Best Dog Training Equipment – The Best Labrador Training Supplies

If you are a Labrador parent, you must know how active and intelligent these dogs are. Whether your Lab is merely for conformation or is involved in dog sports doesn’t matter. You have to begin its training from day one itself. The sooner you commence coaching your pooch, the smarter it will get as it grows up.

To achieve success with your pup’s training, you must get acquainted with some essential dog training supplies. And that is definitely what this article is going to do to do. The coming sections will discuss various types of training tools you need to train your Labrador Retriever. So, read ahead to gratify your curiosity.

Best Training Equipment for Labrador Retrievers

If you want to take your Labrador with you to different places like walks, friends’ houses, tours, flights, etc., you need to teach your dog accordingly. It is essential to keep in mind that a well-behaved and obedient dog is welcome everywhere. The more you work on your Lab’s socialization and obedience skills, the easier it will be for you to live with your dog and take it everywhere you want to.

As far as your dog training equipment is concerned, the market has a large assortment of tools to correct your pup’s specific behaviors. Since you cannot purchase all of them, we will suggest you only the best of those training tools. So, read ahead and know what you need to know for your Labrador’s training.

Mandatory Equipment for Labrador Training

To begin with your pup’s training, you must first purchase some fundamental training tools like Leashes and collars. In fact, these are a must for getting started with your Lab’s drilling. Leashes and collars teach your dog how to be in limits. They are meant to make your Lab understand that it cannot do some things without your permission.

Fortunately, the market has a variety of leashes and collars to serve different activities and training techniques.


For Large breeds like Labrador Retrievers, purchasing a collar must be placed at the top of your priority list. Besides their assistance in different types of training, collars help in recognizing your dog in crowded places. Even if your pup separates from you, someone will recognize it as a domesticated animal and return it back to you.

An ideal collar is one that:

  1. Fits your Labrador perfectly.
  2. Has been manufactured with a comfortable fabric.
  3. And can be attached with leashes and identity tags.

Here are some suitable collars for your Labrador Retriever:

When it comes to dog collars, Blueberry Pet provides some real variety. They come in more than 30 colors and in almost all sizes. The company has used a nylon fabric, eco-friendly plastic, and a chrome-coated metal D ring to make these collars durable. Apart from that, they are effortless to put on and lightweight. You can also find some matching leashes or harnesses.

These collars are perfect for an adventurous breed like the Labrador Retriever. They are comfortable, waterproof, easy to wash, and stink-proof. They are available in mainly four colors, blue spring, alpenglow pink, fern green, and red current. Also, there is an aluminum D ring for attaching a leash and a separate quick ring for attaching ID tags.


Leashes are long chains or strings meant to keep your dog connected to you in public places. They are a medium of controlling your pup when it wants to break away and run.

As far as Labradors are concerned, leash training is a must to prevent them from jumping and breaking away. Even though the pet market has various leash lengths for your dog, you need to specifically select at least 30 feet long lead.

Here are some highly-rated dog training leashes you can purchase for your pup.

The Downtown Pet Supply provides a vast range of leashes. The colors include red, green, orange, black, blue, hunter green, pink, and light grey. Besides that, the length can vary up to 200 feet long. Because they are made up of nylon, you won’t have to be tensed about its durability. Also, there is a swivel-style bolt snap that prevents it from twisting.

These are what Biothane calls “leads with a purpose.” Indeed they are. You can very reasonably infer it from how they have been specifically designed for wet and damp environments. They have a waterproof coating and are easy to wash. You will find them in three colors – orange, brown, and black. With a design meant to withstand extreme cold and hot conditions, they are used in military or law enforcement operations as well. We will suggest you select the 50 feet or at least 33 feet long versions for your Labrador.

Additional Equipment for Training Your Labrador Retriever

Leashes and collars are meant to place your Labrador within some boundaries. However, to make your training sessions more effective for your Lab, you need to purchase some additional training equipment pieces.

Dog Training Whistles

Purchasing a dog whistle becomes particularly essential when you need to teach your dog how to respond to you. To put it more simply, it helps you train your dog to respond to you as you give it a call.

Now you may wonder, why whistles? Why not verbal commands?

Well, you can always choose to use verbal commands. However, when you start working on your pup’s obedience skills, using a dog whistle is desirable. There are two reasons for it:

  1. The shrill sound produced by the whistle will easily catch your Lab’s attention.
  2. Dogs tend to be more sensitive to sound frequencies than us. Consequently, when you use verbal commands, a single change in tone will give your dog mixed signals.

Whistles, on the other hand, produce the same sound all the time. Besides that, if the product you purchase turns out to be the standard one, you can always replace it with whistles having the same tone. Consequently, your dog won’t get confused every time you give it a call.

If someone asks about the best dog whistles, Acme will definitely occupy our list’s first position. The colors are diverse with some top of the range pitches. Here are some highly-rated Acme dog whistles for you:

This one may look small but has the highest pitch among the three whistles we mention here. These are not very commonly used. Consequently, your dog will have a really distinct sound to respond to. That doesn’t imply your pup will not recognize the other two whistles. Dogs know which whistling sounds are for them as everyone has a distinct style to blow them.

These whistles have a mid-range pitch and are perfect for your Labrador pup. Besides that, the color is bright orange and hence, less likely to get lost very easily. You can spot it almost anywhere. You won’t have to rummage your bag to find it.

The Acme company is particularly noted for its whistles, and this product is another masterpiece of the Acme family. The pitch is loud and clear enough to gain your Labrador’s attention. Just two quick blows, and your dog will come to you immediately.

Clicker Devices for Dog Clicker Training

Gone are the days when people used to train their pets by giving them punishments. Most expert dog trainers advocate positive reinforcement training these days, and clickers are considered one of the most potent positive reinforcement tools.

These simple boxes with a small button may look trivial. But they have extraordinary benefits. A simple clicking sound from this device, followed by a treat, can encourage your pup much. The sound signals to your dog that it has done the right thing.

Here are some high-quality clickers with different configurations and benefits to apply for your Labrador’s training.

These are what we call the perfect clickers for anxious and sensitive dogs. They fit in your palm perfectly and have a function for controlling tone and volume. You can adjust the volume and pitch as per your pup’s needs. And the most satisfying part is that they come with a user guide for dog clicker training.

These clickers from Big Button are especially notable for their ease of use. They have an attached wrist band to keep them connected to your hand all the time. Besides that, the clicker button is large and makes a clear sound with perfect timing. However, if your Lab is an anxious one, we will recommend you not go for it.

These clickers have been specifically designed to fit your hand. There is a yellow-colored attached wrist band to keep it connected to your hand and a step-by-step guide to help you with dog clicker training.

Treat Bags for Dogs

Treats are an essential part of your Labrador’s training. After all, it is for those little rewards that your pup works so hard. Consequently, you need to ascertain that your dog’s treats are readily available every time it makes an achievement.

In such situations, what can be a more handy way to have your dog’s rewards safe, secure, and readily accessible than a treat bag. The market has several kinds of treat bags. But the Go Stuff It Treat Bag from Kurgo is what we will recommend you to go for without any apprehensions.

These treat bags have been designed, keeping in mind the actual training set up. There is a carabiner and a clip to attach it to your belt. Consequently, you will have both hands free to hold the clipper in one hand and guide your dog with the other. The opening is wide enough to enable your hand to reach the treats easily. Besides that, it provides a drawstring closure to keep your dog’s delicacies secure.

Furthermore, there is a side-storage zippered pocket for keeping things like clickers, poop bags, ID, cash, or keys. And the most satisfying part is that Kurgo presents you with a lifetime warranty on these treat bags.

Harnesses for Dogs

Harnesses are useful for both large and small dogs. Unlike leashes, the pressure given by a dog harness is not concentrated in one place. Instead, they disperse the stress over a large part of the body. Consequently, it prevents small dogs from getting hurt while being tugged and saves you from having back pain while dragging your large dog. As far as Labradors are concerned, we will recommend you to go for Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness.

There are attachments at the back and front to give just the required amount of elasticity and control. Consequently, your Lab will be very much comfortable and move its legs freely. You will get it with a lead meant to be attached to the back and front ends simultaneously.

Training Supplies for Gun dogs or Hunting Dogs

Most Labradors are by birth retrievers and helping your dog recognize its natural instincts can give your dog a sense of purpose. It does not really matter whether you intend to run your Lab in hunt tests, field trials, or any other competitions or not. A simple game of ‘fetch’ can enable your Lab to channelize its excess energy to something for which it has been incipiently bred.

Fortunately, Gun dog training doesn’t demand many specialized pieces of equipment. The necessary obedience tools are already available to you. Besides that, you need to purchase some tools for bird retrieving training.

Retrieving Dummies are one of them. The market has two kinds of retrieving dummies.

Plastic Retrieving Dummies

Even though Canvas dummies can hold the game scent for more extended periods, plastic retrieving-dummies are more preferred in the United States. This SportDog Brand Plastic Dummy is made up of soft yet resilient vinyl material and is available in three colors – white, orange, and a combination of black and white color. It has got valves meant for adjusting the weight using water or air and knobs to promote soft mouth. Besides that, it floats and hence, perfect for land and water retriever training.

Canvas Retrieving Dummies

This regular SportDog Brand Canvas Dummies-Hunting Dog Training Tool is available in two colors – white and orange. While the white color stands out against all backgrounds, orange teaches your Lab to apply its nose. The dummy has been so designed that you will be easily able to aim for longer distances. Besides that, it floats in water. Hence, ideal for both land and water Gun dog training.

Training Equipment for Puppies

If you want your pup to emerge as a champions’ champion retriever one day, you need to begin to work on your Labrador’s retrieving skills from their puppy stage itself. Remember that your Lab is small and, therefore, incapable of handling force fetching. At this stage, you need to just encourage your pup’s love for retrieving. Some light and small puppy training equipment pieces are just the things you need for this purpose.

Retrieving Dummies for Puppies

Keeping in mind the Retriever puppies’ smaller muzzle and fragile neck, puppy retrieving dummies are made small and lightweight. Consequently, they are easier to pick up during retriever training sessions or a simple game of fetch.

For your little Labrador pup, we will recommend you to get the Canvas Puppy Dummies from SportDog. These are waterproof and made up of natural resources. Hence, very much safe for your pup. The ideal weight for a Labrador puppy will be half a pound. Try looking for one that has a cord attached to it. You won’t have to deal with your pup’s slobbers.

Dog Training Videos, Articles, and Books

Training your dog is not merely about commanding it what to do. You also need to teach it the right procedure to do it. For that, you need to have a clear conception of the goals you want your Lab to achieve. You need to take cognizance of its needs and wants.

All these can be practicable only if you educate yourself enough. If you ask for sources, then we will suggest you scroll through the internet. You will find a vast range of videos, articles, and books to inform you about dog training’s minutest details.

Your experience level hardly matters. Learning is a continuous process, and everyone has something to learn.


As far as your dog’s training is concerned, selecting the right tools and knowing the correct procedure to use them is really very important. A small mistake and your Lab will adopt a nasty habit.

Hopefully, the training supplies mentioned above will help you to make the right choice. If you intend to purchase a product that is not mentioned in this article, we will suggest you do a considerable amount of research before you venture to buy that product. There is no wisdom in wasting up your hard-earned money.