Best 13 Dog Chews For Pups

If you have had the pleasure of observing closely the stages through which little puppies go while becoming an adult dog, you are one of the lucky ones. There are few things in the world more fulfilling than watching a baby animal you love grow into a strong and healthy adult, and knowing you played a major role in their development. Not all the stages of their growth are easy to deal with, however.

One of the most difficult stages to through for both the puppy and you is the teething. This is a highly intense period of around 2 months, which usually sets in when they are 4 months old. This is a time when their baby teeth fall out and are slowly replaced by their adult teeth. Given that adult dogs have 42 teeth, all of which develop in those 2 months, the growth is intensive.

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In this stage the puppies have this uncontrollable urge to chew on everything. This actually helps them to soothe the soreness of their gums and thus this is a very natural instinct. You require a lot of patience to help your fur baby to get through this stage, and naturally you would want to ease their discomfort as much as possible.

The challenge is to keep an eye on them and make sure whatever they chew on is safe for their health and their weak, developing teeth. They will find no dearth of objects around the house to chew on but this not only damages your possessions, it also may inadvertently harm them.

A good way to take care of this problem is to invest in plenty of chew toys. These toys are available in a variety of shapes and colours and they are also made according to size to suit your little puppy. The toys are non-breakable and do not tear so you don’t have to worry about them swallowing a piece by mistake.

Animal Shaped Chew Toys

The chew toys which resemble animals are a great choice because of several reasons. Firstly, they are exactly like plush toys so they are adorable, soft, and roundish. Secondly, they are usually small and they fit easily in tote bags and other smaller bags. So you can take this with you any time you need to be outdoors with your puppy.

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Listed below are some of the best quality products of this category which you may avail of at a reasonable price:

1. CreativeFox Zulu The Dog

This is a puppy shaped chew toy that will also make a great playmate for your dog. This is meant for both puppies and medium size dogs. The toy is durable, non-toxic, and the material used to manufacture the product is really good for your dog’s teeth.

Also, whenever you buy this product you win a free consultation with the skilled veterinarians at Hachicko Pet Club, and you only have to register to claim this service. Buy Zulu the Dog by CreativeFox on by clicking on the name.

2. CreativeFox Pixie The Octopus

This is an adorable roundish baby octopus chew toy that is assured to become your pup’s favourite in no time! Because of the shape of the octopus there are eight extensions aside from the circular top, and this suits the needs of your dog at various stages of teething.

This is because there is more surface area to cover and your pup can simply chew on the tentacles when he or she feels the need to gnaw at something longer and narrower. This product is available in three bright hues of yellow, orange, and blue. All of CreativeFox’s toys are made out of sound material and come with the special offer of a free consultation from Hachicko Pet Club.

Buy Pixie The Octopus from CreativeFox on by clicking on the name.

3. CreativeFox Allice The Gator

Alice the Gator is an alligator plush toy that comes in brown and green. It weighs 100 grams only and is roughly 18 cm in length. The elongated shapes near the mouth and the end are really helpful because it is easier for the pups to hold down the toy with their small paws while they chew. The scales made on the toy’s back have good gaps between them which fulfill your dog’s chewing needs.

This is a product that is suited to the needs of all breeds large or small. Buy Alice The Gator from CrativeFox on by simply clicking on its name.

4. CreativeFox Elly The Phant

As the name suggests, this is a toy shaped like an elephant. This adorable toy comes in a standard size (18 cm) and can be bought in the colours bright pink, blue, and baby pink. This toy has one of the largest surface areas among the four and the several assembled shapes make it a great chew toy.

The longish trunk, the four squared bases, and the roundish top and middle give your pup plenty of ground to choose from. The ears are built in such a way that it ensures the best grip for your dog to hold it down while they chew. The various shapes are ideal in a chew toy because it gives the certainty of being useful through all stages of teething.

You can buy Elly the Phant by CreativeFox from by clicking on the name here.

Bone Shaped Chew Toys

Bone shaped chew toys are extremely popular, and rightly so. Once your dog has teethed properly in all likelihood it will be time to move on to other food stuffs that they require for strength, such as bones. It is a good idea to familiarize your dog with the object beforehand so that they take to it readily when the time comes.

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Read on to find out which are some of the best products in this range.

1. The Dogs Company Natural Rubber Dog Bone Chew Toy

This is one of the highest rated chew toys for dogs. It is made out of hard, non-toxic natural rubber which is extremely durable. This is not only good to soothe their aching gums – the toy facilitates dental cleaning owing to the soft spikes which prevents plaque buildup while massaging the gums.

The standard size of the toy is 8.5 inches and it is recommended for dogs of medium breeds. It is ideal for teeth development and helps to avoid the growth of overly sharp edges of the teeth. You can buy this toy from by clicking here.

2. Foodie Puppies Imported Dog Rubber Chew Toy

This is a bright red bone shaped toy made out of very durable rubber, which makes it flexible. It is textured and the flexibility is an added incentive which makes it great for your dog’s sore gums. This is a non-toxic product with an added mild flavour to ensure that your dog takes to this toy instantly.

The bone weights 250 grams and this might be slightly heavier for very tiny puppies. But you can save it for later stages of teething because this is made of highly durable rubber and will last a very long time. Buy this product from by clicking here.

3. BLACK DOG Nylon Hard Chew Bone Toy

This one is ideal for puppies in their most intense and aggressive stage of teething. This is made out of plastic, which makes it tough and sturdy for most breeds. The toy comes in three different sizes and you may choose the one most suited to your pup’s breed. The toy is white in colour and very closely resembles a real bone.

You can purchase this on by clicking here.

4. Foodie Puppies Twisted Spiral Rubber Bone Bite Chew Teeth Toy

This toy has a very unique spiral texture built into its body which is great for massaging your teething dog’s aching gums. The material is very durable and it weighs only 15 grams. You need not worry about the quality of the product and be assured that despite the unusual texture it is not a choking hazard.

This toy comes in several hues and is more suited to medium and bigger breeds. Buy the toy from on a discounted price by clicking here.

Chew Toys Shaped like other objects

You can find chew toys in practically every size and shape when it comes to toys made according to ordinary objects. The tricky part here is to determine which ones are safe to give to your pup and which are not.

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For instance, giving them a toy shaped after a shoe would send them the wrong message for it might make them feel that they are free to gnaw on your actual shoes. It is thus recommended that you look for toys shaped as objects that you normally would not find at home, or those which it is okay for them to chew on for real. This ensures that they do not receive the wrong kind of training.

Given below is a list of such toys you may invest in.

1. BLACK DOG Chew Rope Toys

This is a very durable chew toy made out of a polyester and high cotton blend. The rope is handmade and knotted tightly together to ensure long lasting strength. It is also washable so along with durability it also ensures hygiene.

The braided knot pattern functions in several ways. It is also a great product for boosting dental health because the texture works to remove dirt stuck in between the growing teeth. This also soothes the soreness of gums. Because of the pattern and strength of the material it ensures the growth of strong teeth.

Your dog can safely tug and chew at it because the material is completely safe and non-toxic. It may be taken outdoors as well and can be used to play fetch. You can buy this rope toy from by clicking here.

2. Kong Small Classic Dog Toy

This bestselling product is found in five sizes to choose from depending on your dog’s breed and stage of development. You can also choose the kind of rubber (for durability) depending on which stage of teething your pup is in and how aggressively they chew.

Made of natural rubber, it is flexible and bouncy, ensuring adequate stimulation of the gums and cleaning of teeth. To keep your dog occupied and teach them the correct chewing technique, this product comes with a unique feature. You can put kibble and treats inside this toy in a way that they have to chew they way into it properly to get to the food.

Find this chew toy ideal for training and maintaining dental hygiene by clicking here.

3. Goofy Tails Super Squeaky Stick Rubber Chew Dog Toy

This is a stick shaped rubber toy available in a variety of colours. It is made of non-toxic hard natural rubber, making it safe and long lasting. The squeak installed inside only makes it more fun for your dog to chew and play with.

The soft rubber spikes are excellent for gum massaging and provide instant satisfaction to your puppies. These toys can be cleaned thoroughly only by washing them once. Find this toy on by clicking here.

4. Pet Needs Combo of 3

Made out of soft and durable cotton, this is a pack of three toys. This is designed specifically for little puppies with growing teeth. The scientific design improves teeth quality by controlling tartar and plaque build, and prevents gum diseases.

The three toys are all of different shapes and sizes. One usually comes with balls at either end, making it a great toy for you to play fetch with your dog as well. To invest in this bestselling toy set, click here.

5. Foodie Puppies Hole Ball

This is another chew toy designed specifically for teething puppies and is actually also available in triangular and bone shapes. These toys are scented and this conceals the rubber smell, making the toy more appealing to your dog. These are highly durable toys and can withstand aggressive chewing as well as a game of throw and fetch.

You can buy this on by clicking here.