Dog Stung By a Bee – Symptoms, and Treatment

What is bee-stung?

A bee sting can be painful. A bee sting is caused by a stinger from a bee. Bee stings are different from insect bites and venomous stinging insects. The reaction of a bee sting may be differing from one species to another. A bee sting is painful for humans but less harmful. But what about your pet? Have your thought, if your dogs stung by a bee then what will you do?

What if, your dog stung by a bee?

Certainly, if you are anxious that your dog is having an allergic reaction you should contact your vet as soon as possible. Though a single sting must not be very painful and often do not require any treatment.

What can you do?

There are several things that you can try to get some relief.

  1. You should stay calm and be relax.
  2. If you think it will be safe to do, try to check the sting area if it is entrenched and needs removing.
  3. You can chafe the area by using some cards like debit cards. Thieving the sting out can, source further free of toxin.
  4. Apply some ice or bathe the area.
  5. As bee sting includes acid, you can apply some bicarbonate of soda.
  6. If the irritation persists then contact your vet.

If your dog struggles with the bee sting

You should be very speedy to make out that your pet was stung – If your dog is struggling and paws at his face or chew his foot, consider that your dog has been stung by a bee.

Recognize the insect as soon as possible – You should identify the insect immediately if you can. Search the area around the dog and try to find out the weather, the insect was poisonous or not.

If it is a bee, find the stinger – Bees are the bare insects that depart their stinger in the wounded. These stingers continue their venom, so always try to remove the stinger so that you can stop the venom to flow further.

You should calm the bitten area – You can apply the paste of soda and water to the sting area. An oatmeal bath is perfect if your dog has more than one string.

Try to minimize the swelling area – Bring some ice packs and put it on the sting area and try to soothe the area. You can make a bag of frozen peas for the individual stung and if there is more than one sting cold water-dipped towel will make it.

Try to prevent the allergic reactions – You can give a dose of anti-histamine to reduce the reaction and minimize irritation. Remember always; consult your vet before doing any treatment.

Decrease the suffering of scratching – Your dog will try to scratch or lick, for that scenario you can take the help of a head cone. If your dog will keep scratching then it will increase the pain and slow down the healing process that may lead to infection.

Try to keep up the hydration and food eating – Don’t forget to give water to your dog and regular food. If your dog has been stung in his mouth then it will be a little difficult to feed them, in that case, you can give moist food or water and juices.

The basic sign that dog is stung

  1. Your dog will start whining
  2. He will hold up his paw only if the sting is on the paw
  3. He will bite or try to nibble on the sting area
  4. He will start drooling
  5. He will pawl at his face or mouth
  6. There will be swelling around the area and itching
  7. Hives will be shown on his body

Some severe reactions from allergy

If you find any serious signs like facial swelling or heavy breathing, then you should take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. It may depend on the condition of your dog whether, he needs to be hospitalized or any kind of antihistamines, steroids, and epinephrine. Your vet will take care of your dog. If there will be a need for oxygen, your vet will provide oxygen to your dog.

Some allergic reaction that can occur

Some allergic reactions will occur when your dog is stung by a bee or any venomous insect. Below mentioned are the allergic reactions that can occur:

  • Your dog may suffer to take a breath and he might be needed oxygen.
  • Your dog’s mouth or throat may swell.
  • Your dog may collapse.

If you discover any of these signs in your dog, you should immediately take your dog to the vet and get the dog treated. Your vet will take care of your dog.

Don’t get panic:

One thing that always should be remembered is that in this kind of situation you have to be very calm and relaxed. This will impact on your dog’s recovery. If you, stay positive in this kind of situation then only you will able to get your dog to the vet.

Try these simple steps:

Using your credit card scrap out the sting so that, you will stop the flotation of poison in the veins of your dog. Then, bathe the sting area with clear water. Don’t get your dog hurt while pulling out the sting. After that, cool down the area with some ice packet. Soothe the string. Look if the sting is in the mouth or anywhere in the throat, then contact your vet as soon as possible because it may be difficult for the dog to breathe due to the sting in the throat. If you find any severe allergy sign then contact your vet, as it is a medical emergency.

It’s dangerous if your dog has multiple stings: If your dog has stung by more than one sting then it can be a dangerous situation. Your dog may have some allergic reaction and might familiarity anaphylactic shock. If you already have known that your dog was stung by multiple bees or insects then you may have to run to your vet and ask them for further treatment.

Are antihistamines good, can we give it to my dog?

Antihistamines are the medicine that reduces or chunk histamines, they end allergy symbols.

This medicine is given to relieve symbols of unlike types of allergies, counting seasonal fever, indoor, and food allergies.

Many websites on the internet suggest giving dogs antihistamines from your medical box to delight a bee sting. Antihistamines are good for dogs but others can make them seriously ill can even be fatal.  Don’t give it to your dog until your vet has not recommended. If you want to give it to your dog, first contact your vet. They will guide you on what to do or what to not. They will tell what kind of medicine will work on the given condition and what quantity will work. They will also tell you how to give them.

Which part of the dog most likely to be stung?

Dogs always step on the insects unintentionally, so the feet are the most likely part of the dog that can be stung easily. The nose or mouth is the next best possible places for the bee to leave their sting on the victim. Sting normally caused irritation that will be mild not often a problem. If your dog inhales or swallowed a bee then it can be stuck in between the throat and can cause swelling and severe pain. You have to check on your dog to see whether he has allergic reactions or not. If yes, then he surely needs to move up to the vet.

What treatment will my vet give to the dog?

When you visit your vet, first of all, they will ask you what the problem is. After that, they will examine what exactly has happened. And then your vet may give some energy-acting injections of antihistamines or some steroids to fast relief from swelling, pain, and irritation facing by your dog. If your vet finds any breathing problem then they will treat accordingly. They will supply oxygen and cool down the temperature if it is high. They will give emergency support if needed. Some painkillers will work fine and if needed your vet will provide.

You can stop your dog from getting stung

You will be thinking once a dog is stung, then they will be twice shy. Well, a few dogs our lively bees are tempting and little dogs will never study. The barely way to hold it is to distract your puppy if he is actively chasing. You can also keep them inside the house during the heat of the day when bees are most active.

You find your dog stung by a bee, then make sure you keep a close eye on them afterward to make in no doubt no allergic reply occurs. If the swelling occurs by a bee does not go away, it is time to contact your vet and take charge of them. They will take care of your dog. Do not get late while calling your vet, as allergies can spread and more painful.

That is our guide that how you can stop your dog from getting stung by bees. However, in the emergency pet owners don’t need to wait for further, they should contact their vet as soon as possible.

“A, B, C” Formula:

You can consider the “A, B, C” formula if your dog stung by a bee. The formula will guide you on how you can Assist, heal by Baking soda, and after that, you will provide your dog a Cool compress.

A” is for Assist:

Once a bee stings your dog, the stinger becomes separate from its body and the bee then dies. The only thing that left is a stinger in the dog’s body having venom inside it.

On the other side, bees can sting constantly due to their stinger do not become separate from their bodies.

When you are aware of the thing that your dog has been stung, look for the bee and stinger are at a halt close. If yes, then try to detach the sting by using any card like debit or credit or any other stuff like that.

Remember; when you are detaching the sting be careful that the venom does not spread.

Note: Wait for your vet and let them do their job if you not so much confident about removing the sting.

“B” is for baking soda:

 A paste of baking soda and water will help you to deactivate the acidic venom. Apply this paste to reduce to spread of venom and to soothe the sting.

“C” stands for cool compress:

Cool compress will cool down the swelling and soothe the sting. A packet of ice or a packet of frozen peas will help. Put this cool packet on the sting area to cool down the swelling. Cool compress also helps to slow down the blood vessels from spreading the venom.

An important note

Early treatment will generally avoid regular progression of the reaction. Has your pet lately examined right away by your inspect if at hand are any cipher of the facial bulge, sickness, heavily gasp or fall? Mild clinical signs can progress to severe clinical signs in a short period and early treatment will avert the regular chain of the reaction.


Always look and keep your eyes on your puppy to witness the issue worsen. Your pet is everything to you and you must take care of your dog every time.  If somehow your dog gets stung then few steps can improve your chances to spread the venom into your dog’s veins. Try to pull out sting with any credit card like stuff and then cool the area with an ice packet and then apply the paste of soda and water to soothe the area. Be relax and calm, if you get panic then nothing will help you out. As soon as possible reach out to your vet or contact them via telephone and learn from them how you can treat by yourself and if not reach out to your vet. Do not give any medication to your vet without asking permission of your vet and if they approve then only give them any treatment. Otherwise, the situation will get out of control.