Springer Spaniel and a Labrador Retriever Mix – Springador

A Springador is a mix of the breeds Springer Spaniel and Labrador. They are large in size and very energetic in nature. They can be good watchdogs. They can even become your best friend if trained properly. Although, they can get excited sometimes, there is no considerably intended harm caused by Springadors till now. Since they would be obviously having certain characteristics from both the parent breeds, let us go through their characteristics first.

Characteristics of Springer Spaniel

The Springer Spaniel is a high energy dog. It is one of the most affectionate dogs. Their obedience is also commendable. These dogs are athletic. Since they are high in energy, they need space to run. This becomes a point of concern for people living in apartments or houses without lawns and gardens. Their sensitivity level is also very high. They are very affectionate and loyal dogs. The Springer Spaniel can be your best friend.

Coming to their physical features, both male and female Springer Spaniels weigh around 40 to 53 lbs. Their ears are floppy. Their life is about thirteen years. The height of an average male Springer Spaniel is about 21 inches, whereas the average height of a dog of the same breed is around 19 inches. Their coat comes in black, liver roan, or liver with white color.


  • Athletic: They are athletic and are very good hunters too.
  • Easy to train: The Springer Spaniels are easy to train. Their obedience is commendable. Thus, they can be managed easily.
  • Can be used as watchdogs: As mentioned earlier, they are athletic. Their alertness is also good. All in all, they can become a good choice for watchdogs.
  • Physical features: The Springer Spaniel’s height and weight both are manageable. They can be brought to control with not much effort.
  • Nature: The nature of Springer Spaniel can be described as faithful, friendly, and obedient.


  • Exercise: They need to be exercised regularly. Their energy is more and thus need to be taken for a walk regularly.
  • Anxiety: They can get anxious when left alone.
  • Frequent urination: They tend to urinate frequently.
  • Shy nature: They can become very shy if not allowed to socialize much.
  • Health issues: They have some serious health issues. Hip problems, eye problems, and other genetic problems are some to name.

Characteristics of Labrador

According to history in North Atlantic the Labradors were said to be very useful to fishermen in hauling nets, fetching ropes, and picking up fish. Modern-day Labradors are said to be very benevolent and hardworking and are used as retrievers for hunters, for search and rescue operations, and as assistants dogs. These sweet-faced pets have now become America’s most loved pets.

A well-built Labrador weighs around 55 to 80 pounds and stands at around 21.5 to 24.5 inches. Their thick, hard coat is either yellow, black, or an adorable chocolate. The head is broad and the glimmering eyes and their “otter” like tail always show their over-enthusiastic eagerness.

Advantages of a Labrador

  • Their height of 24 inches and body weight of 80 pounds makes him a very strong athletic pet
  • The Labrador’s height also makes him capable of jumping and leaping up to 5 feet without any help
  • He is an excellent swimmer with a coat which sheds off the water quickly
  • Good hiker
  • Extremely intelligent due to which always eager to learn new tricks
  • Labradors can be housetrained very easily  

Disadvantages of a Labrador

  • Expensive as a fully grown Labrador requires about three cups of food every day
  • Due to his over sweetness jumps on people which can injure children
  • The coat sheds a lot
  • Gets bored easily and can resort to destructive behavior if he is not exercised regularly
  • Busy or working owners will not be able to match up to his high energy level as he hates sedentary life
  • Tend to put on weight quickly if they are not exercised

Characteristics of Springador

The Springadors are said to be designer dogs and there are lots of fans for these kinds of dogs as they tend to bring together two good quality breeds. The Springadors are a crossbreed of Springer Spaniel and Labrador Retriever dogs. In some places, they are also called Labradingers or Labradinger Retrievers. Although they are gaining popularity these days informally they have been around for a long time in the sporting dog world. This crossbreed is said to be done intentionally by gamekeepers even though a lot is not known about who and when originally they were bred. A well-grown Springador will weigh about fifty to ninety pounds with a height of about 18-24 inches. Their life span is for about ten to fourteen years.

If we talk about their physical features, than they have long ears, a well-built body, and a wavy double coat. The common colors available are yellow, black, brown, and golden with white patches. They are devoted, friendly, and smart and have received some of the best qualities of both their parents hereditarily. The Springador works well in the police, military, therapy dog, or as a hunter. They are very good learners and you just need to be firm and consistent in your training methods. Early socialization is very important as otherwise, they tend to harm smaller pets or other animals. It is a very wonderful companion to have but harsh tones and punishments will never work with Springadors.

They are very active dogs and require a family who is also as active as her to guide her right through. They are very very affectionate and always want to please you. Their ever investigative character makes him very difficult to handle. They are the happiest in water and hence their prey is mostly waterfowl. The owner will have to curb any bad behaviors and cultivate his canine manners and in return, you will get a very happy and friendly pet.

Advantages of Springador

  • Very intelligent and thus a perfect choice for training and picking up things easily
  • Can be trained to very high levels as they are very good in mastering skills
  • Used as guide dogs for blind people
  • Do not or very fewer coat shedders
  • Their social and friendly behavior makes them a great family pet
  • They are very good with children and enjoy playing fetch and run
  • Always try to get involved with what you are doing so they will be right up with their nose pushed into whatever you are doing
  • Good outdoor adventurer and will be a good companion wherever you go
  • Excellent swimmers
  • They are very good running or jogging companions
  • They are very agile, good at scenting and obedience games
  • They are quite vocal and try to alert their owners if any strangers approach

Disadvantages of Springador

  • Require very high exercises on a daily and regular basis
  • Require a lot of patience and perseverance to get trained
  • Requires a lot of treats and rewards to get trained
  • Extremely sociable and will treat strangers as friends, hence they don’t make a good guard dog
  • Get bored easily
  • Become over destructive if not allowed to spend time with their owner
  • Can become stubborn if they are not taught socialization and obedience early
  • Not suited for small apartments
  • Need to live in a house with a yard as they require a lot of space to prevent them from getting bored
  • They are wilful and thus not got to fit with very young children
  • They sometimes show the Rage Syndrome which results in extremely aggressive behavior
  • Because of their long ears, they require weekly inspection and cleaning of their ears to avoid was build-up and infection
  • They should be provided several meal periods to avoid overeating and feedings should be frequent
  • Nails need to be cut every two weeks
  • Not suited for busy and working families as they require a lot of exercises

Training and exercises

Training a Springador can sometimes become difficult. However, most of the habits in a springador can be cultivated in its childhood or initial days. The size and weight of Springador can become difficult to handle. They can sometimes become disobedient. It may sometimes become difficult to make them obey your orders. The Springadors are very energetic in nature. They have to be taken to regular walks. It is also important to play with them frequently. The springadors can become violent and offensive if they are left alone.

Physical features of a Springador

Considering the parent breeds of a Springador, it is obvious that they would be large. They are around fifty to eighty pounds in weight. Their heigh would be around 18 to 22 inches. Although females Springadors are considered to be smaller in height when compared to male Springadors, still their average height remains almost the same. They show variety in their coat colors. The colors can be black, brown, golden, or yellow. They may or may not have white marks on their coat. Their color sometimes can also be something called “chocolate”. The color is called so because this specific color is a darker, richer, and deeper shade of brown. Their weight and height can sometimes become a problem while training them. However, nothing is impossible and hence they can also be trained to keep in mind certain tips. The dogs are athletic and can get violent if left alone. Hence, keeping them in a small apartment would not be advisable. Also, make sure to regularly play with them and take them to walks.

Springador’s size will affect you only when you let it affect you. That is, if you train the dog early (when it is a puppy), it will be much easier. It is sometimes difficult to gain the attention of a springador while training it. Their obedience is also sometimes a matter of concern. A springador develops most of its habits from childhood. So, it is important to make it accustomed to humans. It is also important to train me according to your living style. if not everything, then at least try to make your dog understand your basic commands. This is a useful step that can be taken to ease the training process of a Springador.

Health of Springadors

Springadors are easy to take care of and give you the most fun-loving part of your life for 14 years. However, every pet has its own set of problems if they are not taken care of properly with a proper diet and regular exercise. The health of Springadors is also a matter of concern. They can have frequent hip pains. They can even become susceptible to becoming obese. If they are not given regular exercise they put on weight quickly leading to obesity problems like diabetes, arthritis, etc. Their long floppy ears also get infected fast if they are cleaned and tended to every week. “Cold tail” is a condition that effects Springadors a painful neuropathy of the tail which happens because of over-exertion.  

Is springador right for you?

Well, this question depends mostly on you. It depends on your house, your lifestyle, your society, etc. But among these, the most important factor is that your nature should go with that of a Springador’s.

The springador most importantly needs a lot of exercises. It even loves playing. If kept lonely at a small place, a Springador can turn out to be quite aggressive. You also need to take care that your dog does not over-exercise during its initial days, that is as a puppy. This may prevent bone and joint problems in the future. However, also make sure to not leave your children to play with your springador till you train them. Sometimes the over-excitement and affection of springadors may affect your child. With proper care and upbringing right from initial days, a springador can turn out to be your best friend.