low held tail means that the dog is frightened. Also, when your dog is wagging widely than a normal position then he might be expressing his love for you. The tail is one of the most important features of animals and they have different meanings also.

7) Play Bow Position

This is one of the easiest ways to judge if your dog is joyous or not. A playful dog bends its front paws, and keeps its rear in the air. This position generally mean that it is happy and in playful mood. It is worth knowing that you should take your dogs for frequent walk and play different games with him. This practice will increase the bonding between you and your dog. Play bow position is also worth knowing because wild animals don’t stay in position for too long because they are vulnerable in this position; hence staying in this position in front of you is a sign of comfort and security.

8) Sleeping as if There is no Tomorrow

Dogs are lethargic and the fact that they can sleep up to 18 hours a day strengthens this claim. This simply means that a healthy and happy dog will have a good sleep whereas a dog full of anxiety will have a bad sleep. Fun fact- Dogs also experience nightmares like humans. So now you know that your sleep pattern can tell a lot of things about your dog.

9) Jumping

Another sign which is adequate to show that your dog is happy is jumping. At times this behavior becomes pretty frustrating for the owner but this trait is very critical to judge whether the dog is happy or not. Dogs recognize their owner by scent, voice, and face and while jumping they try to get closer to you for emotional attachment. A long stride run towards you also means that your dog is happy and excited to meet you. You should promote this trait as it can help them to balance emotionally and physically.

10) Relaxed Eyes and Tongue

If your labs’ eyes and tongue are relaxed then it is a sign of jocularity. A relaxed eye means that he/she is watching without the white part of the eyes. Naturally positioned head and straight eyes mean that your lab is relaxed. Tongue plays an important role in determining the mood of your hound. Slightly opened mouth with tongue lolling out means that the mouth is in relaxed position and your lab is in great mood.

11) Naturally Positioned Ear

Like eyes and tongue, the ear also plays an important role to determine the mental state of Labrador. If it raises higher that means they are alert and listening carefully and if they are fallen and moves sidewards then they are fearful. A delighted Labrador will have a naturally positioned relaxed ear.

happy lab2

These were some of the ways to determine if your Labrador is happy. Few other ways like Happy body language, sniffing, sleeping with you, caring for you, sharing things like toys with you, moving after you, peeing in front of you are minute details which can also be included in the list. You can make sure if your Labrador is happy with you with these methods. A happy lab is every owner’s desire and you should also make sure to provide comfort to your four-pawed friend.