Best 5 Pooper Scooper for Dogs and Puppies

Having a dog as a pet can be a fun experience. But at the time of having it as a pet, many people don’t remember that it is a living being. A dog eats, sleeps, plays, and defecates. Whether the owner likes it or not, but he has to clean the dog’s defecation. Not doing so only pollutes the surrounding environment and makes an unpleasant setting for everyone. Doing this job with a bare hand is nearly impossible for most people. It is not only gross but also very unhygienic. For this reason, having a pooper scooper is a must for every dog owner.

Best Pooper Scooper Available on Amazon

Currently, there are many types of pooper scooper available in the market. The differentiating point between them is price, style, ease of use, robustness, and size. Some pooper scooper makes the job easy, while others are more stylists. On Amazon, there are different kinds of pooper scooper available. The dog’s owner can compare various aspects of these pooper scoopers and choose the most suitable one. Here are some of the best pooper scoopers available on Amazon.

1) Petmate 70067 Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper


The best part of this scooper is its rotating swivel design. At the time of picking, the scooper bucket rotates horizontally and come to the level of the ground. After picking, when the handle goes up, the bucket rotates automatically in a vertical position and keeps the excrement inside. For this reason, it can be used on a variety of surfaces like grass, pavement, and dirt. It has a connecting hook for the disposal plastic bag. Therefore, the excrement never makes contact with the scooper. It is very easy to dispose of excrement with this scooper. The extended handle of this scooper increases its reach. Its height increases up to 32 inches long when fully extended. It is made from a lightweight plastic material. People of any age can use it easily.


  • Plastic materials make this scooper lightweight.
  • It is very easy to use for people with any age group.
  • The scooper can be can use on different types of surfaces.
  • An extended handle increases its reach.
  • Plastic bag attachment makes the disposable job easy.


  • The scooper is not very durable.
  • The design is pretty basic.
  • Not suitable for very wet types of excrement.

2) KOOLTAIL Dog Pooper Scooper Set


It is a very basic yet effective pooper scooper set. The set has three apparatus. These are one tray, scoop, and rake set. All of these apparatus are made from durable stainless steel. It does not only last longer, but it is very easy to clean. High-pressure water flow can clean the dirt in a few seconds. The set comes with three staged handles, which allow height flexibility. The scooper can be extended up to 37.4 inches long. It allows the dog owner to scoops up the excrement without bending. Any old person can now do this task without putting a strain on their back.


  • This pooper scooper has a simple yet effective design.
  • It is made from stainless steel and very durable.
  • The handle extension gives it height flexibility.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It is suitable for old people.


  • Not very stylish design
  • With handle attachment, it gets quite heavy.
  • This apparatus takes a lot of space in the storage room.

3) PPOGOO Non-Breakable Pet Pooper Scooper


It is a very high-tech scooper. The spring-loaded claws make it easy to use. The scooper operates from the top with a pull-handle. To use the device, the user must drag the pull-handle and open its claws. After reaching the excrement, release the handle and the claws will grab it. For hygienic use, disposable plastic bags can be attached to the claws. It is a very transformable design and folds in half. It takes less space, while gives the users a long reach at the time of scoop. It is made from non-breakable plastic. Therefore, lightweight and lasts a long time.


  • The design of the scooper is very high-tech.
  • The scooper folds in half and takes less space.
  • Attachable plastic bags make excrement disposal easy.
  • It is made from lightweight plastic.
  • The scooper is durable and lasts a long time.


  • The foldable design makes it a complicated device.
  • It is not suitable for very wet excrement.
  • It is quite expensive.

4) DogBuddy Pooper Scooper, Portable Dog Poop Scooper


This scooper is very portable and small in size. The dimension of this scooper is only 5.9 inches X 4.8 inches. There is a small clip present on the top of the scoop. The clip easily attaches to the leash and the dog owner can conveniently carry it with the dog. It has an integrated waste bag compartment. This compartment holds dedicated small plastic bags for excrement disposal. The plastic body of this scooper makes it very lightweight. It has an expandable back, which can hold a large dog’s faecal. The scooper works with a scissor action. For this reason, anyone can operate it with little instruction. 


  • The small size and portability is the plus point of the scooper.
  • It is a very high-tech yet simple scooper.
  • The scooper has an integrated waste bag compartment.
  • It is a very lightweight scooper.
  • Expandable back for large dog’s faecal.


  • The plastic body of this scooper does not make it very durable.
  • The users have to bend for scooping; anyone with a back-ache will have a problem.
  • The scooper doesn’t work well on the grass.

5) iCAGY Dog Pooper Scooper Portable for Medium Small Dogs


It is a medium-size portable scooper. The dimension of this scooper is only 11 X 5 X 3 inches. It is suitable for medium and small dog faecal scooping. The scooper operates with an easy-pull handle. The arched grip handle makes the scooping process completely effortless and easy. On the scooping end, the claws have sawed teeth, which make scooping possible on any surface. The scooper also has a waste bag container in-front near the handle. There is also a clip mechanism available near the claws, which secure the waste bag properly. The scooper features a stylish design and takes a lot less space.


  • The scooper is very futuristic and stylish looking.
  • It has sawed teeth on scooping claws.
  • The scooper has an integrated waste bag container.
  • It has a Lightweight plastic body.
  • A user can operate it with an easy-pull handle.


  • The scooper is not suitable for large dogs.
  • It is quite bulky for use.
  • The scooper is not very resilient for heavy-duty usage.

Why should you buy a pooper scooper?

Many new pet owners do not understand the importance of a pooper scooper. This device is more useful than they think. Here are some important reasons, why every pet owner should purchase a pooper scooper for their pet.

  • Law
    The EPA classifies pet poop as a pollutant matter. Various local government and municipality have passed laws that make the owner of the pet responsible for its action including its defecation. Therefore, the owner of the pet has to dispose of it in the right way. Not doing so can be charged with a criminal offense and the pet’s owner can go to jail for it.
  • Disease prevention
    Pet poop contains various types of micro-organisms. These micro-organisms can spread deadly diseases in the environment and make the owner and his family members sick. For this reason, the pet owner needs to dispose of the faecal as soon as possible. The pooper scooper allows the owner to do it hygienically.
  • Reduce flies
    Pet poop attracts flies and other harmful insects. These insects make the excrement their habitation and grow their population from there. Later these insects spread germs around the house and make it unhealthy for everyone. Therefore, using a pooper scooper helps the owner control flies and other harmful insects.
  • Improve the dog’s health
    Keeping the dog around its faecal can be a bad decision. It can quickly degrade the dog’s health. The dog remains healthy if it stays in a hygienic environment. Sometimes dog acts weird and eats their own faecal. The pooper scooper stops this kind of behaviour and lets the dog have a healthy life. So in one way, the pooper scooper prolongs the dog’s life.
  • Responsible citizen
    Whether the owner likes it or not, but picking up the pet’s poop from the public ground makes him a responsible citizen. This effort keeps the surrounding area clean and everyone likes such persons. It also stops neighbours complain. For this reason, it is important to buy a pooper scooper to become a responsible citizen in society.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pooper Scooper

Every person on this planet is different so do the pets. For this reason, one type of pooper scooper cannot meet everyone’s requirements. The owner of the pet has to consider different aspects before buying a suitable pooper scooper for the pet. Here are some important aspects for consideration.

  • Ease of use
    Scooping up the poop is not an exciting job and most people do it hastily. Therefore, make sure the scooper lets the job easily. Many scoopers come with easy disposal bag attachment. It reduces the cleaning process and the cleaning process easy and hygienic.
  • Style
    Many pooper scoopers convey old design. Even though, these are very easy to use but looks conventional and don’t suit many people’s style. There are many types of new scooper designs available in the market, which are stylish and portable.
  • Portability
    Many people travel a lot with their pets. For these people, portability means a lot. A scooper that takes less space becomes their first choice. Along with portability check the weight of the scooper. A scooper with less weight is generally easier to use.
  • Durability
    If the pet’s owner doesn’t want to spend his money regularly on a new scooper, then it is a good idea to buy a durable scooper. Metallic scoopers are more durable than plastic ones. However, there are many plastic scoopers available in the market which lasts a long time and grantees durability.
  • Price
    Last but not least, the pet owner also needs to consider the price of the scooper. There are many types of scoopers available in the market at different price points. The pet owner needs to check his budget and choose an affordable one for the pet.


The pet owner has to understand the pet is like a baby. It can do its thing anytime at any place. Just like a responsible parent the owner has to remain prepared for it. Otherwise, the owner may have to face embarrassment for the pet’s behaviour. For this reason, it is always better to stay prepared for it all the time.

Leaving the pet’s poop on the ground is not socially and legally acceptable. Along with social impunity, the pet owner might have to face a legal penalty for this action. Disposing pet’s faecal matter not only proves the owner’s social sense, but it also keeps the heath healthy and hygiene. A responsible pet owner always takes care of his pet and use proper disposal method to clean its excrement.

Currently, there are many types of pooper scoopers available on Amazon with different price points and features. Each scooper has its benefits and drawbacks. Some scoopers offer better reach, some are more stylish, where some are more durable than others. The pet owner has to compare these features, usefulness, style, and durability before making any final decision. After purchasing this device, put it for good use and use it to keep the surrounding clean.