Best 11 Dog Food Containers

There are several reasons why people often opt for purchasing dry dog foods instead of giving their dogs home-cooked food. Nutritional needs are, of course, one of those significant reasons as we all know that not all human foods are suitable for dogs. However, there is another crucial reason for people opting for dry dog foods. And that is, the ability to purchase in bulk.

But not everyone has the required will and space to keep sacks of dry dog foods at their home. Besides that, they destroy the aesthetics of the house. Furthermore, your brilliant dog, with its highly sensitive nose has a high chance to locate its delicious dog food anywhere if kept in the open.

So, what is the solution? Read ahead to gratify your curiosity.

What is the best approach to store your dog’s food?

Truth to be told, there is nothing called the best method to store your pooch’s food. Instead, it is a subjective matter, and you have to approach this problem accordingly. In other words, the best approach to store your dog’s food will depend on your need and preference.

Given below are some circumstances in which you may require to preserve your pup’s food. Correspondingly, we have also provided the storage type that will suit such situations.

To keep your pup’s food fresh.

This is one of the crucial reasons you may want to store your dog’s food. In earlier times, people used to stock their food in sandpits to keep atmospheric moisture away from their food. However, these days airtight containers are available to prevent your food from going stale.

Security Issues

This one is a significant issue because your dog may want to rip off its food sack to have its favourite treat. Because your pooch has a sharp nose, you must stock its food inside a durable and robust food container. Consequently, your dog will neither be able to smell its food, nor will it be able to open the food container.

Keeping your pup’s food safe from pests.

Safety is an important issue. In fact, you can regard it as the most vital concern. You have to keep your dog’s food away not only from atmospheric moisture but also from pests and rodents. Keeping your dog’s food in sacks may prove to be an open invitation for rodents and pests.

In such situations, you need a robust, durable and airtight container to preserve your pooch’s food.


So far, we have talked about a dog food container’s utility. But what about aesthetics? Don’t you think that is also important? Of course, you do, and that is why you may look for containers that are not only durable but also have a presentable appearance.

What should you look for while selecting a food container for your dog?

The kind of food container you choose will primarily depend on your dog’s individual requirements. However, there are specific essential features that you must look for while purchasing a food container for your dog.


In case you have two dogs and both of them like the same food, you won’t have to stress much about storage. However, if your dogs love different food or you need to preserve various brands of dog foods, stackability is a feature you must consider. Otherwise, your pooches’ food containers may eat up a lot of your home space.


Size is a crucial issue that you must take into account. You cannot purchase a food container that is too small. Otherwise, the entire dog food will not fit in that container, and you will have to keep the remaining food in the packet only. In that case, there is no benefit in purchasing a separate food container for your dog. You will neither be able to save space, nor will it help in preserving your dog’s food for a long time.

Conversely, if you purchase a food container that is too big, you will end up dumping a lot of dog food, one over another. Consequently, the dog food at the bottom of the container will end up getting stale, especially if the food container is not an airtight one.


If you are a regular dog food purchaser, you can think about doing away with an airtight container. However, if you do not like running to the market every time your pup finishes up its food, getting an airtight container is mandatory for you.

Even though ready-made dog foods usually tend to be dry, they do have some chances of getting stale. Consequently, your dog’s already dry and hard food may lose its appeal and become harder to eat for your dog.

Besides that, dry dog foods tend to be smelly. Consequently, your nosy dog may definitely end up finding its delicious treat, and you will have to do a lot of cleaning to keep your home odourless. An airtight container can save you from this ordeal as well.


Most dog food containers are made up of plastic. Consequently, you may find it challenging to match them with your home and kitchen decor. However, fortunately, the market has a vast range of dog food containers to suit your home decor. The designs may range from country style to modern style and so on. There are dog food containers made up of metals to fit in any home decor. You may also find some storage cabinets for your dog’s food.

“Store and feed” container

If you wish to be more efficient with your dog’s feeding, you must look for some store-N-feed containers. These food containers tend to be adjustable with two bowls attached on top of them. Consequently, you won’t have to keep your dog’s food and bowls separately. Just open the food container, take out your dog’s treat, close the food container and fill the attached bowl. Your pup is ready to have its delicious meal.

“Subscribe and Save” container

If you are not a regular dog food purchaser and often end up finding your dog’s food sacks empty, it is time to set up a reminder for you. Don’t worry. You don’t have to set up an alarm or something like that.

Just go to and search for those dog foods that are available with an option called “subscribe and save.” It will save you from going through that “Oh no!” moment when you find your dog’s food packets empty. Besides that, this option will create less dent in your budget. So, do avail of this option.

Different Types of Food Containers for Dogs

Now that you are cognizant of the features you must look for in your dog’s food container, let us see what kind of dog food containers can be found in the market.

Airtight Food Containers for Dogs

Here are some highly-rated airtight dog food containers for you.

Iris Usa Inc. Airtight Pet Food Container, 10-Pound, Clear/Black

Not for a bulk store but sufficient for emptying a whole 10 pounds of dog food packet. The seal is airtight with a snap-lock latch. Consequently, you won’t face much difficulty while closing and opening this container. Your dog’s sharp nose won’t have a single idea of the presence of this food container. Besides that, you will easily scoop your dog’s food up due to its tapered shape.

OXO Airtight Pet Food Storage POP Container

Again, not a big one but handy for storing 6.5 pounds of dog food. The seal is simple with rounded corners. You will find a pop-up button for an easy opening. To close the food container, you just need to press the lid. Besides that, the product has a wide opening for easy scooping of dog food.

Plastic Food Containers for Dogs

Plastic containers are the most common dog food containers. They are light and not prone to rusting like metal containers. Your dog food will remain moisture and pest free in these containers. As far as plastic dog food containers are concerned, we will advise you to get the  Buddeez 32-Quart Dispenser for Pet Food and Bird Seed, X-Large.

It can hold up to 22 pounds of dog food and therefore, is definitely made for bulk storage. The quality is remarkably high, with an outstanding design. It is straightforward to use with a spout that flips open for an easy dispensing of dog food. Therefore, if you want a food container that is user-friendly, beautifully designed and highly durable, the Buddeez Dispenser is definitely the dog food container for you.

Wooden Storage Bin for stacking Dog Food

There is no rigid rule that your dog food container has to be all about utility and nothing about aesthetics. If you want your house to look good despite storing huge bulks of dog food, you must try some wooden dog food storage bins.

In this context, we will advise you to get the All Main Bucket 951L Large Half Barrel with Flip Lid for your dog. It looks like a half-barrel and is meant to stand flat against a wall. With the ability to hold up to 40 pounds of pet food, it is intended for bulk storage.

However, it won’t eat up much of your space. The lid, bottom and the back is made up of pine and has been given a stained finish. Besides that, it comes with a signboard to allow people to know what this cute half barrel is meant for. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly.

Metal Food Containers for Dogs

Metal dog food containers can serve as another viable eco-friendly alternative for wooden storage bins. Besides that, if you are an ardent lover for stainless utensils and containers and intend to keep it that way, you are very much fortunate.

The market provides a vast range of stainless dog food containers. Among those various metal food containers, we have selected the following two products for you.

Simplehuman X-Large Pet Food Storage Can, Brushed Stainless Steel, 35 L, 40 lb / 18.1 kg

If your home decor is more on the modern side, this steel food container will fit in like a missing jigsaw puzzle piece. However, it is not merely about desirable appearance. On the contrary, its utilities will really astound you. The food container is airtight with a lock-tight handle that will prevent your dog from breaking into its food.

You will also get a scoop attached to the food container with a magnetic lid. There are in-built wheels, and you can store up to 40 pounds of dog food in this container. Perfect for bulk storage.

Now Designs Dog Biscuits Tin with Lid, Good Dog Design

If you are looking for some small food containers for storing small snacks like biscuits, rawhides, training treats and others, you must try this food container from Now Designs. The material is durable, and the design is fit for various kinds of home decor.

Stackable Food Container for Dogs

We have already talked about why you should consider stackability as one of the essential features while choosing a dog food container. So, let us move forward and look at some excellent stackable dog food containers from the Vittles Vault brand.

The designs are uncommon, and the material is sturdy. The containers’ legs are so designed that they fit perfectly and remain stable when one is put on the other like a tower. Besides that, the lid has been placed explicitly at the top-right corner for easy dispensing of food.

Large Food Container for Dogs

If you do not like to go to the market frequently just to buy some dog food packets, you must consider purchasing some large dog food containers. This way, you will prevent wastage of both your time and money. Here are some highly-rated dog food containers for you.

IRIS Premium Airtight Food Storage Container, Tan, Extra Large

The IRIS company provides dog food containers of varied sizes. Among them, the biggest one has a storage capacity of 60 pounds. The lid is airtight with “positive-snap” latch that gives you a clear idea on whether you have closed the container correctly or not. It has a tapered shape for easy cleaning and scooping up of food. Besides that, there are wheels for effortless transportation.

Bergan 50-Pound Smart Storage, Large – Color May Vary

These dog food containers come in three different sizes. Among them, the largest one has a storage capacity of 50 pounds. These containers have been specifically designed for easy dispensing of food. You can either use the door for taking out food or remove the whole lid for both scooping and refilling.

Besides that, they are very much stackable if you choose to purchase more of these containers.

Dog Food Container having Wheels

It is quite apparent that the more a container will have storage capacity, the heavier it will become when filled with food. Consequently, you will find it extremely challenging to move that food container from one place to another.

It is precisely why most of the large dog food containers come with wheels. We have already talked about some wheeled dog food containers. But there is nothing wrong in looking into one more wheeled container. Right?

Accordingly, we will advise you to get the Myriad Pet Solutions 3 Piece Pet Food Storage Bin with Scoop, Silver.

The product has two stackable containers. One with 25 pounds storage capacity and the other with 10 pounds storage capacity. Consequently, you will be able to store two different types of dog food. The seal is airtight, and there is a scoop that can hold up to two cups of dog food. Besides that, the food container has wheels for easy movement.

Storage Cabinet for Stacking Dog Food

Dog foods tend to be really smelly. Consequently, people often find it challenging to get a suitable place for keeping dog food packets and containers. However, you can quickly solve this problem by purchasing a storage cabinet dedicated explicitly to preserving dog food.

In this context, we will advise you to get the Small Pet Food Server & Storage Box by APetProject. The cabinet is raised for better digestion. There are two attached steel bowls on the top. Besides food, you can keep toys and other dog supplies in this cabinet.

Conclusion: Presenting your dog with the best food container

Fortunately, the market provides a lot of choices when it comes to dog food containers. The suitability of these food containers will mainly depend on your individual requirements. If you wish to bulk store your dog’s food and that too for a long time, an airtight container is a must for you.

However, your dog food container need not be an unsightly one. You can always choose to purchase a dog food container that matches your home aesthetics. Hopefully, the products mentioned above have given you a fair idea of what kind of dog food containers you have to purchase.

Besides that, we have tried to present you with all the nuances of selecting that one right food container for your dog. So, why wait? Pick up your smartphone, visit and start scrolling.