Best 5 Dog Ear Cleaners and How to Use Them

If you are a pet owner then you must have faced these challenges. As an owner of the pet, we recognize that maintenance of our dog’s ear is a significant part of their concern. This is a very challenging part because dogs are not habituated to admit ear cleaning, or sometimes we don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Some are exceptional cases, where we don’t need to clean the dog’s ear because they have already healthy and hygienic. Whereas other dogs need ear cleaning to prevent the building mountain of dirt that may be lead to cause an ear infection. The chances of ear infection are more in long-haired dog breeds like Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds. These breeds are among those that have a higher risk of ear infections.

Taking care of your dog is the foremost step you should do. And it should be done regularly. The health of your dog and his ear is very important. Regular checkup is a must. If your dogs are healthy then he will enjoy the rubbing around his ear and if he pulls himself away while rubbing that simply means he has a sore ear. It can easily judge the condition of your dog’s ear by gradually massaging the ear area of your dog.

How can I clean my dog’s ears?

It should be noted you are not required to use any special equipment to clean your dog’s ear. You will be needed only a great quality ear cleaning product and some cotton balls.

Why the ear cleansing is important?

Dog’s year is structured is very complex and it is connected to a deep root canal. Due to its deep root canals, it is very obvious that dirt and wax will store there and create an infection. To prevent this infection or to cure this infection you will be needed a good quality ear cleaner. A good quality ear cleaner will clear out all the wax stored and cure the infection.

A good quality solution is very important for your dog and it should be safe for your dog. After all, the ears are a very sensitive part. In this article, we have summarized some of the best ear cleaners for a dog which is safe as well as great quality.

Find the best quality ear cleaner which suits to your dog.

1. Pet MD- Ear wipes:  


Pet MD dog ear cleaner is an ear cleaner manufactured by Pet MD. It assists you to keep your dog’s ear clean and avoid ear issues. This well-manufactured ear cleaning wipes are developed technically to clear out all the dirt and waste from the ear canal. This ear cleaner wipe works without irritating the dog’s sensitive skin. These are alcohol-free that is why these are very gentle to use and prevent ear infections. This is manufactured with the aloe Vera and energizing eucalyptus oil.  

If you have a pet then you must always wish to get well hygiene and easy to use wipes. Well, these pet MD ear wipes are easy to use and they don’t include untidy liquids.


  • These pet MD ear wipes are perfectly safe and very much effective.
  • The formula is well maintained and there is no use of alcohol.
  • This is extremely expedient.


  • These wipes are likely to stick with each other.

2. Zymox Otic dog ear cleaner:


When it comes to ear cleaner and wax cleaner, then the Zymox Otic dog ear cleaner always wins. This Zymox Otic dog ear cleaner is a strong resolution to treat the ear infection and heavy wax buildup. It includes some enzymatic solution that is also an antibiotic-free which helps this solution to fight against antibiotic-resistance bacterial and viral mold infection. This cleaner is designed to help and clear the canal of the dog ear. 

To cure the dog’s ear infection this ear cleaner is the best. It does not require any pre-cleaning and it is very easy to use and this is also very effective. You do not have to do a lot. You just have to pour the few drops of solution in the canal of the dog’s ear and wait until the dog shakes his head. It can be used daily. This is a very stress-free dogs ear cleaner for both pets and owners. It can be used whenever if needed.   

This Zymox ear cleaner solution is designed with great developing practices. Due to the great developing practices, it makes sure that the quality of this solution is high. 

It ensures that this is safe if you using it when your dog is suffering from ear infections or excess was buildup. Its use is very easy and effective to cure the trouble.


  • This is great for curing your pet’s ear irritation which can be caused by any bacterial infection.
  • This is perfect for dogs and cats.
  • This always works as a dealing and preventive solution.
  • Instructions make this very easy to use.
  • This solution is approved by various vets.


  • This is a bit costlier.
  • Pet owners may switch to other brands as it is a little expensive among all.

3. Eco ears ear cleaner by Vet Organics:


If you are a pet owner and if you like all the natural products for your dog or pets then you should consider Eco ears ear cleaner by Vet Organics. This is the best natural product free from any chemicals and any kind of antibiotics. This pure dog ear cleaner is formulated with all the natural resources. For those dogs which react to injections, then this solution is for them.

This solution is made to remove the itching. This helps to clear out the odor. This product is designed to wipe out all the bacteria from the canal.

This may be helpful for those dogs which have some bacteria, mites, and fungus in their ear.


  • This product is a mixture of all the natural resources including rosemary and mullein leaf.
  • This product is multi-purpose. It can be used for many purposes.
  • This is very effective. It works within 10 days.


  • This mixture contains some amount of alcohol.
  • The opening valve is quite large which makes it tough to apply.

4. Epi-Otic Advance ear cleaner by Virbac:


This product is antiseptic that is expressly formulated to clean-up your dog’s ear and kill the dangerous infection. This solution provides relaxation from irritation. This solution can be used during routine cleansing for the sensitive ears of your dog. It can cure ear infection and removes debris. It also removes the excess wax from the ear canal and dries the ear area. It is highly recommended for those pets that have chronic otitis. Due to low pH, there are zero chances of any inflammation.


  • This product is very easy to use and safe for your dogs or pets.
  • This product is used for protection of a natural ear canal
  • The possibility of ear infection is reduced by this product.
  • It provides microorganisms antiseptic effects.

5. Ear tonic from Mister Ben’s Original:


This product is beneficial for your dog because is very effective and easy to use. Ear tonic from Minster Ben’s Original is a very useful product for your puppy. You don’t need to waste your money on heavy expensive treatment that causes you nothing but charges your lot and it only worsens the condition of your dog. It is a very powerful treatment that can cure dogs.

The targeting capacity of this solution is very contagious. This is the thing which is very likable from the owners of pets. The ingredients in this mixture include natural pesticides and boric acid that targeted kills the ear mites. The iodine used in this solution helps the cure from the brown stain on the dog’s ears

This product has the soothing effect purifying properties of aloe Vera. It doesn’t matter whether your dog has bacterial infection or irritation this solution will effect quickly and effectively. All the resources are natural. It’s perfect for dogs that have sensitive skin. It reaches to the deep canal and kills the infection from the bottom. And start soothing the inflammation area.


  • This product can target the infection from the root bottom.
  • It contains a hundred percent of cold weighed natural aloe Vera.
  • This product has the ingredients that cure the itching, irritation, and redness. It provides quick relief.
  • It kills the dirt and wax builds up.
  • The application is very hassle-free
  • The best part is it never leaves stain Marks
  • You can use it regularly
  • They also provide a free e-book.


  • When you apply it for the very first time it can get stung.
  • It contains a very bad vinegar smell.

When to clean

You should make sure that your dogs need ear cleaning. Some time we over-clean the ear and it may lead to ear irritation or ear infection. Your dog has a very deep root canal and it is a very complicated area. Wax and dirt make a place in these kinds of areas. We humans have hands so we can clear by our own hands. But dogs do not have, so it should be taken care of very well. If your dog’s ear is odorless and pink and not looking dirty they the ear is fine and it does not need an ear cleaning. But if you find this issue, you should immediately clean your dog’s ear. You have to familiarize yourself with these symptoms.

Sometimes your dog shakes his head too often then it is the time to clean. If you see the redness and inflamed or he seems to be in pain then these are the symptoms of ear infection. These symptoms need medical treatment.

Steps to clean your dog’s ear

  • First of all, try to calm your dog, otherwise, he will get hurt. When he calms give him treats to distract the mind. When he is busy with his treat, gradually clean the ear.
  • Put the drop of ear cleaning solution into the ears canal and wait for the 30 seconds. After this, the dirt starts to soften and let your dog shakes his head.
  • When it finishes the shaking uses cotton and removes all the dirt and wipe the solution out.

A quick review- How to clean

  • You should know how healthy ear looks like and how a healthy ear smells like
  • Regular checkup of your dog’s ear while bathing him
  • Frequent cleaning can damage the ear
  • Use the approved solution for cleaning
  • If you see any trouble immediately contact your vet

Ear cleanups may prevent ear infections. Ear cleaning is a very typical work and it should be done very carefully. Any mistake can lead the ear damage.


Some people make their dog ear cleanser with the help of recipes on the internet. It will be cheaper, but who will take the responsibility of that your solution will have no side effects? It can be risky. You don’t want to risk your dog’s life for the pennies.

Your dog must stay healthy and they deserve the best Health care. They deserve proper care and hygiene. Using great products can be healthier for them.

The Zymox Otic Pet ear cleanser form Pet kings is approved by the many vets and the pet owners also like this product. We also highly recommend this product for your dog’s ear treatment.
Some people want the product designed with all the natural resources then for then we highly recommend EcoEars dog ear cleanser from Vet Organics. This product is manufactured for these kinds of owners. Both the products are great. They have their specialty. They both are very easy to use and very effective. They both have the properties of curing the infection and irritation.