10 Ways to Love and Appreciate Your Dog

Dogs have and will always be man’s best friend. They give us endless and unconditional love. Though they may not say it in our faces, they do have their unique way of showing care and concern unto us. This can be manifested in the great company they provide, taking us on walks, and even keeping us safe.

It is, therefore, very essential for us to show our dogs’ appreciation and concern. Yes, you might love your dog, but do you appreciate him/her? Since we also do not have the power to speak ‘dog language’, the best way to do this is by doing things that show your dog how much you appreciate him/her.

1. Feed Your Dog Healthy Food

Here is a complete guide on choosing healthy treats for your dog which is must for maintaining good health for them.

The first and most important way you can show appreciation to your dog is by feeding him/her healthy food. Many are the times that we feed our dogs’ junk food that has no nutritional value to their bodies.

Providing a nutritious and healthy diet will go a long way in ensuring your dog is normal and healthy. Therefore, if you were stuck on, which is the best way to show appreciation to your dog, start by feeding him/her healthy food.

Before you make any dietary changes, make sure that you get the consent of your vet. There are many types of dog foods out there. You should thus do some research and identify which is ideal for your dog’s breed.

At times, if your pockets can allow, you should purchase an extra refrigerator to store your dogs’ food. With such, you can be assured of never running out of healthy meals for your furry friend.


2. Scratch Dog Ears Longer Than Usual

Dogs really love attention. This is why things can get pretty hectic when you bring in another pet in your home. But, if you have been a dog owner for a while, then you can bear witness on how much dogs love having their ears scratched

We can only assume that they get a feeling similar to that of getting a massage.

Anyways, the bottom line is that dogs love getting their ears scratched. To show that you appreciate him/her. Then scratch their ears for longer than usual and do it more often. Make a habit of doing this when you come home from work, and every morning before you leave.

3. Complement Your Dog

As much as our languages do differ, dogs love complements. Another way to show appreciation is by complementing them. Don’t be afraid of telling him, ‘good doggy’ or ‘pretty doggy’. This can really boost their confidence and morale.

Moreover, the dog will always be eager to see you so that you can complement him/her. You could also cheer on as you give these words of compliment.

4. Exercise Your Pet

Unlike other pets, dogs are active animals. They have an inner drive to always be on the move or doing something. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t that active. We, therefore, tend to deny our dogs the opportunity to be who they really are.

You can show your dog that you appreciate him/her for being in your life by exercising him/her regularly. You can go for walks, runs, play fetch, and there are hundreds of other games that you can use to exercise your pet.

One thing that you should know is that exercise is a vital part of enriching your pet’s lives. You can ask your vet to provide you with various forms of exercise that both you and your dog could enjoy.

If you have new pup in the home then check the article on how and when to start walking puppy .


5. Learn The Dog Language

If you are interested in showing your dog that you appreciate him/her, then why don’t you learn their language? Once you are familiar with the dog’s language, you will be able to know what your pet wants and thus give it to him/her.

The dog language entails learning more about their body language. This is because there is no way you can know what your dog is saying from the barking. The signs can be interpreted with the right guide.

There are several books that you can use. For instance, there is the On Talking Terms with Dogs by Turid Rigaas and Canine Body Language by Aloff Brenda.

You can use these books to learn how to interpret what your dog is saying. As a result, you will be able to translate this information and do what he/she wants.

Moreover, once you speak dog, you will be able to enjoy the time you spend with your furry friend. It will be easier to ask him/her to do things.

6. Visit The Vet Frequently

Your dog’s health should be at the top of your priorities. And, the only way you can ensure that your dog is healthy is by visiting the vet frequently. These visits will be able to notify you of any ailments or conditions that could come in between your dog’s way of life.

However, as you do this. You should remember that dogs are very similar to humans; they are also afraid of hospitals. You can teach your pet to tolerate these visits by giving them treats after a successful consultation with the doctor.

7. Play with Him/Her A Lot

As discussed earlier, dogs are active animals, and they really love to play, especially puppies. Playing with your dog won’t only make him feel happy and loved, it’s also an excellent way for you to relax and reduce stress.

Playing will ensure that your dog doesn’t get bored and remains active. You can play fetch, hide and seek, scent games and a variety of other games. The more you play, the stronger your bond also becomes. You will also learn a lot about your pet through these interactions.

8. Take Your Dog for a Car Ride

You have probably seen this happening in your neighborhood or in town. Dogs peeping outside the co-driver’s window, enjoying the fresh air. This is something dogs really enjoy.

Therefore, next weekend, when you are bored at home. Take your dog out on a car ride. Allow him to sit on the co-driver’s seat and tilt the window down a little.

As you do this, you should know that dogs respond differently to certain stimuli. There are some who might feel overwhelmed when standing at the window of a moving car and may try to jump out. This could result in accidents and injuries.

You should thus be very keen as you go about this. You could drive at a slow pace to ensure that he remains calm. Also, stick to low traffic areas. The hooting could end up scaring your dog.

Dog Car Ride

9. Bath Them and Dress Them Up

Despite there being some dogs who don’t like water, most of them really enjoy a warm bath. Other than taking your dog into a pet salon and have them washed by a stranger.

You can visit your nearest convenience store and pick some nice smelling dog shampoo. When you get home, you can prepare a warm bath and cover him/her in foam and bubbles.

A well-groomed dog has his lifetime increased by 2-3 years easily. This is the reason I have an article on dog grooming which covers all aspects.

It is something I also ignored with my pug dog initially and you shouldn’t do that.

Afterward, you could play dress up. You will be amazed at how cute your dog would look like when dressed in a t-shirt.

To spice up things, even more, you could get some dog outfits online and dress them whenever you are going for a stroll.

10. Let Your Dog be A Dog

Letting your dog be himself is perhaps one of the hardest things for a dog owner to do. However, if you want to show appreciation, then it is best to let him be. We human beings tend to want to shape things to fit our desires.

For instance, you may wish to treat these friendly animals as if they were human babies. But the blunt truth is that dogs are pets and they are so different from us.

For instance, if you tell your dog not to pee on the rug or you will give him a spanking. That won’t work, will it now? You, therefore, have to be methodical in your approaches. Giving him rewards and training him to behave better is an ideal way for you to live in harmony with your pet.

At times, you have to agree that no matter how hard you love your dog, there are some behaviors that are natural to him/her. And it takes patience and determination to mold your dog’s behavior.

Learn More With the Help of Video


The above are the ten best ways on how to show your canine friend that you appreciate them. In the world that we currently live in, most of us are held up with work and family commitments to the point that we forget about our furry friends. It is during such moments that you can use the above ways to show appreciation.

Make a habit of showing your dog appreciation in many ways. Treats alone aren’t enough. Showing appreciation to your dog entails lots of exciting things for both you and him. No matter how busy your schedule is, always create time to make your puppy feel loved and appreciated.


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