Best Dog Treats for Labs

A reward is the best way to motivate anyone. When it comes to Labrador, the dog gets motivated quickly with treats. It is a form of communication, which says what is right. For this reason, every Labrador owner gives the dog a treat when it does something right. However, all dog treats are not suitable for a Labrador. Out of all dog breed, the Labrador is very energetic.

The dog needs lots of protein and vitamins in the treat. These micro-elements keep the dog intelligent and active. These treats also have to be delicious. Otherwise, the dog won’t eat it. Here are some of the best dog treats for Labrador available on Amazon.

1) Nudges Grillers

This treat is made from chicken, vegetable glycerine, sugar, ground rice, distilled vinegar, and a little bit of paprika. It is really good in taste and all Labradors love this treat. The manufacturing company uses a bite-size piece of real chicken for the preparation of this treat. In this treat, the dog gets 24 % of protein, 11% of fat, and 1% of dietary fiber.

Therefore, it is very healthy for the dog. The company uses 100 % natural ingredients for this piece. To ensure the dog’s health, the manufacturing company doesn’t include any artificial flavour or preservatives. Most Labradors are non-allergic to this treat and enjoy it very much.


  1. The treat is very tasty, all Labrador loves it.
  2. There are significant amounts of protein and fat elements in the treat.
  3. Made with natural ingredients, which is very healthy for dogs.
  4. The treat is completely non-allergic to all Labradors.
  5. There are no preservatives or artificial flavours in the treat.


  1. The treat has quite a sticky property to it.
  2. Needed to be kept in the freezer.
  3. The dog loves the pungent flavour of this treat, but many people don’t like it.
  4. Overfeeding of this treat can make obese.

2) Blue Buffalo Health Bars Natural Crunchy Dog Treats Biscuits

The treat is made with apple and it is enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is one of the best treats for vegan loving people because the treat does not contain any meat & bone meal. It is also very safe for the dog with no BHA. The manufacturer also does not use any wheat in this treat. Therefore, Labrador can easily digest it. In this treat, omega 3 fatty acids can be found. It is an essential element for brain development. This treat makes the dog intelligent and healthy at the same time.


  1. The treat develops immunity power in the Labrador.
  2. Labrador loves the yummy taste of these biscuits.
  3. With no BHA, these biscuits are very safe for the dogs.
  4. The treat is made from natural ingredients.
  5. Suitable for vegan people


  1. Easily get soggy in a moist environment.
  2. Biscuits are very crumbly and easily turn into powder under pressure.
  3. Overfeeding may increase sodium level in the dog, which is not healthy,

3) Stewart Freeze Dried Treats

Labrador is a born hunter. These dogs have a natural love for organ meat and lamb liver. It is because; the lamb liver contains lots of protein and vitamins. However, feeding the dog raw food can be a hefty task. The solution to this problem is freeze dried treats. The treat gives all the nutrition elements to the dog without making any mess.

The great factor of this treat is that all ingredients of this treat are locally sourced and it is made in America. It does not contain any preservative or artificial flavour. The treat contains all of the goodness of the lamb liver. The treat contains a high concentration of Vitamin A, iron, magnesium, and folic acid.


  1. The treat gives all benefits of raw lamb liver.
  2. It is enriched with lots of protein and vitamins.
  3. 100% American and high quality treat for Labrador.
  4. No artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  5. Labradors can enjoy the taste of raw meat without making a mess.


  1. The treat is quite hard and it can chock the dog.
  2. Overfeeding may cause digestive problems for the dog.
  3. The treat does not last long once the package is open.

4) InPrimeTime Cadet Duck Breast Gourmet Dog Treat

Just like chicken, another alternative poultry product is a duck. The duck breast meat contains lots of protein, but very little fat. Therefore, a treat made from duck breast can be the best for obese Labradors. Compared to regular chicken treats, the duck breast treats are much tastier. As a result, all Labradors love it. They quickly become obedient when the master gives this treat. Along with duck meat, the treat also contains a subsequent amount of soy protein. This natural protein keeps the dog lean and healthy. The treat has a real flavour of the duck. The manufacturer does not add any extra flavour or preservatives in this treat.

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  1. This treat contains a high concentration of protein.
  2. It contains a very low amount of fat.
  3. The treat keeps the dog lean and slim.
  4. Has original duck flavour.


  1. Compared to other treats, this treat is quite expensive in price.
  2. After opening the pack, it only lasts a couple of days.
  3. The treat has a pungent odour that many people dislike.

5) Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Meat Dog Treats

This dog treat does not compromise with health or taste. It is very healthy and delicious at the same time. This meatball is made from real beef. It uses 100% American beef and all of its ingredients of this treat are local.

The manufacturing company does not use any Chinese supplements in this treat. The treat contains 10% crude protein and 7% crude fat. Along with meat the treat also contains dried potato and dried carrot. The treat is enriched with carbohydrates, which gives the dog instant energy. Its vitamin and mineral properties also boost the natural immunity power of the dog.


  1. The treat contains low protein and fat, which keeps the dog healthy.
  2. It has lots of carbohydrates, which gives the dog burst of energy.
  3. The treat is made from beef and all Labradors love it.
  4. This treat has dried vegetables in it.
  5. 100% American ingredients and no Chinese supplements.


  1. The treat has sticky properties.
  2. Needed to be kept in an airtight pack
  3. If not kept properly, then the treat may get discoloured in a couple of days

6) Buckley Dog Jerky Treats

It is a gluten-free treat, which is made from beef. Labradors of all ages can have this tasty treat. This treat contains a high level of glucosamine and chondroitin. These micro-elements are good for the dog’s hips and joints development.

The treat not only gives the dog high energy, but it also enhances its body from inside. During the preparation, the manufacturing company does not use any filler. The dog gets 100% nourishment of beef meat. Another benefit of this jerky is that it can split into small pieces easily. Therefore, it is very continent to use during training sessions.


  1. Gluten-free beef jerky prevents obesity in Labrador.
  2. High levels of glucosamine and chondroitin develop hips and joints.
  3. The treat gives 100% nourishment of beef.
  4. It is easy to use during training sessions.
  5. The treat is suitable for all ages of dogs.


  1. The treat has a foul smell that disturbs many vegan people.
  2. Extra salt of this treat may increase blood pressure.
  3. The treat lacks essential vitamins and minerals.

7) Butler Animal Health 8 Pack Lean Treats for Large Breed Dogs

This treat is made for grownup Labradors. As we all know, grownup dogs have a high metabolism rate and they need more calories. It is a suitable tasty snack for adult Labradors. The treat uses all American ingredients. It is made from skinless chicken, which has very little amount of fat in it. The treat helps the dog vital energy and nutrition. It comes in a bite-size piece. Therefore, feeding it to the dog is very easy. The treat is also very chewy and every Labrador loves it having after training sessions.


  1. The treat contains less amount of fat.
  2. It contains delicious skinless chicken.
  3. The treat fulfils vitamin and mineral deficit in the dog.
  4. It comes in bite-size pieces for easy use.
  5. Densely packed with high calorie, which is suitable for grownup dogs.


  1. The treat may give digestive problems to small Labradors.
  2. It is needed to be kept in an airtight container for freshness.
  3. The treat contains a small amount of artificial flavour.

8) Purina Busy Bone Dog Chew Dog Treats

Every dog chew during their teething time and Labradors are not an exception. During this time they enjoy chew dog treats more than anything else. It helps them reduce sensation in their gum and keeps them busy for a significant amount of time.

The main ingredient of this treat is chicken by-products and wheat flour. The treat has a very low amount of protein and fat. Even though it is a bit hard and chewy, but it is easy to digest. For this reason, small dogs can enjoy this treat.

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  1. The dog can enjoy this treat for a long time.
  2. It has a very low amount of protein and fat, which keeps the dog healthy.
  3. The treat has a long shelf life.
  4. Small Labradors can enjoy this treat.
  5. It is very easy to digest, even for small dogs.


  1. The treat posses a choking risk for the dog.
  2. It contains artificial flavour and preservatives.
  3. It can be allergic to some Labradors.

9) Buckley Trainers – All Natural Low Calorie Grain-Free Dog Training Treats, 6-Ounce

Just like a human the Labrador also loves the taste of peanut butter. A treat with this flavour motivates and encourages the dog to do good work. For this reason, it is one of the favourite treats of dog trainers. Every treat comes in a small bite-size.

It is very easy to feed. Another benefit of this treat is its low-calorie concentration. Every piece contains only 4 calories. Therefore, the trainer can give this treat without the fear of obesity. This grain and gluten-free treat are suitable for sensitive Labrador stomach.


  1. The small bite-size treat is very easy to feed.
  2. It is 100% gluten-free and suitable for the dog’s sensitive digestion system.
  3. Grain-free ingredients make it non-allergic.
  4. Small caloric concentration is in every bite of the treat.
  5. The treat is very suitable for professional Labrador trainers.


  1. There are significant amounts of preservatives present in this treat.
  2. It also contains some additional artificial peanut butter flavour.
  3. The semi-moist consistency of this treat gives it a gooey texture.

10) 4Legz Organic All Natural Crunchy Non-GMO Dog Treats

Compared to a chemically processed food the organic food is much better for everyone. The manufacturing company understood the seriousness of this mantra and created a 100% GMO-free dog treat. This treat contains real organic sweet potato puree. It is also a vegan treat. The company also doesn’t use any chemicals, artificial preservatives, and animal by-products for the preparation of this treat.


  1. The treat is prepared in 100% ingredients.
  2. It is completely GMO-free.
  3. No animal by-products are used for the preparation.
  4. The treat is also suitable for vegan people.
  5. The treat has a long shelf life after opening the pack.


  1. The texture of this treat is quite hard.
  2. Many Labrador doesn’t like the taste of this treat.
  3. Low-calorie concentration does not provide enough energy.

11) True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts Made with Real Steak 20 oz

It is a savoury treat for every Labrador. The treat is made from beef steak. Therefore, it is very delicious. This treat contains 21% of crude protein, 12% of crude fat, 2% of fiber, and 25% of moisture. Every piece contains around 47 calories of energy. There is no wheat, soy, or corn used for its preparation. It is completely non-allergic to all kind of Labrador. It is made of natural ingredients and has an appetizing aroma in it. The dog loves the savoury taste of premium jerky in every bite.


  1. The treat is made from natural ingredients.
  2. It has a very savoury beef jerky taste.
  3. The treat has a very balanced caloric concentration for the Labrador.
  4. It is non-allergic to all kind of Labrador


  1. The treat has a very short shelf life after opening the packet.
  2. It needed to be kept is freeze for freshness.
  3. It may discolour after some time.

12) Papa Bow Wow Buffalo Treats for Dogs

This treat is made from authentic dehydrated buffalo lungs. It has a chewy texture, which every Labrador loves. The dog takes quite a bit of time to chew down every treat. Therefore, it reduces plaque and tartar from the dog’s teeth and gives the dog a healthy gum.

Compared to the beef bases treat, this treat contains less sodium and cholesterol. It has a moderate level of calorie concentration that gives the dog vital energy when needed. The treat also contains an abundant amount of potassium, vitamin b6, calcium, and essential minerals.


  1. This treat has less caloric concentration.
  2. It has a high level of potassium, vitamin b6, calcium, and essential minerals.
  3. It removes plaque and tartar from the dog’s teeth.
  4. The chewy texture keeps the dog busy.
  5. It also contains less sodium and cholesterol.


  1. The treat has some sticky properties.
  2. It also has a foul smell.
  3. The treat size is a little big for small Labradors.

13) Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats with 12 Vitamins and Minerals

This treat contains the real flavour of tasty beef. For a Labrador, it is a premium treat. On any occasion, the dog loves to eat it. This treat also has 12 essential vitamins and minerals, which enhance the immunity power of the dog. Due to its small biscuit size, it is very easy to feed the dog. The treat comes in an air-tight plastic jar, which keeps the treat fresh for a long time. Therefore, many dog trainers often use this treat during Labrador training session.

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  1. It has the real flavour and taste of beef.
  2. The treat contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals.
  3. This treat can boost the immunity power of the dog.
  4. Comes in small biscuit size, which is easy to feed.


  1. The treat lack protein supplements.
  2. It has a hard texture.
  3. The treat also contains some artificial flavour and preservatives.

14) NUTRO Natural Crunchy Dog Treats

It is a crunchy treat for Labrador. The dog loves to chew it and enjoy the delicious taste of peanut butter. The treat contains 19% of crude protein, 8% of crude fat, and 2% of crude fiber. Therefore, it is a very balanced treat with essential nutrients. The bite pieces of this treat are quite small and contain only 5 calories of energy. It is very easy to use for trainers. The treat is 100% American and made from local ingredients. It also has GMO free organic ingredients.


  1. It is made from 100% American and GMO-free ingredients.
  2. Each bite contains only 5 calories of energy.
  3. The treat has balanced nutrient properties.
  4. It has a delicious peanut butter taste.
  5. It is very easy to feed.


  1. The treats become soggy, in contact with moisture.
  2. Needed to be kept in an air-tight container.
  3. The calorie concentration is very low.

15) Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training and New Hemp Calming Dog Treats

It is one of the best chicken-based treats for Labrador. This treat contains real chicken meat. Along with the chicken, other ingredients like rice flour, barley, vegetable glycerine enhances its taste. It comes in small bite-size. During training sessions, many Labrador trainers feed this treat to the dog. Each bite contains only 3 calories of energy.

As a result, the dog doesn’t face the risk of obesity. The treat is completely corn, wheat, and soy-free. Therefore, it poses no allergic risk for the dog. The manufacturing company does not add any artificial flavour to this treat. It is completely safe for every type of Labradors.


  1. The treat has authentic raw chicken flavour.
  2. It contains all-natural ingredients.
  3. The treat has low-calorie concentration.
  4. It doesn’t contain any corn, wheat, and soy.


  1. The texture of this treat is very sticky.
  2. It has a foul raw chicken smell.
  3. The treat lack proper nutrients and vitamins.


Before purchasing a treat for their Labrador, everyone wants to know which one is the perfect treat for their dog. The answer to this question is not so simple. Every treat has its benefits and a few drawbacks. A few manufacturers use meat and animal by-products in their treats, while other manufacturers may produce the treat with a vegan recipe. Some treats have a chewy texture, while some treats have a hard texture. A few treats come in a small bite, while others come in a lumpy bite.

Out of all choices, the owner needs to choose one of them according to personal preference. At the time of purchase, the owner needs to consider the dog’s health and its eating habit. It is a good idea to alternate and try new treats. New treats also give the dog some refreshment. The owners also get some understanding of the dog’s taste preference.