Best Dog Agility Equipment for Dog Owners: Weave Poles, Tunnels

Being essentially a working dog breed, Labradors can quickly get bored if not engaged in constructive activities. As a Labrador parent, you must know how destructive your pup can become if bored.

However, providing your Labrador with agility training can solve several of your problems. You will be able to:

  1. Cater to your pup’s exercise needs.
  2. Challenge its intelligence to pass the hurdles.
  3. Expose it to various kinds of new experiences
  4. Enhance its confidence level.
  5. Reduce its anxiety.
  6. Gain your dog’s trust.

But above all, you will be successful in creating a healthy and everlasting bond with your Lab.

Now, you must be fretting about your lack of time and space. However, there is nothing to worry about. You can do your Labrador’s agility training without leaving your home’s comfort. Besides that, it hardly demands much of your time as you need to stop before your Lab gets bored.

All you need is some central pieces of agility training equipment. The market has various types of agility training supplies- tunnels, starter sets, weave poles, etc. serving distinct purposes. Therefore, you have to set your dog’s training expectations and select your equipment accordingly.

The coming sections will elucidate different types of agility training equipment and their suitability for your Labrador retriever.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Dog Agility Equipment

As mentioned earlier, the choices are too many when it comes to your Labrador’s agility training equipment. However, you can select only one right piece of equipment for your pup. Therefore, you need to set out specific objectives or criteria that you want your dog’s agility training equipment to fulfill. The following points must be present in your list of criteria:

  1. Agility training equipment type: You have made up your mind to purchase an agility training equipment for your Lab. But precisely what kind of equipment do you want to buy? There are tunnels, weave poles, jumps, obstacles, etc. Besides that, the market has complete agility training sets as well as separate agility tools. Which one do you prefer? Contemplate these questions before buying your Labrador’s agility training equipment.
  2. Size: Size is significant when it comes to purchasing your dog’s training equipment. Imagine your dog of 80 pounds getting stuck inside a tunnel. Quite a dreadful scene, right? Therefore, you must compare your dog’s size with the concerned product’s dimensions. Even though the training tools have been specifically manufactured to suit most dog breeds, you never know when something goes wrong.
  3. Material: So far, weave poles and jumps are concerned, they are mostly made up of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material. Consequently, they tend to be UV resistant and less likely to decay or fade in adverse weather conditions. Besides that, the tunnels are mostly constructed with heavy-duty nylon or polyester. What you need to make sure is that these are enduring enough to withstand your Lab’s scratches.
  4. Flexibility or Adjustability: Ascertain that specific equipment like jumps have been so designed that you can adjust it according to your Lab’s needs.
  5. Durability: Durability is a vital feature that you must consider while purchasing your dog’s agility equipment. Durable things indeed come at a high price, but they are worth it as they will not get damaged so soon. Conversely, if you prioritize cost over durability, you may save some pennies at the moment. However, there is a high chance that you will have to rush to an online or offline pet store to get a new agility training equipment.

Dog Agility Bar Jumps

Jumps can prove to be some excellent exercise equipment for your Lab. The fact that your intelligent and energetic dog has to devote all of its body and mind to overcome these obstacles makes their spirits soar.

You can begin your Labrador’s jump training by giving them some simple and small jumps. Eventually, as your dog becomes accustomed to this equipment, start raising the difficulty level by giving them some complicated yet fun skips.

Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set

It is a pack of four jumps that are portable and adjustable. They are so lightweight (14 pounds in total) that you can take it anywhere- picnics, parks, indoors, etc. The bars are 36 inches long, and you can disconnect them from the center to put them in a carry bag that comes with this equipment. The top bars can be moved for safety, and you can adjust them with jump cups that both slide and hold on the vertical bars. The bottom bars remain in a stationary position to provide stability. You can purchase it for both novice and seasoned agility trainee dogs.

PawHut 4 Piece Adjustable Dog Jump

If you are short of budget, this set of four bar jumps is the best option you have at the moment. The top bars can be relocated using the attached clips, and the bottom bars have been fixed for stability. It comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation.

ZOIC Pet Dogs Jump Hurdle Bar

This simple bar jump is just perfect for beginners. You can assemble it quickly, and the horizontal bar is adjustable with just some snap out buttons. Consequently, you will be able to begin your training with some low jumps and then gradually raise the difficulty levels. It is lightweight and is available with a carrying bag for easy transportation. You can place it in your backyard by attaching two heavy-duty plastic spikes (comes with it) at its base. Each vertical bar is 101.5 cm long. While the horizontal bar’s length is 96 cm.

Affordable Agility Double Jump

It is a great idea to shift to this double jump as your Lab becomes an expert with single jumps. The model’s dimensions are primarily based on the actual competition double jumps. However, the width has been reduced to make it fit for both outdoor and indoor use. The bars are removable and portable. There are four pairs of jump cups meant to adjust the bars’ height when standing and provide stability. Besides that, it comes with vinyl colored tapes for decorating the bars.

Dog Agility Tunnels

You can consider it one of the most exhilarating agility training tools for your dog. Besides, the encouragement you give your Lab as it passes through the tunnel creates a bond of trust and faith between you and your dog.

Motivate your Labrador to enter the tunnel’s opening using your happy and excited voice. Cheer for it as it runs through the tunnel. As your Lab comes out on the other side, reward it with its favorite treat. Here are some excellent dog agility tunnels for your pup.

HDP Agility Dog Training Open Tunnel

This one is especially notable for its strength and flexibility. The length is 18 feet, and the openings are 24 inches each in diameter. It is made up of a strong 210D waterproof nylon fabric that makes it durable, static-free, and tear-resistant. Instead of plastic, steel has been used to keep the tunnel perfect and prevent it from breaking. There are small steel stakes to keep it grounded wherever you want.

HDP Agility Dog Training Open Tunnel Chute

Well, another masterpiece from the HDP store. This one is a combination of a tunnel, and an unsupported material called a chute. The whole structure is 15 feet long, with the tunnel part being 3 feet. It has a 24 inch wide opening with the material being made of one of the sturdiest waterproof nylon in the market – 210D. The rings are made of steel to keep the tunnel in a perfect round shape and prevent it from breaking. There are stakes and tabs to keep the whole structure stable.

Furry friends 18 foot long Dog Agility Tunnel

This one is an AKC approved product made up of a tough Oxford Dacron that makes it tear-resistant. The length is 18 feet, and the openings are 24 inches in diameter each. There are eight steel stakes to keep the tunnel grounded.  It has been designed so that you can keep it straight or bend it as per your requirements. Perfect for raising the difficulty levels for your intelligent dog.

Dog Agility Weave Poles

Weave poles are another of the fun-filled and interactive agility training tools. Besides providing your dog with a significant amount of mental and physical exercise, it incorporates your skills as a trainer. As both you and your dog get involved in overcoming these particular obstacles, a bond of friendship develops between you two.

Affordable Agility Fixed 6 Pole Weave Set

As the name suggests that the poles are fixed, i.e., they stand straight all the time. However, you can assemble and disassemble this equipment quite easily. It is movable, lightweight, and fit for both outsides and indoors. The length is 40 inches, and each pole is set apart by a distance of 24 inches. You can also use it for the 2×2 method by separating the bars from the middle (3 posts in each set).

Agility Weave Poles Adjustable 6 Pole Set with Carrying Case and Grass Stakes

If you want to run your Lab in agility competitions, you must get this product. It can be constructed and dismantled in moments. You can put it straight or in an offset manner. It can also be used for the 2×2 method by separating the poles from the middle. It is lightweight and arrives with a carrying case for effortless transportation. There are extra grass stakes to keep the bars set apart by 2 feet firmly.

PAWISE Pet Dogs Weave Poles

This one is a set of 12 freestanding poles that can be set up in any way you want. It is inexpensive but only suitable for outdoor use. You will also get a carrying case for effortless transportation and steel spikes for stability.

Dog Agility Hoop Jumps

When you run your Labrador in agility competitions and course tests, not all jumps will be the same. While some of them will entail leaping over the bars. Others will require your Lab to jump through tires. These are also called the hoop jumps. The following two hoop jump equipment will enable your Lab to learn to overcome these kinds of hurdles.

PAWISE Pet Dogs Adjustable Height Jumping Ring

It has been mainly created for outdoor practice. The length is 34 inches with a hoop that is 24 inches in diameter. Consequently, you can expect your Lab to fit into it quite easily. It is lightweight, and you can assemble as well as dismantle it in minutes. A carry case comes with this product for easy transportation.

Dog Agility Equipment-Practice Tire/Hoop Jump

Though a bit more costly but unquestionably worth it. The hoop’s size is so big (29 inches) that almost any breed can fit into it. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. The height is alterable as per your Labrador’s needs.

Dog Agility Seesaw

The seesaws are another entertaining training equipment. However, as the ends go suddenly up and down, your pooch can feel quite anxious while climbing on them at first. Hence, you need to do work on your pup’s confidence. For that, you can provide your Lab with a rocker board. Affordable Agility Rocker board will be perfect for your hesitant dog.

This colorful wooden board has a non-slip surface. Besides including a beginner and advanced rocking motion, it comes with an adaptor piece to transform this rocker into a small teeter. And the most satisfying part is that it arrives with a user and training guide.

Once your dog is comfortable with this arrangement and doesn’t feel giddy, you can motivate it to climb on a real seesaw. Relaxdays Colourful Wooden Pet Seesaw will prove to be an ideal seesaw for your Lab.

This robust pinewood seesaw is surprisingly inexpensive. It can carry up to 110 pounds and has a non-slip surface. The board is 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. Consequently, your Labrador won’t face much trouble in practicing balance and agility over it.

Playground equipment for Dog Agility Training

While agility training may be a great way to exercise and interact with your Lab, you can always turn it into a solo time for your dog. How?

The answer is by purchasing a dog playground equipment for your Labrador. The set up is just like that of an agility training equipment. However, they are so designed that you don’t have to supervise your dog. You can just relax and rest in your backyard while allowing your dog to have its share of fun and exercise with its playground equipment. Besides that, you can use it as a medium for encouraging your Labrador’s drive for challenges and obstacles before introducing it to the world of agility.

MiMu Hurdle Cone Set

This set of 8 cones and 4 hurdle poles can be used for a vast range of purposes. You can set it up for ladder training, weave training, rehabilitating your injured dog, or just for fun. The cones have three holes to adjust the hurdle height up to 14 inches from the ground. You will get a large carry bag for the product’s easy storage and transportation.

Agility Hoop – Dog play & exercise toy

This agility hoop from Rosewood Pet is an ideal medium for introducing your Labrador puppy to the world of agility. It is made of soft foam and can be easily assembled and perfectly safe for your furry friend. Furthermore, it is made for both outdoor and indoor practice.

Dog Agility Kit

If you are serious about your dog’s agility training and wish to run it in competitions and the AKC Agility Course Test program, you must consider purchasing an entire dog agility training set. It will assist you in preparing your pup more efficiently. Affordable Agility Agility in the Bag is a highly rated training set with some rave reviews.

The variety of equipment in this set is just unbelievable. There is a bar jump, a hoop jump, 6 weave poles, a PVC pause box, and a 3 feet tunnel with a chute. The entire structure is only 30 pounds in weight and arrives with a carry bag for effortless transportation. You can quickly assemble and dismantle it, and it is suitable for both outdoors and indoors.


If you are a novice in the world of dog agility training, it is recommended that you join an agility training class first. Having a strong foundation is really necessary, and only a professional agility trainer can provide it. Once you are accustomed to all the basic techniques and methods of agility training, you can always choose to do your Lab’s training all by yourself.

In case you are already familiar with the fundamental agility training techniques, why not construct some innovative agility training obstacles all by yourself? You can do this by purchasing different training tools separately and setting them up according to your Lab’s needs and training objectives.

So brace up! Pick up your smartphone and start scrolling for some suitable agility training equipment for your Lab.