5 Best Chew Proof Dog Beds for 2020

The dog is the best companion of humans. They are very loyal and many times they risk their lives to protect their owner. For this reason, most people often choose a dog as their pet. However, many people don’t understand that this animal has a personality and it can be a little naughty sometimes. As an example, many dogs develop a chewing habit and they often destroy their bed. It completely makes a mess in the room and most people dislike this habit of their dog. Let’s take a look at why they do this and how can you stop them from chewing.

The Root Cause Behind Chewing behaviour in dogs

Many people don’t know that dogs don’t bear teethes when they born. Just like a human they develop teethes like at a certain age. During this teething period, they feel a strong sensation in their jaw. Chewing helps the dog find some relaxation this sensation. The Chewing also loosens the muscles under the teeth and helps teeth come out. This is the main reason, why most dogs started chewing between 3 to 6 months of age. The chewing process also keeps their teeth healthy.

However, if an older dog suddenly develops chewing habit, it could be an indication that the dog has developed an infection in the gum. This type of infection may cause a serious sensation in the dog and force him to chew other objects. In such a case, visit a veterinary as soon as possible.

There are many other reasons, why dogs started chewing habits suddenly. If the dog develops a chewing habit after coming to a new place, it means the new place is not his favourite. If you notice him chewing bed after coming from the office, it means the dog needs more attention.

What can be done to stop chewing behaviour in dogs?

In most dogs the chewing behaviour is temporary. It only remains during their teeth development time. In later days this problem goes away naturally. However, if the chewing habit remains constant, then it is better to buy a chew proof bed.

These chewing proof beds are durable and last a long time. Here are some chew proof beds available in the market that you can consider buying.

Beds that will keep your dog comfortable

1) Hero Dog Bed Mat Crate Pad Anti Slip Mattress

Hero Dog Bed Mat Crate Pad Anti Slip Mattress 1

The mat is built with premium PP Cotton material. The material is non-toxic. Even if the dog chews it for a long time it won’t cause any problem to the dog. Compared to ordinary fabrics, the fabric used in the mat is quite strong. As a result, it lasts quite a long time even after all this chewing. It is quite soft and cosy. Thus, it keeps the body temperature in optimal condition. It offers a comfortable surface where a dog can sleep with peace.

This mat can be a good bed for the dog. It is quite durable and it is available in different sizes. 21 x 14 inches is the smallest size and 55 X 39 inches is a large size. The mat weighs around 1.61 pounds. Due to its lightweight, it is quite comfortable for carriage. Due to its different size availability, this mat can fit dogs of any size.

Another benefit of this mat is its rubbery bottom. The bottom section creates a natural suction and remains in place with the floor. Therefore, the dog cannot move the mat easily. It also works with car seats and sofa. Many people often carry this mat when they travel with their dog.

The best feature of the mat is that it is washable. The dog owner can easily clean it in the washing machine. To maintain the hygiene of this mat, detergent can be used during the cleaning process. The strong fabrics of this mat retain its shape after multiple rounds of wash.

This mat is suitable for all types of dogs. Old dogs with arthritic problems can sleep comfortably on this mat. The mat has special padding that provides comfort to the joints of the dogs.

2) Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed 1

This dog bed is made out of memory foam. It provides essential contour support to the dog’s joint. The bed is made out of two different layers of foam. The top layer is quite soft and squishy, while the inside layer is quite firm. Due to this unique design, the bed retains its shape all the time. The bed is 34 inches long and 22 inches in width. Its height is around 4 inches. It weighs around 3.8 pounds and stays firmly on the ground.

This additional height of the bed is good for the dog. It keeps him away from the moisture of the ground. The bed comes with a polyester cover. This cover allows the air to circulate and keeps the dog in optimal condition. Polyester is one of the strongest fabrics in the world. As a result, the dog cannot chew it apart. It will last longer.

Another crucial fact of this cover is that it is also waterproof. The cover protects the interior foam from water. This cover is removable and it can be washed in the washing machine easily. The bed comes in a rolled up and vacuum-sealed condition. The user needs to open the packaging and let the foam get its shape. It takes 24 hours for this.

3) YEP HHO Detachable Elevated Dog Bed

YEP HHO Detachable Elevated Dog Bed 1

This bed features an elevated design. Here the owner needs to prepare the elevated bed by connecting a few rods. It is a simple design and anyone can build this bed by following instructions. It is a very sturdy design and it can take the dog’s weight easily. It has a bearing capacity of 80 pounds.

The steel frame of the bed keeps the dog above ground and protects him from the moisture and cold. This bed keeps the dog 8 inches above the ground. It is a comfortable bed for any dog. The bed has a rubber on the bottom, which stops slippage.

The best part of this bed is its cover. It is made out of Oxford cloth. It is soft yet very durable. The dog will not be able to chew it off. The fabric is also breathable and it let the air circulate properly. As a result, the dog can sleep on it comfortably. The cover is also washable and it does not get rip apart in a washing machine wash.

Another best aspect of this bed it is weatherproof and easily detachable. It weighs around 5.4 pounds, which makes it travel friendly. For this reason, it can be taken to any place easily. Many people take this bed when they go out for camping with their dog. It is a good bed for both outdoor and indoor usage. The bed is available in various sizes.

4) iHappyDog Luxury Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed

iHappyDog Luxury Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed 1

It is an artificial fur dog bed. It looks very luxurious and the dog can sleep here comfortably. The texture of this fur is soft and silky. It provides superior ventilation. Due to its breathable design, the fur bed circulates air optimally. It keeps the dog cool in hot temperatures and keeps him warm in cold weather. It is also available in various sizes. The owner of the dog needs to choose it according to the size of the dog.

Unlike other dog bed, it is quite beautiful. The design of this artificial dog bed matches the interior decoration of most houses. It looks quite elegant and sophisticated. The fur bed not only provides comfort to the dog, but it also enhances the attractiveness of the room. For this reason, many people place this fur bed in their living room. The bed has a rubbery bottom. Therefore, it remains in one place. The dog cannot drag it with his mouth.

The fur is made out of polyester material. It is very strong. For this reason, the dog cannot chew it down. This material is made out of non-toxic elements. It is completely safe for the dog. Along with small puppies, old dogs can also sleep here. Special padding of this bed gives them orthopaedic support to old dogs.

Maintaining hygiene with this bed is very easy. The bed is washable and the owner can wash it in the washing machine with detergent. The fur bed is very durable and it lasts for a long time. The dog and the owner don’t get any allergy from it. This bed weighs only 5.4 pounds. It can easily turn into a roll and the owner can take it in any place. It is good for the floor, sofa, cars, etc. However, this bed is for indoors only. It may catch dirt easily if anyone uses it outside.

5) Pet Deluxe Dog and Puppy Bed

Pet Deluxe Dog and Puppy Bed 1

It is a premium deluxe bed for the dog. This bed has a padded rim on the side. It will keep small puppies in the bed comfortably. The height of the bed is around 10 inches. For this reason, the moisture and cold temperature of the floor will remain away from the dog. It is available in different sizes. The size of a small bed is around 20 X 16 inches, while the size of the large bed is around 41 X 28 inches. Choose appropriate bad according to the size of the dog.

The padding of the bed is made out of memory foam. It is very soft and cosy, but it is also very durable. Dog’s biting won’t affect it. It is completely chewing proof. Even the cover of this bed is made out of high-quality material. It has a velvety feeling to it. This cover is waterproof and airy at the same time. It retains the body heat of the dog and keeps him comfortable.

The cover of this bed is washing machine proof. It can be washed in a washing machine numerous times. The machine wash won’t damage the high-quality fabric of this cover. For convenience, the cover has a zip system. It is very easy to zip and unzip the cover from the bed.

It is a premium bed. It is designed with high-class house architecture in mind. For this reason, the bed fits well in the bedroom, living room. Those dogs who love to sleep on the sofa will love to sleep here. For convenience, it can put in a car for a journey. This bed has a rubber bottom; it will remain in place and won’t budge from its position. The weight of this bed is around 4.8 pounds. It is quite light compared to other conventional dog beds.


The dog may look very tough from the outside, but it is a very sophisticated animal. Compared to humans it has way more senses. It can hear better, It can see in the dark, and it has a strong sense of smell. For this reason, dogs love their habitat very much. Even a little change in it can cause a big discomfort to him.

Therefore, it is better to give him a strong sturdy bed, where the animal can sleep in peace. A chew proof bed is a much better choice for the dog because it is designed with his behaviour in mind. Compared to other beds, these beds keep the airflow in optimal condition and keep the dog calm.

Dogs often destroy normal bed and need to replace it after some time. However, these chew proof beds are nearly indestructible. These beds last long and save the owner from the hassle of buying a new bed frequently. These beds are easy to maintain and wash. For this reason, bugs remain away from these beds. From every prospect of angle, it is a better choice for the dog.

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