Why are Labs the Most Popular Dog in America

Labrador is named for its fantastic temperament. Its temperament is the primary reason why people choose them as a pet. More importantly, this is the most popular breed in the US. Labradors are not only known for its stable temperament but also for the fantastic liveliness it has throughout the day.

The dog is a medium to large-sized breed that is muscular and strong. This means to say; it can work for long hours. Also, the dog’s attitude to be with humans all the time makes them more famous too. Another versatile aspect of the Labrador is their ability to get trained very quickly.

Let us get into the specific reasons why Labradors are very famous in the US

Intelligence and Trainability

This is probably the best reason why the dog is so popular in the country. The Labradors are named for its smartness. The AKC always notes that the Labradors are not only friendly but also very intelligent. They shall do anything to please their owners. It shall do it the best possible way. Moreover, the training effort that you may think off shall be very less. They grasp things faster too.

Love for Children

This breed though looks bulky, are fond of kids. They make a fantastic companion to the children. You may observe the lab to be patient and affectionate too. It would be best if you kept an eye when you leave kids with the dog. As they are natural retrievers, they love to play the run and fetch games.

Good Life span and healthy life

Labs are known for its substantial life span. They live up to 12 years, and a few dogs live more than that too. It is always a yearning when we buy a dog. It must live with us for a very long time. Labradors satisfy this factor more conveniently. Also, dogs are considered to be very healthy and are prone to very fewer health issues.

Less Grooming Expense

Of course, unlike most of the dogs, the Labrador does not give you any significant expense when it comes to grooming. Grooming for the Labrador is an occasional visit. Moreover, the coat being small and thick, it is easy to wash them too. It does not mean that we need not give them the bath. It would be best if you gave them, but the effort put to clean them is very less.

Labs are helpful

Yes, this is one of the reasons why people prefer this breed. They are helpful, and they can work if trained well. AKC clearly states that the Labrador ensures to do anything for their own. This makes them the outstanding breed. They are indeed the guide and rescue dogs.

Labs are soft while playing too

When it is around children, it has smart ways to play with them. They can be trained to play softly with kids. More importantly, they are naturally intelligent. The smartness that they have makes the job easy to teach them to be gentle with the kids. Moreover, the labs have a fantastic control of the jaw muscles. Even accidentally, it does not bite any of your family members.

Art of Mingling is the best

Labradors are the best ones to be at home. They look forward to being the first person to welcome anyone at home. They love new people too. If they are known to the family members, they shall offer great love to them as well. Also, the socializing aspect of the dog makes it highly famous among the people in the US.

Labradors love other animals too

Unlike other dogs, Labradors like other dogs too. They are pretty socializing when it comes to other animals as well. This feature of the Labs makes them so comfortable to be had at home as a pet. In the surroundings of many dogs, your pet dog might be of the best companion to most of them.

Labs love to eat but not Picky

This is a fantastic fact that you must know when it comes to Labradors. They are bulky and love to eat. That does not mean that they eat everything they see. You can easily train them to eat what is offered. Moreover, the dog is required to be fed less to maintain its health too. The Labrador shall be accommodating in this act.

Finally, they do not cost too much, as well. Labrador can be purchased at an affordable rate. The dog’s maintenance is also not as expensive as others. AKC stated in one of the conferences that, if Labs had the opportunity to go to school, they could easily get the award for being obedient. They are the best dogs to a man, and the company it offers is highly appreciated by many. These are the reasons why Labradors are very popular among Americans.


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