How do Golden Retrievers Mate

Golden Retriever Puppies are adorable to see. As such, the breed by itself gives an enchanting feel just by hearing its name. As a dog owner, it is always good to know how these breeds mate. This shall be an article that offers maximum information on the different ways Golden Retrievers can mate and also the time when it can have physical intercourse to have a good number of puppies delivered. Also, this article is essential in keeping your pet dog healthy and safe by knowing the period and age when it can mate.

Golden Retrievers – How do they mate?

Let us see this in a nutshell and get on to the details. Of course, there must be an initial affection between the male and the female. This would be the starting point. After this, the male shall mount on the female to find a good connection. Once this connection is established, the male dog shall lift his leg and turn around. They usually engage in this position between 5 and 30 minutes before they stop participating.

As we know, this is the fresh idea of how the dogs mate. It is time for us to know and understand certain criticalities behind this snapshot. Firstly, what is the age that you can allow the dog to mate?

Golden Retrievers – Age Factor in mating

While the age for both males and females to mate is six months from birth, but that does not mean that they must mate at that age. There is a massive difference in this context. Just because they can mate at the age of 6 months, they must not. Especially the female breed.

The age factor is the most crucial one to know when the dogs can mate. A male dog, as such, is capable of mating after six months, there is no complication involved in it. But it would be best if you had a clear and serious consideration of the female’s body condition as it must be ready for pregnancy. The organs must have grown well for this period. Though the female Golden Retriever is also available to mate by six months, it is better to wait for two years so that it can have the stability to carry the puppies.

Also, the heat cycle is something that you must be aware of. At the same time, the heat cycle is something that you must be careful too. As we said, two years would be the ideal time for the dog to mate, it has the full capacity to breed puppies also. Of course, pregnancy is a big deal, and you must be a woman to experience it.

On the other hand, two years is the minimum age, and not more than seven years, you would allow a female golden retriever to mate at all. This is the right age to allow the female dog to live its life in peace. The organs would have lost their capacity for their pregnancy. Please do not allow the dog to undergo any severe complications by enabling them to mate after seven years.

So, it is good to begin the mating activity during the 2nd heat cycle of the female dog and stop it by seven years. Also, please do not allow them to breed continuously. Neither will it have the strength, nor does it have the biological capacity to produce puppies. A lot of times, there are cases of false pregnancy too.

Should we consider any of these in the male dogs?

The male dogs have got nothing to do with raising the puppies. But their involvement in breeding healthy puppies becomes essential. As seen earlier, the male dogs can mate after six months of its birth. But be sure of its health condition. As we know, Golden Retrievers are prone to many genetically inherited sicknesses. Like Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, and so on. Please consult a Vet and get health clearances so that it can mate. As such, you must allow the male dog to grow well before they could indulge in this act. An excellent healthy male dog is responsible for healthy puppies. Please keep this in mind.

Please watch out for these before we could go further

  1. Do not mate Dogs with bad genes
  2. Please do not allow a female pet unless she is two years old
  3. Allow to mate her during the 2nd heat cycle
  4. Check the male dog for health clearances and allow to mate with him
  5. You will never mate a female dog that is seven years or more

The age group for both male and female dogs for mating activity is two years.

Now, that we are clear on the criticalities, we shall take a look at the mating process in detail/

Golden Retriever – Mating Process

golden retriever mating process

The process of mating in Golden Retrievers can be explained with a few stages. Each stage is essential, and you have to be patient in some of the steps.

1) Introduction Stage

This stage is the most critical in the mating process. This must be treated with patience. As the name of the stage implies, it is the phase where you introduce the two dogs to each other. You certainly have ten days for your female dog for this stage. So, be patient as there are instances where the female dog shall not be interested. If she shows signs of that, then don’t involve them for that day and introduce them again tomorrow.

It is the dog who initiates the process. He may get closer, lick the ears and face. Also, you may find him licking her vulva too. If you find your female dog snapping or acting aggressively, move the male dog away and introduce them tomorrow, as said earlier.

More importantly, you must be sure of the heat cycle of the female dog. Keep the dates clear so that the introduction stage is not hampered and becomes a useful one.  We are reiterating the factor of being patient with the female dog is because she is the one who must respond positively. If she does not respond appropriately, please wait. You have to pay attention to this stage.

On the other hand, if she is interested, she may respond with moving the tail aside. At times, you may find the female dog chasing the male counterpart as a part of lovemaking. Do not be surprised if your female dog mounts on the male dog and shows him what to do. If this phase is successful, you are good to get a litter of puppies soon.

Things to be watched out for

  1. Please check if she is in the right heat cycle, as the Proestrus stage is something that she will never interested in mating.
  2. It is the male dog who will initiate proceedings
  3. If the female dog is not interested, please wait with patience even if it is one or two days

2) Mounting Phase

There are several positions in this phase. Before getting into that, it is good for us to know, ‘Can a male dog know what to do?’

The answer might be surprising. Most of the time, you will never find the male dog to know what to do. Their hormonal rush shall even make him mount on any side. It is with the inexperienced dogs you will always face this trouble. It would help if you directed them appropriately to penetrate, and this becomes an essential act as the dogs shall get confused in knowing what to do, and all your hard work in the introduction stage goes for a waste.

This is one of the prime reasons, and many dog owners shall prefer a male stud dog who can penetrate easily as they are experienced. But when shall the innocent dog become that experienced stud? So, direct him appropriately, and you will find him getting better with multiple breeding processes. The mature dogs shall grab the opportunity by pulling her close using her paws and pulling her by the hip bone. As he penetrates, she shall thrust soon.

3) Crucial Tie Phase

This is an essential phase during the mounting process. The Male dog shall thrust and once finds the right connect, and he will attempt to turn around so that both of their backs are touching each other. This pose is called the tie and becomes an essential mating process as this is the stage they are mating.

The male dog has got two essential aspects that play a vital role in this situation. One is the bone, and the other is called bulbus glandis. This is present on the sides of the bone, and there are two of these. This is an erectile tissue that shall grow bigger while it is in the female. You will also notice that the bulbus glandis must reduce in size so that the dogs can separate. This period is called the ‘Tie,’ and you must be careful in this stage.

There are two crucial aspects that you must be aware of.

  1. The tie period is essential for breeding puppies. It increases the possibility of breeding to happen
  2. If separated by force during this period, you may injure the male dog

A lot of times, the female shall attempt to run away or separate, assuming that the mating is done. Please be very careful and do not allow her to do that. On the other hand, you do not separate them forcefully too. There are chances that your female dog is already pregnant, and separating them forcibly shall damage their lives also.

So, what must you do?

Firstly, you must realize that the tie period lasts up to 45 minutes. Ensure that the dogs are calm and make them relax in the position for the whole period. Be near them and pat them to loosen. As we said, the tying process is 45 minutes, not all the time you will face this. Practically Golden Retrievers shall stay in the position for about 15 minutes. Also, be prepared if the process is completed within 5 minutes too.

Once the dog’s bulbus glandis reduces in size, the dogs automatically get separated. You have to be careful at this juncture. Once the dogs are separated, allowing the female dog to move away or remove them. There are many chances that the male dog can mount again.

Slip Mating is also Possible

The tie period is most famous for the dog to breed. Yes, it is the period that determines the maximum possibility of breeding to take place. But, you must also be aware that the dogs can also get pregnant even if the sip mate. Slip mating is the process when the male dog penetrates and does not turn around before separating. There are many cases like this, so do not get surprised.


So, once the dogs’ mate, separate them. You may find both of them lying down and licking themselves. Please be careful that they make dog does not approach her on the same day. Also, ensure that the sheath covers after a while.

You can also allow the dogs to mate each day during the ten days, and there is no harm in it. We have experienced this with owners owing to both the dogs. Please follow the same process, as we mentioned before. Also, please watch out for the female’s reaction. If she is found aggressive as it is universal, please do not allow the male dog to approach her. Moreover, in the wake of showing love, the male dog can get rude too.

Always exercise precaution when you are subjecting the dogs for mating. The health considerations of both the dogs must be taken into account. A vet can probably help you in ascertaining the same. Also, it is good to be aware of the breeding age factor of Golden Retrievers. You must be clear about the elements of ‘tie’ and ‘slip mating,’ too. Prepare your dogs well and follow each stage meticulously with proper precautionary measures.

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