Behavior & Training

Retriever Training Bumpers

Best Retriever Training Bumpers

For ages, dogs were the best companion of hunters. With their agility, they can go anywhere and bring back hunted animals and birds to their owners. Labrador, Golden Retriever, and Chesapeake Bay retriever are some of the best types of dog for this job. However, these dogs don’t know how to retrieve it when born. …

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Bark Collars for Small Dogs

Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs

Some dog tends to bark more than usual while others don’t. Barking has always been a dog’s way to communicate. Compared to big dogs’ small ones are more impatient which leads to unnecessary excessive barking that can annoy you as well as your neighbor’s. You can either teach your dog how to stop barking on …

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Training Retrievers

45 Rules For Training Retrievers

Retrievers are one of the most enthusiastic dogs. The right type of training can make him a better companion for every activity. But while training there are certain do’s and don’ts that should be followed or else it will affect the training. Basic rules to be followed while training your retriever: The critical period: The …

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