Best Sunscreens for Your Dog

If your dog loves basking in the sun, sunscreen protection is a must. Just as humans, dogs are equally prone to sunburn and related ailments. Sunburn refers to the painful reddening and flaking of the skin, due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

They can be treated with cold compresses and cooling ointments. Severe cases of sunburns need to be treated with steroids and antibiotics as they are prone to inflammation and infections.

Sunburns are common in dogs with thin coats or light pigmentation. Certain dog breeds are more prone to sunburns than others. The ears, nose, belly are the most exposed areas in your dog’s body, that may easily get sunburnt. Dogs that lie on their backs are also prone to getting sunburnt as the abdominal skin is thin and furless.

Certain dog breeds like Beagles are predisposed to sunburns. However, if your dog loves the outdoors, it is always best to adopt precautionary measures to avoid painful sunburns. Painful sunburns can cause long-term problems for your pooch.

Sunscreens offer reliable and effective protection for your dog from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Finding the best sunscreen can be a daunting task. However, playing outdoors will be care-free once you find the perfect match.

Pointers to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Sunscreen

An important mistake to be avoided is using human sunscreen on your furry friend. This will be dangerous for your dog as the chemicals in human sunscreens are not well-suited for it.

One specific detail to be noted while selecting a sunscreen for your dog is the formula of the product. You want to select a sunscreen that is effective yet low on the chemical load. Sunscreens that offer moisturization along with sunburn protection are even better. We have prepared a sunscreen guide that will help you select the very best product for your furry friend.

Treat Sunburn with These Products

1) Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray for Pets

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This product prevents sunburn by offering protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Epi-pet sun protector spray is water-resistant and dries instantly upon application. The formula of the spray conditions your dog’s coat and also offers relief from the pain of existing sunburns. The pleasant vanilla fragrance is ideal -as it is not overpowering or harmful for your pet.

The 4 oz. bottle is fitted with a bag on valve spray that eases the application of the sunscreen. Additionally, the spray also prevents skin inflammation and the growth of malignant skin tumors, offering prolonged safety for your dog.

The product is well suited for all dog breeds- but especially ideal for dogs with thin or light-colored coats. If your dog loves basking in the sun, then reapplication every 2-3 hours is advised. Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray for Pets is available here.

Features of the Product:

  1. Protects against UVA and UVB rays
  2. Water-resistant
  3. Dries instantly
  4. Relief from the pain of existing sunburns
  5. Pleasant vanilla fragrance

2) Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Conditioner with Sunscreen

This product perfectly conditions your dog’s coat while protecting it from sunburn. Quick and easy to apply, this two-in-one spray is water-soluble. It acts as a leave-in conditioner and adds a healthy sheen to your dog’s coat without any greasy residue.

The special formula protects your furry friend from the woes of dirt, dust and sunburn. The spray effectively creates a protective barrier and strengthens your dog’s coat by locking in moisture. The dual usage of this product makes it a favorite among dog owners. Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Conditioner with Sunscreen is available here.

Features of the Product:

  1. Sunscreen-cum-conditioner
  2. Quick and easy to apply
  3. Non-greasy
  4. Moisturizes the dog’s coat

3) Natural Dog Snout Soother

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If you worry about using chemically loaded sunscreens, this product is best suited to meet your needs. Made with natural ingredients- like shea nut butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E- it protects your dog’s skin, heals the existent damage as well as moisturizes dry chapped skin fragments.

Made with organic ingredients, it acts as both a sunblock as well as a nose soother. This product can be used two to three times a day to hasten healing in other sensitive areas. The odorless formula is perfect for all pooches. The product is available in the form of sticks as well as tins. Shop for Natural Dog Snout Soother here.

Features of the Product:

  1. Made with natural ingredients
  2. Heals damaged skin
  3. Acts as both sunblock and nose soother
  4. Odorless formula
  5. Easy stick application

4) Emmy’s Best Dog Sun Skin Protector Spray


This product protects and nourishes your dog’s coat from the harmful effects of sunburn by using a homeopathic formula. The non-greasy, non-toxic formula is suited for all dog breeds.

The sunscreen is available in a convenient spray bottle that makes the application hassle-free. The sunscreen has to be applied fifteen minutes before sun exposure for best results. Emmy’s Best Dog Sun Skin Protector Spray is available here.

Features of the Product:

  1. Protects and nourishes
  2. Homeopathic formula
  3. Non-greasy, non-toxic
  4. Easy application

5) Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Vitamin & Essential Oil Sunscreen and Skin Conditioner for Dogs

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This is another vet recommended product offering dual benefits of protection and conditioning for your pet’s coat. The natural blend of vitamin E and essential oils protects your dog against permanent sun damage.

Ingredients like lavender and neem cure painful burns and soothe the skin of your furry friend. The moisture-locking effect of the product benefits your dog. The light and non-greasy formula of the sunscreen is ingestion safe. Find this product here.

Features of the Product:

  • Sunblock and conditioner
  • Protection against permanent sun damage
  • Cures painful sunburns
  • Light and non-greasy

6) Petkin Doggy Sunwipes

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Petkin Doggy Sunwipes offers instant sun protection in the most convenient way. Promising sunblock with the power of SPF 15, each packet contains 20 wipes. The natural ingredients rich formula is non-greasy and gentle on your dog’s skin and coat.

The instant swipe application of the product makes it a favorite among dog parents. Swipe your dog’s nose, ears, mouth and other sensitive areas with a wipe, each time your dog steps outdoors- to effectively prevent sunburns. Get it here.

Features of the Product:

  • Instant sunblock
  • Power of SPF 15
  • Non-greasy
  • Gentle on the dog’s coat
  • Easy swipe application

7) Beach & Dog Co Canine Sunscreen

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Suitable for all dog breeds, Beach & Dog Co Canine Sunscreen offers a non-toxic, organic formula that gently protects and nourishes your dog’s skin. The shea butter and aloe enriched formula moisturizes your dog’s coat and protects it from salt damage at the beach.

Harmful chemicals like zinc oxide, Benzophenone are absent from this product- making it an ideal match for your pooch. Apply the product to your dog’s nose, mouth, muzzle, ears and belly and you are good to go. The sunscreen has to be reapplied after a swim. Get it here.

Features of the Product:

  • Organic, non-toxic formula
  • Suited for all breeds
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Protects against sunburn and salt damage

8) My Dog Nose It Moisturizing Sun Protection Balm

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This product protects your dog from harmful UV rays as well as heals and moisturizes its nose and paws. Natural ingredients like coconut oil heal the dry, cracked areas around the nose, ears and belly.

The water-resistant formula makes it a perfect match for a beach day. Suited for all breeds, the balm works best for dogs with light pigmentation, thin coats and scanty hair. Get it here.

Features of the Product:

  • Natural formula
  • Sunscreen-cum-snout soother
  • Heals and moisturizes
  • Water-resistant
  • Suited for all breeds

Conclusion: Prevention and Care

While selecting the perfect sunscreen for your furry friend you should avoid zinc-oxide-based sunscreens and opt for formulas that are more natural and soothing. There are certain ingredients like para-aminobenzoic acid, which are harmful when ingested. Invest in a sunscreen that is unscented to avoid allergic reactions.

Consult with your vet to determine the safest option suited for your pooch. Although sunscreens are effective and reliable, it is always better to reduce daily exposure. Keep your dog indoors during excessively sunny days- especially between 10 am and 4 pm- to prevent sunburns.