6 Best Electric Dog Doors for Home

Owning a pet comes up with a set of responsibilities that requires the owners to keep a constant eye on their little friend. Indeed it’s very true that indoor animals love to stay in their warm territory but the love for the outdoors is not something new when it comes to dogs. Serving a very useful purpose here the pet doors or electric doors were specially designed to give pets their freedom and take away excess burden off the owner’s shoulder.

SureFlap Automatic Microchip Pet Door

Pet doors come with a variety of benefits

  1. Dogs often require a watching eye to keep track of their moments and their whereabouts. While the boundary between indoor and outdoor is mostly just on a simple door. Be it your patio or your backyard the constant hassle to open and close doors for your little friend can be tiresome sometimes. Thus, solving these very problem pet doors gives the owners the joy to sit back and relax. Opening a gateway of freedom and unlimited desired movements for your furry friend.
  2. When we talk about pet doors they come with both pros and cons, it’s then important to discuss both. Stray cats, raccoons, and mice are one of those few animals which intend to take benefit from your regular installed pet door. As the possibility of a raccoon breaking into the house and eating the leftovers isn’t nil and is very likely to happen. Solving a set of such problems, electric doors are something that is largely opted.  Thanks to their personalized remote control curfew time and the automatic open and shut system. Electric doors are perfect to bring home a little happiness for your four-pawed friend.  
  3. Electric doors not just make the indoor-outdoor boundary more feasible, instead, they give an aura of reliability.

Best electric pet doors of all times

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While there are different kinds of pet doors available in the market. It is very important to consider which door fits in which house and compliment which breed the most. Above all, it also becomes important to keep track of other factors like – budget, size, and durability. Thus, here are six such magical electric doors to best fit all your criteria. While also, providing your pet the easiest way to enjoy the outdoors.

1. Petsafe electronic smart door- collar activated

Petsafe comes up with their in-house phenomenon to provide a quality experience for both small and large pets. Leaning forward to have an extra edge towards the technology. the product comes with additional smart keys that are sold separately. One of the most impressive things about Petsafe electronic smart door is that it comes in two sizes. While most products or pet doors in the market are something the owners are looking for but are always either too small or too large. Eliminating all the cons, and also the long-lived problem of having a desired shape and size smart door, this very brand supports every breed and every pet size.

Keynotes about Petsafe electronic smart door to remember

  1. Affordable and almost economical for every owner
  2. Been nearly serving pets for 30 years, thus trusted and renowned
  3. Comes up with a very easy Do-It-yourself system.

Not only this Petsafe electronic smart door come with a variety of different sized doors. it as well is exclusively designed to fit your living conditions and climatic situation. The brand has its variety sorted out to put an extra cherry on your comfort and it as follows-

Interior or exterior door

Best for localities that are more exposed to cyclones, it is also excellent for those owners who have multiple pets. Its aluminum frame has excellent corners to increase the durability and sustain when your pets go a little playful.

Wall entry

It’s not always doors that need an extra pet door, it’s always best to install a wall entry pet door to save your pet from the never-ending corridors.  The door acts as a connecting tunnel, giving your pet the luxury to come and go without much hassle.

Electronic smart door Specially designed to avoid any disturbance caused by stray cats and other unwanted animals that might get inside the house. An electronic Petsafe electronic smart door opens only for your pet, identifying them through the SmartKey they wearing in their collar.

2. Power pet electronic pet door

A power pet electronic pet door is an easy and affordable solution for those repeated opening and closing of doors. While the company has come up with this very affordable product, almost the most affordable product today when it comes to electric doors.

What makes Power pet electronic pet door the number 2 on Amazon’s best sellers list is its features. The company has very successfully worked on its inbuilt sensors, detecting outside and inside zones. The Battery panel of the device very carefully showing about the battery life of the device.  While the main purpose for Power pet electronic pet door to be automatic was to give more heights to today’s high tech pet products. Aiming towards not just comfort but also reliability and trust, not just on the brand but on the product and the purpose that it serves.

3. Sureflap microchip pet door


Bringing a completely new phenomenon and aiming explicitly towards smaller dogs, Sureflap microchip pet door is something specially designed for Pomeranians or smaller dogs in that matter.  The device might seem a little heavy on the pocket in the start but in the longer run, it is a wiser solution.  Sureflap has a definite set of algorithms that needs to be followed for the owners to get the best out of it. While when we go deeper into learning about the product’s intrinsic features, it almost got everything in control. For say, from sensing the microchip to informing the owners about their pet’s activity, the product has taken everything under one umbrella.

Following are the wonderful features of Sureflap microchip pet door

  1. In touch with your pet 24*7 : The door along with its automatically close and shut feature also have variety of other benefits. It also sends a message to the owner every time their pet used it to go outdoors or come back indoors. Thus, you will know about your pet’s activities even when you are not home.
  2. Keeping track of your dog’s mood: The door works uniquely with not just working on the initial product goals. As well, also keeping track of your pet’s behavior and understanding their health and wellbeing better.
  3.  Specially designed for small dogs to give them comfort while they choose to explore the outside world. 
  4. Sureflap microchip pet door comes with excellent battery life. The product can stay activated 24 * 7 and still the battery will last up to 6+ months. 

It is also very easy to work with the Sureflap microchip pet door. Starting from the microchip pet door connect and link it to your home router, in just two steps. The product not just provides complete control to the owners but also proves to be very reliable when it comes to keeping track of your little friends’ outdoor visits.

4. E-Z pass electric pet door


E-z pass electronic pet door is a convenient solution for new owners who don’t have any experience with pet doors. Orienting more towards providing an economical solution to every home. 

The initial motive of the brand being, to not just make a product but a solution. majority of the features which an .  Starting from the flexibility in design and shape, the e-z pass electronic pet door has something for everyone.  The product has a durable plastic frame that adapts to doors from 1-1/4 to 1-3/4 in thickness has proven to be a major catch about the product.

the installing of a e-z pass door is also pretty easy, it does not require any professional help. The rechargeable battery is sold separately and only adds more stars to the products. Weighing only around 3.5 pounds, e-z pass electronic pet door is your solution for your little buddy.

5. Plexidor performance PDE electronic pet door 

Plexidor performance represents those new generations of electric doors which might be expensive but gives an extra edge when it comes to pet wellbeing.   It has an inbuilt composite panel that slides up and down like a mini electronic garage door.  It is also very easy to use Plexidor PDE as a security door for your pets when inactive.  The entire set up with Plexidor is based on the-art RFID technology.

the pet door also comes with a water-free pet color , weighing only around 0.4 ounce. While the topic of durability is still very delicate when it comes to electric doors. A standard Plexidor lasts up to 5 years, which is not just easy to program but also easy to use.


Key features of Plexidor PDE electronic pet door

  1. An unbreakable solution for your large buddies who might not fit into regular medium electric doors.
  2. Fully automatic and durable.
  3. Easy to install and easy to use.
  4. Adjustable to control how long the door remains open, thus providing a customized comfort to your pet.
  5. Each wall unit includes an aluminum tunnel that connects the interior and exterior frame. The tunnel materials ensure a professional fit and finish that provides a quality appearance to your home.

6. Petsafe wall tunnel extension electronic smart door

The smart wall extension by petsafe was specially designed to provide your pets an easier and more feasible way through those long corridors.  The petsafe wall can be used as an additional tunnel to best pair with the pet safe electronic safe door to make your house a hundred percent dog proof.

The following smart door has these features

  1. It is not just a regular extension that is used with an electric door, rather can be installed in walls thicker than 7 ¼”
  2. The following wall tunnel can be extended to an additional 2 ¾”
  3. One of the major perks of bringing home a petsafe wall tunnel extension is, it’s customizable depending on one’s use. The tunnel extension can be easily for extension less than 2 ¾”

Thus when paired with the petsafe electronic door, this wall tunnel is a major grab for your furry friend. in addition to that pet safe is also the number 2 on amazon’s bestseller list. Showcasing the potential this product got to make your pet’s life easier.https://www.amazon.com/PetSafe-Tunnel-Extension-Electronic-SmartDoor/dp/B004AM5RWK/ref=zg_bs_17440051011_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=2TKM6MX3G715EGWXZV28