The Best Snack for Dogs: Dog Biscuits

Dogs are very active and hence have an all-time demand for food. However, it becomes quite impossible to serve them main meals every time. Now you have a good option of having healthy and nutritious treats and biscuits for them. These are very good energetic tools to satiate your canine between the intervals of big meals.

Dog biscuits are like human biscuits. These are loaded with excellent nutritional values which can be eaten sparingly.

Treats are very helpful when you train your dog with some necessary skills, you play with your doggie and sometimes you cuddle him. Dogs feel themselves to be appreciated and being loved and also learn to associate that they have done something awesome, rewarded and energetic.

A big difference in their behaviour is seen when you start giving these healthy biscuits or treat your lovely pooch. A strong relationship develops between you and your soft paws. These small diet supplements work wonders in the progress of optimum dental health.

There are so many choices for biscuits and treats to feed your dog. To sort out your problem of what type of biscuit is the most beneficial. On which brand, you can rely on. Here is a list of some of the most popular dog biscuits which we are laying them all out for you.

1) Biscotto Puppy Biscuits

These freshly baked, non-vegetarian bone-shaped biscuits are very helpful for puppies to maintain the health of teeth and gums as well as avoid the chances of the cavity in the teeth.

These offer the goodness of protein which assist the formation of tissues, bones, skeletal muscles.

Vitamins like natural d3, b complex, which are the assurance of good health in biscuits. Natural d3, b complex, iron, zinc and chicken flavour are found as in fortified form.

Liver extracts, calcium and phosphorus increase its nutritional values. These biscuits help to keep pet dogs happy and healthy.

2) Rocco and Roxie- Gourmet Jerky Dog Treat

This is the largest production brand of dog jerky treats.

These 6 inches bars are boasted with delicious naturally smoked chicken, turkey and beef. Their sumptuous taste increases the happiness of your dog. You can rely on the jerky treats.

Major ingredients are sourced by reliable farms. They blend these ingredients by their unique way of making that the company is known for through the years. Their signature way of processing retains the delicious and nutritious qualities of biscuits.

Artificial colours or even allergen fillers like gluten, soy and corn are strictly prohibited.

These are easily broken, crunchy, freshly baked biscuits. So, when you feed your doggie these treats, these never leave any oil and smell on your hand.

A single stick is even enough to quench your dog’s small hunger for a long time.

It delivers only the best jerk treats. These give you 100% satisfaction in overall benefits.

3) Meat up Chicken Flavour Real Chicken Biscuits

It is a forever best-selling brand for anything related to what dogs eat like dog food and puppy food. These are baked with prime ingredients and hygiene as well. Freshly baked treats are very healthy and crunchy. They prevent the making of plaque and tartar on the teeth of your doggie. Wide range of biscuits is available for all life stages of dogs. You can give a delectable treat to your canine friend with delightful flavours like chicken, milk and mutton.

Omega 3 and 6 are used to make the coat of your dog more lustrous and beautiful.

Minerals and vitamins are the main ingredients which give energy to your pet to be active for the whole day.

These biscuits are prepared with quality ingredients that makes their taste better. When you give these biscuits to your furry friend as a reward, they wag their tail in appreciation.

4) Old Mother Hubbard Classic Natural Dog Treat

Old mother Hubbard believes to bake their crunchy and classic biscuits with love and passion. They use the finest natural ingredients in their preparation which the company could ever find.

The biscuits are baked in various flavours and formulated in different sizes, so you have plenty of alternatives to treat your furry friend. For example, its classic -P nuttier is filled with rich and creamy peanut butter with carrots, apples and molasses.

Their bone-shaped biscuits become a little bit more interesting for any pooch.

If your dog has any allergy with peanut butter or your pooch does not like it then here are two other flavours available:

  1. -bacon and cheese
  2. -egg and oatmeal

Both flavours offer balanced nutrition of protein starch and fat. Essential vitamins and minerals are energy boosters and become the best tasty canine treat for all size and breeds of dogs.

5) Nooti Freshly Baked cookie: Real Chicken and Peanut Butter 

These bone-shaped biscuits are very attractive and work as a powerful tool when you play and try to train your pet.

Main ingredients – extract of chicken with a flavour and nutrition of peanut butter. It completes the demand for protein in the body of your furry friend.

They are guaranteed healthy and safe as they have no addition of artificial colours and flavours. Regular intake along with proper food makes your dog happier and active. Men’s best friend surely love the texture and taste of this treat. You don’t worry because they are very nutritious.

6) Choostix  Biskies with Real Chicken

Choostix biskies come in the brand list of producing maximum biscuits on which you can rely on for your furry friend. These are packed with protein which is very helpful to recover the body injury and makes faster growth of blood cells.

Biscuits are very stiff and not easy to damage. So, you can even use these biscuits for training your dog to jump higher.

Another nutrient like Calcium makes biscuits more crunchy texture by which the teeth and bone of your furry friend becomes very safe and stronger.

7) Choostix -Real Mutton – Dog Treat  

Nutritional values of mutton are considered to be at par with chicken, if not more. Choostix treats are untainted and subsistent.

 Even they can be used as a supplement for diet when you are out of town and not having primary dog food. Always make your habit of closing the lid of the jar tightly so that it retains the crunch and freshness of biscuits and don’t let it smell.

8) Purepet Chicken Flavour Dog Treat

 In a very short period, Purepet dog treat is emerging as a new and big brand among the Indians. It becomes very reliable because it is prepped with a blend of the prime quality of contents.

The crunch of these biscuits is very sumptuous and delectable. It helps in removing the plaque deposition on the teeth of your canine friend.

The presence of essential fatty acids (omega 3-6) makes their fur and coat hale and hearty and shiny.

Each jar is full of different flavours and vitamins as well. You have a choice to give these biscuits as an appreciation to your pet on any occasion to witness their wagging tail all time.You can feed your dog as a snack to meet the small pangs of hunger while having a large meal.

9) Pedigree-BISCROK- with Milk and Chicken

It is a well-known brand. There are an immense variety of products available for dog food.

PedigreeBISCROK nutritious biscuits are the perfect snack between meals. They are tasty and delicious as well as are full of nutrition due to containing essential vitamins and minerals.

Their bone-shaped delicacies describe protein profile and richness of calcium. Each part of the biscuit cover 10% of your pet’s daily energy needs. A biscuit is recommended for all age groups of dogs and breed as well.

Presence of calcium and vitamins strong the bones of dogs. Their taste is always loved by dogs so it becomes their favourite dish.

Dogs are safe from any allergens and infections due to the absence of artificial colours and flavours.

10) Wellness Natural Pet Food -WellBites Soft Treats for Dogs.

Wellness bite is exceptional gourmet treats as they make it by the fusion of two protein sources of meat. These treats offer the combination of lamb and salmon, chicken and venison, turkey and duck.

Their signature formulation and refining of wellness natural pet food are widely famous. Addition of unhealthy fillers and impure ingredients are strictly prohibited in their recipes. They always use the finest natural and premium quality ingredients.

Another different feature is the inclusion of superfoods, sweet potatoes and blueberries in their products.

Wellbites biscuits are a good source of omega 3 and 6 due to the perfect blend of flax seeds.

Its salmon variant offers more omega 3 formations which contain DHA and EPA too for more health-giving benefits.

This company has a very reliable policy with its customers giving a full back refund if you are not satisfied with its quality and price.

11) Milk-Bone Soft and Chew Dog Treats

As their name is milk bone treat but is not related to the milk. They are called soft and chew for nothing. Their soft chewy texture contains a premium quality real chicken meat which completes the need for protein of the doggie.

Beef and filet mignon preparation makes this treat rich and healthy. You become so versatile when you give this delicacy to your best furry friend.

These are loaded with 2.5 crude fibre and vitamins and minerals. Regular use of these biscuits enhances glucose metabolism and also improves the activity of insulin in the canine body. So, these milk bones work like a diabetic treat.

Let’s get this straight that 12 minerals and vitamins are in a crucial role to improve the healthy metabolism. They are also responsible for the optimum function of other body organs.

12) The Dog Smith & co. Premium Biscuits

The premium quality of chicken, broccoli and liver are mixed with whole wheat flour and have prepared freshly baked wholesome biscuits. They are highly nutritious and give immense happiness to your puppy. Impure colours and artificial flavours are not used in their bakery. That is why their bakery products are fresher and fuller with the aroma of the natural ingredients.

Different tastes and flavours of this brand are eagerly awaited. They have opened more options for your soft paws to be happier and enjoy the more taste and nutrition. These types are:

Chicken cheese

 This cheese has reduced fat and is very healthy as it can be a yummy choice of your loving puppy. As all, we know that cheese is always liked by the taste buds of everyone, even dogs.

Chicken carrot and peas

Fresh and organic agricultural products and whole wheat flour without adding any colour and flavours are complete combinations to make healthy and energetic bites.

Chicken, banana, milk and egg

These superfoods are original, fresh and organic. It is a smart choice to bring healthy goodness to your furry friend with great taste.

Chicken and carrot peas

An awesome mixture of carrot and peas with chicken is full of dietary fibre and a good source of iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium. Presence of minerals and vitamins are good for eyes, skin, digestion and immune system.


I hope the above article helps, you pick the best dog biscuits among above-listed brands and also you might find out your problems and queries to read it thoroughly. Your love and care for your pet are remarkable. So, a pet food brand is available every time to you as a problem solver. And monetary hindrance should not come in between your pet and food quality, for this there are an overwhelming array of options, giving you thousands of choices.