Best Retriever E-Collars (or Shock Collars)

The importance in need of a loyal hunting dog could be understood by waterfowl hunters. Because to catch the prey that was shot and to make the prey to fall in the trap the hunt dogs are used by the hunters. To use the dogs for hunting purposes, training your dog is very important.

Hence a trainer always uses an Electronic Collar to keep the dog in his or her control. But before the purchase of an e-collar, good research on them is needed. This is to figure out what fits the needs as well as the dog.

Features to take care while Buying an E-Collar for a hunting dog:


It refers to the distance that a  transmitter can send the signal to the receiver, the dog. To have the full range there should be no obstacle between the transmitter and receiver. The reduction in battery life will also decrease the range of the e-collar. Hence purchasing a long-range E-collar is advisable.

Stimulation Level

This can be controlled through a manual setting.  It is the amount of vibration and static shock associated with your e-collar. The stimulation level will vary from one dog to another. So it is required to be highly cautious while fine-tuning the frequency levels. The stimulation level that the dog could withstand varies depending on the factors like their skin, the thickness of fur, and temperament.


It is similar to a pager that is used to get the attention of the dog. It is not similar to simulation so if the dog is in its early training stage then it can not be expected to grab the attention by vibration. It is used only when the dog is obedient and amicable. Some dogs that have aggressive personalities may not respond to the vibration.

Waterproof Technology

Will a dog remain only on land? A hunting dog may have to get into a river to get the prey that the hunter might happen to hunt in the river. So the collar should be resistant to water. Since it is based on electronic the ICs should not be damaged. Hence the collar should be of waterproof.

Multi Dog System

If a trainer wants to train multiple dogs he or she can do it by using a single Electronic collar. Because this feature allows the owner to use a single transmitter for controlling more than one collar. The owner has to buy one more collar of the same model for his or her dog and control using the single transmitter.  This is highly helpful while hunting with more than one dog.

List of Dog e-Collars


SportDOG Brand WetlandHunter 1825X

It is an upgraded version of the Sporthunter 1825 series. The design of the collar is beautiful. It jas the multidog system. It is capable of handling more than 6 dogs without being affected by the signals from one dog to another. Also, it is equipped with Li-ion batteries which are rechargeable and can recharge within two hours. So the trainer has forgotten to charge the collar in the night he or she can have the patience for two hours to get it charged.

Educator E-Collar – ET-300

Educator E Collar

This e-collar was built by Lion Country Supply. It comes with two items in the box. One of them is Mini Educator – ET-300 and the other product PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker Training Kit. This product is suitable for places like parks, dog shows,  police trainings and any type of hunting works. It can also be used for large field training. It has the best water proof technology and has the range of 880 yards. But it is suitable for larger dogs. It has about 100 Simulation levels which are longer and has good operation in tone and vibration modes.



The PRO 550 Plus is Garmin’s latest rendition. It is not only a trainer but also a tracker, too. It has an LCD that is built-in and is placed near the base. It shows the direction and distance for every 2.5 seconds. This feature could be used for about three dogs. Also, there are about 18 levels of stimulation. It also has the best tone and vibration. An interesting feature is that it makes use of beacon lights on the device when there are situations of low-light.



This retriever is very useful for the duck hunters. The older version of this collar had bulky transmitter. This made the users to feel uncomfortable to use it. Hence now they had reduced the size of it in this newer version. These DT Systems are manufactured with the Retriever that is 1100 on the smaller size, without compromising other features. It has 16 levels of simulation, with the range of 1100 yards. It has vibration assist mode and is completely waterproof.

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