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Taking Care of Three Legged Dog

A three-legged dog shouldn’t be ignored! Discover how to make life for a three-legged dog as glad and sound as could reasonably be expected. More veterinarians and dog guardians are acknowledging dogs that lose an appendage to disease, injury or birth imperfections can endure — and even flourish — on three legs. Additionally, three-legged dogs […]

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Best 13 Awesome Pet ID Tags

Pet ID Tags form an integral part of shaping your dog’s personality. It is not just the name but also the way it is conveyed to others is also important. Pet ID Tags are a concept we have known almost forever. Even today they don’t seem to lose their utility and charm over all things

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Famotidine for Dogs

Famotidine for Dogs: Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

Famotidine is a non FDA-approved non-prescription medicine commonly recommended by vets to control the release of stomach acid in dogs. Scientifically speaking, Famotidine is a histamine receptor-2 blocker that helps to reduce the amount of stomach acid being naturally produced. Purposes of Famotidine Famotidine is recommended in a variety of gastric related issues, the main

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Pancreatitis in Dogs

Hey everyone, today we’re here to talk about a disease named as Pancreatitis in dogs. What is Pancreatitis? Before going in brief let’s understand what basically ​Pancreatitis ​is? As it is so very clear by the name pancreatitis that this particular term may be related with pancreas so yes you are absolutely correct. So, this

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