Pancreatitis in Dogs

Hey everyone, today we’re here to talk about a disease named as Pancreatitis in dogs.

What is Pancreatitis?

Before going in brief let’s understand what basically ​Pancreatitis ​is?

As it is so very clear by the name pancreatitis that this particular term may be related with pancreas so yes you are absolutely correct. So, this is an inflammation which happens on the lower part of the stomach firmly described as Pancreas. Pancreatitis can start suddenly and remains for days or in some rare cases it has been seen for years as well. It contains so many causes including the gallstone and chronic as well. In humans, it happens because of the overconsumption of alcohol but in dogs. This happens because of the heavy consumption of heavy food. I will describe its next point.

How does it happen in dogs?

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It is so very difficult for any of the dog owners to get to know about how does it happen in his/her dog because you don’t monitor your dog all the time but in numerous cases. It has been seen and observed by doctors that it happened because high fatty food because dogs don’t have that much tough stomach as humans. So, when they consume this kind of food almost on daily basis then pancreatitis can happen to them.

But putting finger only on food looks not so fair so a lot of doctors and surgeons research for it and got to know about another cause and it is like if your dog has gone through with any surgery or operation on its past and that particular operation puts a huge load on the dog then it becomes so very hard for the pancreas to handle that pressure and pancreatitis occur to them.

Can pancreatitis happen genetically in your dog?

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Yeah, this can also happen that there are numerous of dog species which you see in all over the world but it has been observed in many cases that in these particular dog breeds it can be seen after age because of their body structure and because of their moody attitude as well so here are some breeds which can be having pancreatitis from their genes.

  1. Cocker spaniel
  2. Dachshunds
  3. Miniature
  4. Schnauzers
  5. Poodles
  6. Yorkshire terriers

If you have any of these breeds, then you must be careful about their health.

Symptoms that can be observed in dogs?


If your dog has pancreatitis then you can see these kinds of symptoms in your dog-

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Fever
  4. Lethargy
  5. Abdominal pain
  6. Diarrhoea
  7. Decrease in appetite

These are some common symptoms which you can observe in your dog.

How much can a dog live with pancreatitis?

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Pancreatitis is a situation which is highly unpredictable you can not pre-plan all the things for your dog, it always depends upon the severity of the case if the condition of your dog is in mild

The state then the life of a dog can be a little longer but if it has a severe condition then it can cause the organ damage with a high percentage and can cause the sudden death of your dog.

What you can do?

In this case, it always depends upon the severity of the case as I have told you earlier if the condition of pancreatitis is in a mild state then you can make some changes in the diet of your dog and can increase its life days but if the condition is so very severe then you should immediately contact to your doctor and should tell about each and everything quite briefly so that you can get proper advice otherwise it can cause the sudden death of your dog.

How can your dog get diagnosed with pancreatitis?


Pancreas which is a gland that stays at the right side of Cranial quadrant is made of two different tissues known as the exocrine and endocrine pancreas. The exocrine pancreas is made up with almost 98 per cent mass and inactive enzymes and active enzymes as well and they are firmly used in the stomach for the digestion of carbohydrates and protein but in a dog, pancreatitis causes significant illness on the exocrine pancreas for that vets gives them opiate narcotics to get rid of the pain and there are also some more medicines for diagnosed of pancreatic issues in dogs followed by these :-

  1. Demerol
  2. Duragesic or sulomize
  3. Torbutrol or stadol
  4. Ultram

Can pancreatitis turn into cancer?

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Yes, it has been observed in a lot of cases if a dog is carrying pancreatitis and met with an injury around its stomach area then that particular injury can make cancer around the pancreas and condition of dog can be so very horrible after that and there will be only one option will be left after that either the pancreas should completely be taken out of body or your dog will die soon. So yeah this is what the research says and none the less it so very impossible for vets to cure this particular case.

Precautions that you can follow if your dog has pancreatitis!

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  1. Keep your dog’s diet healthy and soft.
  2. Don’t give your dog the food you eat because its stomach is not made to digest this amount of fatty food
  3. Keep him away from the places where he can get injured.
  4. Monitor your dog as much as you can because that will be quite helpful for you to know that what is happening exactly inside the body of your dog
  5. Give your dog medicines that can make him get rid of the pain which he has around his stomach.

Can a dog get recovered from Pancreatitis?

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Many dogs heal without any long-term effects. However with serious or recurring episodes of pancreatitis, one or more of the following problems can develop :-

  • If a large number of cells that produce digestive enzymes are killed, a lack of proper food digestion can follow. This is known as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and can be treated with regular application of an enzyme replacement powder.
  • If a large number of cells that contain insulin are killed, diabetes mellitus will result.
  • In rare cases, painful adhesions between the abdominal organs can occur as a consequence of pancreatitis.

The above-mentioned secondary problems are most commonly found in dogs with chronic pancreatitis. Managing these disorders is a crucial factor in the effectiveness of therapy.

Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis

acute and chronic

Acute Pancreatitis

An acute pancreatitis attack means it happens unexpectedly, without the disease already happening. If the inflammation progresses, it may become a life-destroying organ.

Chronic Pancreatitis

A chronic illness progresses over time slowly and often without symptoms. This can be triggered by recurrent acute pancreatitis attacks.

Both chronic and acute can be extreme or mild and cause discomfort.

Pancreatitis in the dogs is one of the conditions that the patient has to be aware of when it strikes and the alerts will not always be apparent at first the signs may be incorrect and even life-threatening. Mild cases are typically well forecast for pancreatitis. Owing to the possible systemic complications, severe patients have a more guarded prognosis. However as a diligent, responsible and above all professional proprietor, you now know what to do to reduce the pancreatitis harm, how to spot it if it hits and how to handle it.