Best Cheap Dog Food Options With No Compromise on Quality

Different dogs and their breeds are found all over the world. They have different nutritional needs for different stages in their life span.

It is very important to know what nutrients your dog requires and how much of each category is sufficient for it stay fit and agile.

Here, arises a question of how can we choose a quality dog food on which we can rely on as well as it should be pocket friendly and easily available.

 As we know, puppies are the young ones in the life of the dog. They are kids. In the growing stage, puppies need more protein and nutritional components as compare to adults. Their bodies are growing, developing their musculoskeletal system. While adult dogs require fibre rich food less in calories and fat.

There are so many food brands in the market which usually provide enough information related to food requirements of different stages of ages in dogs. These brands also mention on their product many reasons why their dog food brand of kibble is best for your passionate love, your lovable canines.

A dog owner faces many difficulties while considering the above factors about good food when having a strict budget. It is a responsibility to get a good as well as cheap dog food which keeps up their pet’s health and fitness. Many dog owners wrestle with this question, how to get a well-round meal for their canines.

Premium pet foods are very expensive, and some times overpriced and marketed as best for the age and conditions of dogs. Many food brands try their level best to provide all nutrition to strengthen the immunity of animals, keep their coat sleek and shiny and healthy digestive system and prevent health ailments.

This discussion shows how the right matching of dog food is imperative for your canine development. A  dog’s requirements decide the right dog food brand which has the needed essential components. Whether it is to lose or maintain weight, improve the immune system or have a healthier coat and skin, a dog food formula is to find out which cater to those specific needs.

While your pet loves to eat kibble or wet dog food and this food gives all necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrition that dog requires, these are not always friendly on the pocket. In the long run, this cannot be possible.

The demand for all types of pet food has been increasing day by day. As a result, there is a high jump in prices recently and when it comes to the most complete, balanced and high quality of dog food, not all dog food brands remain affordable.

Most of us would like a choice of safe and healthy dog food and most importantly which would not break the bank. I have gone through all dog food brands, and have a list of top cheap dog food brands which will nourish your dog with ease and less burden on your wallet. Here some details about brands are given:


Amazon Link:,B083HK9JZH,B083YB11GP&lp_mat_key=pedigree&lp_query=)Pedigree&lp_slot=auto-sparkle-hsa-tetris&ref_=sbx_be_s_sparkle_mcd_hl

Pedigree dog food brand is most reliant dog meal in India. The word pedigree is itself enough to describe all. It is a very affordable feeding food brand and always remains in the budget.  Food is loaded with essential elements, minerals and vitamins like protein, fat, zinc, fibre, and omega 6 which are present in an appropriate ratio. And these ingredients offer guaranteed nutrition and palatable meal.

It boosts up the digestive system and makes a safety measure around the body to fight the germs. Advanced formulated Ca, protein, fibre gives a healthier shiner feather coat.

Research shows data about the needs of a dog is different from human needs. A dog needs calcium just double to that of humans, 2.5 times more iron and 9 times more vitamins like B12.

Almost all categories of food are available on the pedigree food platform like wet food, dry food, chips, biscuits etc. Different flavours make a more tasty and happy meal. It is developed by experts at Welham Centre for pet nutrition.

It is ideal for pugs, beagle to Labrador, golden retriever and German shepherd.

I tried almost all brands in this price range but I prefer its meat and rice variant over all the brands.

Its assurance for the best quality and affordable dog food has been continuing for many years for its customers.


Amazon link:,B08BPMPSFR,B0815KXTY4&lp_mat_key=iams&lp_query=IAMS&lp_slot=auto-sparkle-hsa-tetris&ref_=sbx_be_s_sparkle_mcd_hl

It is the cheapest food and boasts lamb as #1 ingredient and even has a few extras like probiotics and flax seeds for an omega boost. This is a super budget-friendly food for your canine.

The key ingredient is a premium sourced protein which helps your pet build strong muscles.

Formulated blend of wholesome fibre and probiotics supports a healthy digestive system. It is very helpful in the transition to control the vomiting, itching and hair loss.

Contain omega6 and fatty acids help to promote skin and coat health.

Kibble is tasty and flavoured and loaded with nutrients though its kibbles are harder than other brands.

Omega 3 DHA supports trainability and natural defence.

AIMS food brand notification on their packaging “puppies need is different “: puppies are vulnerable to diseases as their immune system is not completely developed.

Some puppies become adults after 9-12 months and have active metabolism.

To feed puppies in the right manner they provide a complete feeding guide which is very helpful to dog owners.

Reviews are so positive for its quality and it is very amazing food but there are some issues about its packaging.

3) Royal canin

Amazon link:

This popular dog food brand is having very high demand among middle-class Indian families. It is very cheap and easily available brand. In the dog food market, the Royal canin has emerged as a new brand recently. However, this brand is below average and does not deliver enough nutrients to your pet to live life to its fullest.

The main ingredient of their recipe is often rice or any form of grain like corn. The second or third ingredient is chicken or meat in their recipes.  In spite of the presence of useful and healthy protein as an essential element, there are so many unhealthy preservatives and chemicals found in kibbles. They also mention “gluten meal” in some of their dog food products.

4) Wag and love

Amazon link:

It is a readily available grain-free brand with a fairly good product in that regard too. India’s most popular online pet store for food delivery “Amazon” is the main spot of buying. All products of Wag and Love strictly maintain the quality of ingredients. Their labelling on products is very clear to customers. They are very true in their words. No colour, dyes, chemicals and preservatives are present. All key ingredients are clearly listed on the product and followed by all others. They provide both wet and dry food with little variety – the primary ingredient is chicken for most recipes and few have salmon too.

This is an amazing and reliant food brand but it is an expensive brand.

5) Hill”s Science Diet

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Hill’science diet has assured to give precisely balanced nutrition with high-quality ingredients to puppy and adult dogs. Calcium present in dry dog food offers the optimum level of calcium for controlled bone growth plus natural glucosamine and chondroitin for strong muscular joints.

It provides antioxidants blended with vitamin C+E in kibble to help improve a healthy immune system and never let your puppy in any deficiency of essential elements. natural, high quality easy to digest ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives make a taste full meal.

There is a division of large breed dog food according to their different stages of life- puppy, adult and mature adult. Because, beginning at day one, these large breed dogs have a high consumption of nutrition diet to complete their body growth to reach its fullest.

Reason to buy this product is it’s lower to price tags. And it has primary ingredient is chicken meal.

But on the flip side, brands’ details for ingredients are not sufficient, for example, a recipe from hill’s science Diet is “puppy Healthy Development” is used chicken and pork and does not disclose their used parts. It may be a mix of organs and leftovers. It may be a mix of organs and leftover meats like claws, hooves and intestine as well.

Even some customers are of the opinion that this brand uses artificial colours and different types of salts.

Most of the recipes are loaded with wheat, rice, corn as primary ingredients.

6) Meat up

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Meat up is a fast-growing emerging brand in India. As it is the cheapest product on market and not half as bad as the better quality ones are already dominant over the market. The brand is owned by Abis Experts an organization that largely manufactures and exports animal feed and related products.
There are a huge variety of dog food products for customers to satisfy their pet’s requirements. Meat up adult dog food is formulated for all the breeds of canine It is a balanced and complete meal and provides protein, calcium, different minerals, vitamins and fatty acids (omega 3, 6) which enhance the development of bones and muscles and increase the shine of feather coat as well as boost the digestive system.
This highly palatable food is loaded with the goodness of flavours which indulge your pet with happy mealtime.
Feeding guideline of this brand recommends a volume of food per day vary according to age, size, the temperament of the pet and even climate. Also advice to avail fresh and clean water for your furry friend all time.

In my suggestions enjoy the cheap price while it lasts. A slight decrease in the quality of food has been compensated by the affordable price tag.

7) Drools

Amazon link:

At drools, they are obsessed with pets and alwaysspend years evolving healthy recipes. Their perfect recipes are loaded with wholesome nutrition with a mouth-watering taste.
These Real ingredients make a real difference in your pets health and well being. High-quality substances are added to their nutritionally dense and bio-available products with specific dietary needs which enhance your pet’s health and longevity.
The optimum ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids maintain healthy skin and shiny coats.
Drools use real chicken which is a good combination of flesh and skin with or without bones. And strictly not use of other parts such as feathers, head, feet and entrails in the related dog food products. Their labelling on their products is very clear about used ingredients.
Their products are formulated with a balanced ratio of protein and carbs encourages a healthy digestive system which boosts your pet’s appetite.
In my experience, drools follow a superior safety food process to maintain the freshness and quality until it reaches out at your doorstep. It is awesome and cost-effective.
It is lower in prices and pocket-friendly dos food for your canine than pedigree as well in quality also. So it is a complete search for good and reliable food which most pet parents wish for.

8) PurePet

Amazon link:

PurePet dog food has a range of exciting food options for your canine. They craft their food items to suit their carnivore appetite. The PurePet food is filled with essential nutrients with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost your pet’s health. And also maintain weight and enhances the musculoskeletal system.
As reviews are not very favourable for food quality. Nutritional value has been compromising due to use of some animal by-products which are non-edible. A strong smell is even stronger than pedigree. Its lower-Price tags attract the customers and they compensate it with.


I hope the above article help, you pick cheap best food dog among above-listed brands and also you might find out your problems and queries to read it thoroughly. Your love and care for your pet are remarkable. so pet food brand is available every time to you as a problem solver. and monetary hindrance should not come in between your pet and food quality, for this there are an overwhelming array of options, giving you thousands of choices.