Why Do Labradors Drool?

Labrador is the most popular and highly approached breed In majority of countries around the world due to its awful nature and versatile pecularities.

Owning to such factors it is a wise option that one can have labrador. It is found in some couple of hue’s. You can easily catch them in the streets of United Kingdom and Canada.

It can be easily trained due to his smart understanding and best sensing power. Labradors are even a part of investigation projects and cop’s department as active guards now and then.

Labrador Habitat

Labradors are quite stiff and strong With respect to weight. They are a bit weak on immunity point of view. They often get in touch with normal flu. sudden changes in the Climatic conditions is characterised by fever and sometimes even a loss of appetite.

They have a doubly coated  skin. The inner epithelium is quite tougher to resist fungal infections whereas the outermost fur helps them to withstand cold.

They can adapt all the favourable conditions and therefore it is whole heartedly acceptable breed. frequent hair fall is common.

They require ample of food time to time and they are damn foodie as well. Sudden changes in their diet gives a great impact on their health and appetite.

What is drooling ?

The condition in which dogs salivate continuously i.e. hyper salivation is known as drooling .There are many reasons that are a cause of excess drooling which are as follows:

  1. Mouth injuries
  2. Dental issues
  3. Heatstroke
  4. Anxiety
  5. Liver or kidney disease
  6. Floral consumption.

Drooling is often seen in all the animal’s and all the breeds of doggo but among all such breeds labradors are proved to be the excessive droller. It  is a common activity carried out by animals every now and then.   

Sense of olfaction: Boon to Labradors!

olfaction Labradors

Olfaction is basically the sense to smell the mild and hard smell. Labradors  have 300 million olfactory receptors and simultaneously their brain functions accordingly to pop the best result. Due to such blessing labradors are considered to be the best thief catchers . And as well they are recommended the best for such.

On keeping an eye on their evils drool . They watch them with daggers, due to the previous hurt by the respective person or object which gets saved in their muscle memory and reminds them during the exposure of person or the thing and then they lag up to take a tough revenge.

Disease oriented drooling

In Labradors excess drooling is mostly seen when their is injury in the jaws and gums of the Labrador dogs. To overcome such inner pains Labradors salivate to overcome the pain.

The disfunction in nephrological and hepatic system makes  Labradors to drool continuously. The wrong orientation of thecodent also makes gums bleed and salivate.

To express hunger, pain, love, care, labradors drool. The feeling of anxiety and revenge makes labradors to drool continuously till they aren’t calm and satisfied with overcoming the situation.

During jog hours with the owner labradors start their mission in search of  food if they fail into it then they just compromise by having some floral leaves and barks and make themselves happy . During such cases the plant wastes like gum sticks to their thecodent and makes them annoyed.

To with stand heat strokes when the surrounding temperature is out of reach drooling helps them to overcome this problems. Drooling is a sign of dehydration in the body and polydipsia.

This may even lead to diarrhoea .Due to continuous salivation the insects get attracted to the salivary amylase of the labradors which makes them sniff and nod and make them feel restless.

How to get rid of Lab drooling?

Stop Lab drooling

This is a very common question to the vets by the owers about getting rid of drooling of Labrador. But the sweet answer for this is taking the best care of your beloved labradors. This can be done in the following manner :

  1. Being very strict by not allowing them to chew unnecessary inorganic things.
  2. Make labradors engaged in some or the other activities so that they aren’t able to spend their time simply drooling.
  3. Spend your precious time with such precious labradors and understand them and their feelings . Just understand if your time for them can make their health best then labradors need nothing much than you.


People say drooling is a disease but it isn’t so. It sometimes even helps labradors in offence defence mechanism. Drooling is good but over drooling is a problem due to a certain cause which can be diagnosed , cared and cured. Drooling differentiates labradors from other breeds of dog . Likely it is a characteristic of labs. So one should not step back due to such silly reasons rather  get them to your homies and experience how cool and astonishing labradors are!