Weimaraner Labrador Mix Breed Information, Characteristics & Facts

Many people believe that keeping a dog pet is the best thing as they are always predictable. But I am sure most of us just can’t resist fun-loving pets and just imagine if you are going to have a crossbreed of two such breeds – the Weimaraner and the Labrador. Crossbreeds are very inevitable. They are believed to be a stupid or incompetent breed. But the popularity of these kinds of crossbreed dogs is increasing by the day. They are known as designer dogs and there are many views on these types of designer dogs. Dog breeders and owners are very confident about these kinds of breeds whereas the pedigree advocates prefer simple and consistent breeds. Some of them claim that cross-breeding is just like playing with God. Crossbreeding is said to result in healthier dogs. The genetic lines of most of the so claimed pure breeds will show that they have been cross-bred at some point in history.

Some crossbreeds are known for their notorious behavior and health problems so it is always good that proper research is done before you go in for one such pet. We should always be concerned only about the welfare of each dog whether it is a pure breed or a crossbreed.

Origin of Weimaraner

The Weimaraner’s origin goes back to Germany in the nineteenth century where noblemen were said to be breeders of this dog. These noblemen found them to be very intelligent, good scenting ability, and full of stamina. There is another story that the Grand Duke Karl August was solely responsible for creating this breed but there is no proper evidence to prove this. The Weimaraners were initially bred to be hunter dogs and so their origins can be traced to breeds like Bloodhound, German Short-haired pointer, Blue Great Dane, etc. Even though they were known as one of the big-game hunters used to hunt bear, wolves, etc but the change in hunting priorities turned this breed into one of the most sought-after bird-dogs. Weimaraner slowly found its way into America but their popularity exploded after the end of World War II when a lot of these pups were brought from Germany. Weimaraner was recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1943.

Origin of Labrador

Labrador’s ancestors were said to have originated from the Canadian island of Newfoundland in the 1800s. These dogs were originally said to be fish hunters. They were crossbred with the larger Newfoundland dogs to become the St.John’s dog and are said to be the direct ancestor of the modern-day Labrador. It is said that in the nineteenth century the Earl of Malmesbury imported one of these dogs to England. His family trained them to become hunters and gave them the name of Labrador. This dog was the favorite of wealthy peers but now they are the modern-day most favored pet. Labradors were recognized as a breed by the English Kennel Club in 1903. The American Kennel Club gave them the status of a breed in 1917 and today they are the most sought-after pet in America.

Origin of Weimaraner Labrador Mix

The mix of Weimaraner and Labrador breed is commonly known as Labmaraner breed is one the most popular in the United States. In some places, they are also called Weimar. This crossbreed came into existence in the United States where the two original purebreds were crossed. Nowadays the Weimaraner Labrador mix is one of the rare and beautiful crossbreeds which is highly sought. The parent breeds are very distinct and similar. Even the origin of the original breeds is not the same neither are they related. 

Left: Labrador and Right: Weimaraner – the origin of Labmaraner

Appearance of Labmaraner

The Labmaraners are a large, short-coated dog. The common colors of their coat are normally black, brown, yellow, silver, or grey. Their coats are generally glossy and flat. They shed their coats vary seasonally so lots of grooming is not required on their coats. 
Normally their nose is the same color as their coat. Their eyes are normally grey, blue-grey, or amber-colored. Eyes are almond-shaped and very expressive. They have large drooping ears that extend right up to their cheeks. Labmaraners have a very sturdy body with very athletic legs. 
If you observe their paws you will notice that they have inherited webbed paws just like their parent Labrador dogs. 

The tails are always long and happy and could belong like that of the Weimaraner or broad at the base like that of the Labrador. Their head is mostly rounded with a long muzzle. The Labmaraner females weigh about 26 to 44 kg whereas the males weigh about 27 to 45 kg. The height of female Labmaraner goes up to 21 to 22 inches and males about 23 to 24 inches.

Characteristics of Labmaraner

Labmaraners have inherited the good qualities of both their parents where personality is concerned. They are one of the most intelligent, loyal, loving, and affectionate dogs. Because of this character, they get attached to their family quickly. They thrive mostly on human affection. This also causes separation anxiety problems sometimes if they are left alone even if for a short time. 
Working owners should hence take care that they are left toys that keep their pets engaged while they are at work. Otherwise, it is advisable to get a pet camera fixed as there are so many available in the market these days. These cameras will allow you to live-stream your pets and allow you to keep talking to them or giving them instructions, which will keep them busy while you are not around.

Labmaraners require early socialization to get used to other pets at home. The best time to teach them how to socialize would be between eight to sixteen weeks. Their instinct to chase may take over them sometimes making it difficult for other pets at home hence the early socialization. They also become very good playmates for the children if they are trained well. Children should also be taught on how to handle this pet because his high energy levels could be a safety hindrance and also difficult to handle. But it is always best that you supervise these interactions as a precaution. 
These pets are highly energetic and full of enthusiasm because of which they sometimes tend to become boisterous and unruly at times. This is not harmful at all as this is just their way to show their love to their owners.

Training and Exercise

If you do not train your Labmaraners well then you are going to have your hands full with them around. Normally the best time to train your dog is the first twenty months of his life as that is the time, they are most willing to learn. The parents of Labmaraner are known to be easy to train. But eventually, everything depends on what methods we use to train them. Their loving and affectionate nature will make them stubborn if we resort to harsh and strict training methods. A lot of loving, caressing, and cajoling will be required to train him. This means you need to put in a lot of patience while training your dog. 

A mental build-up is also needed for him while you are training him. They require at least a minimum of one hour in a day for outdoor exercise. This is just the minimum but they would love it if you take some more time for their exercise. Both parents are well known for their active and energetic behavior. 

Labmaraners are the same as their parents in this behavior and so lots of exercises are needed to match up to his energy. Games like fetching, swimming, hiking, a long walk and running with you will be very good for him. These dogs find it difficult to survive in apartments because of space issues. They love big spaces to live in. Sometimes they tend to become destructive like digging if they are not given proper exercises. 

Normally they are tolerant of all types of weather but do not leave him out if the temperatures are in the extremes. Always remember never to over-exercise him at any age because this could cause health hazards. It is better to consult your vet on his exercise and training to ensure he leads a healthy lifestyle.


An ideal diet should be chalked out for this large breed with very high energy levels. It is better to stick to a healthy diet as otherwise, overeating can cause weight problems which could bring in other health issues as well. As with most dogs, their eating preferences will change right from being a puppy to an adult to a senior dog.

A puppy’s food requirements are always different than that of an adult. This is because a puppy always has a higher level of energy than an adult dog. So, it is better to start with a special food meant for puppies and then slowly change to adult food when he grows up.
Their diet should always be rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins to meet up to his high energy levels. High-quality dry dog food can be included but do not exceed more than four to five cups a day. Always divide his meals equally throughout the day instead of giving him two or three heavy meals. 

Always consult your vet on their diet so that you can match up according to their age and tastes. Another important thing to remember is to keep the dog food as well as human food always secured because Labmaraners have the habit of investigating and smelling for food which may often cause some of the food to accidentally fall off the shelves and reach into his stomach!


It is commonly believed that crossbreeds do not have many health issues. This is because of something called the “hybrid vigor”. The variety of genes are increased in the hybrid puppies thus resulting in lesser health speculations. But still, the Labmaraners do come up with problems. They have obesity problems just like their parents. Always watch out for their weight and keep strict control over their diet. Hip and elbow dysplasia are another common problem which is developed abnormalities in their joints. Take care that they are over-exercised as they tend to develop this problem during such cases. 
They also suffer from eye problems like cataract, retinal progressive atrophy, corneal dystrophy, etc. Other common problems found are:

  1. Inflammatory bone disease
  2. Tremors or shaking
  3. Chronic hepatitis
  4. Tricuspid valve dysplasia
  5. Compression of the cervical cord
  6. Bladder and kidney stones
  7. Haemophilia A
  8. In a few cases, gastric torsions are also observed

These are some of the problems they could face because of their parents. So to avoid such health conditions always ensure that your puppy is tested well. Make sure he has regular visits to the vet as well because that is the only way to prove you love him very much!

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Weimaraner Labrador Mix

Even though the Labmaraner are a unique breed they do have their advantages and disadvantages some of which are listed below


  • Great socializers. They can even become your partner for outings.
  • Very friendly with other pets. While socializing with other pet parents, you don’t need to worry about your kid. This furry child is completely safe.
  • Friendly and caring for children. As mentioned before, the Weimaraner is a very friendly and socializing dog.
  • Easy to train. You don’t need to put in much effort to train a Weimaraner.
  • Extremely loyal. Weimaraner, like other pet dog breeds, is very faithful and loyal towards their owners.
  • Very intelligent
  • Healthy and sturdy body composition


  • Unpredictable appearance
  • Temperament is inevitable
  • Lots of health problems inherited from parents
  • Destructive if not exercised properly
  • Some of the mixes are prone to barking


It is always in your hands that you meet the demands of your pet where exercise and training are concerned. Their supreme intelligence can never be satisfied by just slow walks just around the corner once a day. To make them a happy and contented member of your family they require a lot of mental challenges. Every single day makes them truly stretch their long legs for a quick and fast run.

If your Labmaraner gets all the things as per his needs then rest assured, he will be the most loyal companion in your life. He will follow you and every member of your family wherever you go. His playful nature will ensure that your life is filled with laughter all along with his life of about 10-13 years. 

Labmaraners have a combination of stunning good looks, full of energy, and a friendly trait that makes them the best choice for active large families.  They make the best large dog accompany you on all sorts of adventures.

It is always in your hands that you meet the demands of your pet where exercise and training are concerned.  Their supreme intelligence can never be satisfied by just slow walks just around the corner once a day.  To make them a happy and contented member of your family they require a lot of mental challenges. Every single day makes them truly stretch their long legs for a quick and fast run. If your Labmaraner gets all the things as per his needs then rest assured, he will be the most loyal companion in your life.  He will follow you and every member of your family wherever you go.  His playful nature will ensure that your life is filled with laughter all along with his life of about 10-13 years.

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