Maltipoo Dog Breed Information and Pictures

They live their title very well. The Maltipoo is a popular hybrid breed and is known to be the perfect partner for you and your family. Not only these are mixed breed pups as sweet as sugar, but they have all the characteristics of a fantastic companion dog for every age group of people. When these types of dogs take your heart they would never give you it back they are so cute. It will be very hard for the owner to return the puppy of a maltipoo once they own it as it is such an adorable pet. Once you go Maltipoo, no other dog will be loved by you as a Maltipoo.

This designer dog was an upshot of crossbreeding Poodle and Maltese. The Maltipoo is generally affectionate and extrovert dogs making this is their plus point. This dog will act as if everyone in the world is his best buddy because they are so friendly and want to get mixed with others to have fun. People simply can’t counter the Maltipoo’s soft coat and an energetic attitude. This dog breed can be easily trained as they have tendency to live up to the level of their owners and please them. Maltipoos are perfect for the owners who live in small places with no yards. They will fill those small spaces with their energetic attitude, but thankfully your house will be safe from any dog’s destruction as they only love to play with their toys or with humans.

Maltipoos is breed that is known to be Hypoallergenic dogs as they don’t shed hairs. If you are allergic than Maltipoos can be the perfect fit for you but still before deciding t own one check your allergic reactions first. It is advised to spend some time with your puppy to ensure that you are not going to have any reactions and apart from that to be sure of being able to provide your dog with safe environment. In many cases it is observed that the owners start to kick-in their allergies after spending few days with their dogs, hence before being emotionally attached to your Maltipoo make sure that you and the dog are comfortable in each other’s presence.

Maltipoo are the cross hybrid of two dog breeds popularly known as Poodle and Maltese. Both of the parental breeds are very popular and had become best fit partners over the decades. So it is natural to have the most adorable puppy out of these two breeds and everyone just falling for them.

The motive behind the cross breeding of Poodle and Maltese was to develop a new breed that could be hypoallergenic and have the ability to get easily trained. For any cross-breed dog to be popularly acknowledged as preferable puppy, it generally take generations. Hence it is quite natural for Maltipoo to be unpredictable of the behavior that it takes after the parental breed. However cross breed dogs generally take after the parental breeds and hence the new breed Maltipoo will take some time before people all over the world prefer them as their house pets.


 This breed of dogs need high-energy foods which include a diet that is specifically modified to live up to their level. Maltipoos have a unique need for nutrition which is best compensated by high-quality dry dog food. This particular kind of breed are high energy dogs and the most convenient way to take care of all the essential nutrients for Maltipoos is to provide them with a balanced diet. It is advised to consult your veterinary doctor about the food that your dog needs according to age, size, and your dog’s activity level. All dogs are not the same. They need different as it is essential to understand your dog’s diet need and is needed to be particularly taken care of. 

Maltipoos are a small breed dog and hence they are vulnerable to prone and oral health issues. The diet as taken by a Maltipoo can help in preventing tooth loss and prevent it from other issues. The oral health of Maltipoo is as important as a balanced diet. So, also, to look after the diet of your dog it is advised to provide dental treatment on daily basis with regular brushing and cleaning plaque. Also, a lot of toys are available nowadays that can double the teeth cleaners. As you got to know about the necessity of a balanced diet and care of oral health, you should plan out the routine to serve the best to your avid dog. 


Maltipoo Dog Training

Training your dog is one of the most important parts of providing your dog an environment where your dog can trust you and become your loyal friend. Training a Maltipoo is quite easy, provided the trainer is calm, caring, and knows how to handle a dog like Maltipoo. They might be intelligent, but they are as sensitive as cotton. Maltipoos responds only to positive reinforcement methods. Aggressive behavior or Harsh words and rude tactics will force the dog to shut down to you and may never be able to build that kind of mutual respect and trust. This will harm the possibility of building a positive relationship with your dog.

This type of aggressive training methods can permanently damage the relationship between you and your Maltipoo. The aggressive and harmful techniques that lead to abuse more than training could harm your relationship with your dog and hence should not be the part of the basic training. Instead, rely on gentle “bribes” to get your dog to behave and build a mutual relationship of love and trust. Delicious treats and exciting praise will have your dog trust you along with keeping him interested in training and building a relationship too. You’ll be thrilled to see how easily and quickly you’ll be able to train these pups you’re your gentle touch.

At the starting of the training sessions, it is very important to provide your dog with an environment where he will be able to trust you and then significantly behave according to your instructions. Maltipoos are known to be fast learners and can easily get grasped in obedience provided that the environment around you and your house is gentle. Maltipoos are also perfect fit to be a therapy dog. This little bundle of joy brings happiness wherever they go. Dogs can be your best partner. Just never forget that he is as keen to understand you as you are to understand him.


There can be varying traits and behavior when it comes to cross breed dogs, However, in this matter Maltipoos are quite persistent. This can be observed both in terms of appearance and behavior. The consistency in looks and traits is remarkable. The reason for this is that the tiny Maltese is cross bred to a tiny Poodle which is similar in size and looks, so in case of Maltipoo there isn’t room for suprises. Maltipoos weigh between 5 and 20 pounds and have a considerable height between 8 and 14 inches tall. Females Maltipoos are usually smaller than male species.


Maltipoos are generally well-mannered along being known for their calm nature. Maltipoo can be a great family companion to the people who are willing to accept Maltipoo not just as a dog but as a part of their family. Dogs love a friendly environment with the whole family taking care of him. This hybrid puppy loves his people and gets attached to the people of the family quickly in comparison to other hybrid dogs.

 As it is mentioned before that Maltipoos are very sensitive dogs and this strong bond between him and his people can also cause harm to him once they are separated. This dog-to-human bond can be very severe and can cause separation anxiety in Maltipoos. They quickly become depressed and even try to harm themselves by chewing their skin and pulling out their coats. 

An ideal owner for a Maltipoo can be a senior person or person who generally works from home. They do best when they are surrounded by the people of the family whom he can love, trust, and respect at the same time. Therefore, it is advised to not pet Maltipoo if you remain away from your home for a very long time. Maltipoo can be a great partner but also needs care when it comes to the time spent together and other requirements. 

Being sensitive doesn’t curb Maltipoo from being enthusiastic, energetic, and full of paly and spunk. He can be enough to make the whole family play and enjoy. The Maltipoo can get along with other pets as well. He’ll happily chase you all-around your house and play along with your kids. When you come home after a tough day at work, he will curl up in your lap giving the sense of warmth and much deserved comfortable nap.  

As we human beings need a partner like a dog or any other pet this same goes for your pet. Apart from providing him food and a place to stay, it’s very necessary to give him love, warmth, and attention. He deserves your affection. So before having a pet Maltipoo make sure you are ready for this responsibility and are kind enough to welcome him into your family. 

Common Health Problems

Maltipoo Dog Health Issues

Because the Maltipoo is a crossbreed, they are permitted to problems. These health problems could include Portosystemic Shunt, White Shaker Syndrome, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Patellar Luxation, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Epilepsy. Skin problems can also be an issue with Maltipoos, especially if your dog has a white coat. Food and skin allergies, as well as increased skin sensitivity are something to be taken care of with this cross-breed dog. So, it’s worth booking regular and consistent appointments with your vet to catch any of these potential problems quickly and treat them immediately. 

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of Maltipoo is between 10 and 13 years old.


Maltipoos are quite energetic dogs hence just a short walk everyday with your dog will cover all the needs of exercise for your dog. Being energetic and enthusiastic around its owners, Maltipoo can play with you for hours and therefore can become your game and training partner. Apart from the elder people they quite complement children too by playing with them and providing them with a safe environment. As Maltipoos are playful dogs with huge amount of energy and that’s why they shouldn’t be left off leash unless it is inside home or closed yard.


Coats for this cross-breed dogs vary widely. Some Maltipoos’ coats are straight while others may be wavy or curly. Colors of coats also vary widely which generally are white to black including every shade in between.

To keep Maltipoos’ coat in good condition Brushing is the very first step and the most important. Maltipoos are needed to be brushed several times every week to prevent any visible damage to their coat. They require shampoo including a deep conditioner to keep their coat in good condition. It’s the same for Maltipoos’ parents Poodle and Maltese. Also trimming of coat time to time is also necessary while taking care of their coat.


Puppies of Maltipoo are adorable but also very sensitive to handle. They need excessive care while handling them as they get injured very easily. Everyone especially children who generally surround the Maltipoo puppy should be trained to hold them. For every dog puppyhood is the ideal time to make them familiar with the environment and also to teach them how to behave ad other basic etiquettes. It is the same case for Maltipoo. Once traned at the appropriate time, Maltipoo can become the most friendly, adorable and caring partner you can ever have.

The cross breed of Poodle and Maltese are one of the most popular dog breeds that customers prefer due to several reasons. Not only being highly energetic and providing a happy environment there sweet and caring nature make them a perfect fit for every generation, whether its old people or with kid. With one look, they can make you fall in love with them.