How To Track Your Puppy With Dog GPS (And Dog Apps)?

When you are a dog owner, you will always worry that they are ok whenever you have to leave them. You may be concerned that they are getting enough rest, or that they will manage to get out somehow.

Thus the need to track your puppy when you are away. A GPS Tracker and Dog Apps can give you the answers to these concerns, even when you and your dog are not together. If you have been considering buying one of these trackers, then you may find the following information useful.

What Is A GPS Tracker For Dogs?

A GPS tracker for your dog will allow you to keep track of your dog even when you are apart. You will be able to tell where they are at all times and this will also give you some idea of what they are doing.

For example, if they are in the garden and you can see the tracker moving then you will know that they are getting some exercise. You can also view the history of where your dog has been which helps give you more of a complete picture.

How Do They Work?

The tracker is usually placed in your dog’s collar. The signal that is given off by the GPS tracker can be viewed using your mobile phone. This will allow you to see where your dog is at all times. If your dog is moving the trackers can give information about the direction of travel and the speed that they are moving.

You can also see if your dog has been sleeping, and how much they have been moving around the home. If you are out at work all day, then it is like having a second pair of eyes on your pet while they are at home.

Will I Need To Download An App?

When you purchase a tracker, there will be instructions for downloading the app you will need. Most brands of the tracker will have an app on Android and iOS so it doesn’t matter what type of phone you have. In most cases, the app that you are asked to download will be available for free. You may also be able to access the information from some trackers using a web browser.

Here is a list of android apps for tracking your dog.

What Are The Benefits Of Using These Trackers?

There are several benefits that these trackers have.

  1. You will know where your dog is at all times.
  2. Monitor their sleeping habits.
  3. You can see if they are getting enough exercise.
  4. See a history of everywhere they have been.
  5. You will be alerted immediately if your dog leaves your home.
  6. If your dog runs off you can see exactly where they are going.
  7. You can share your dog’s location to get help if it is ever needed.

How Do They Help To Keep My Dog Safe?

Some trackers will allow you to set safe zones such as your home and garden. If your dog moves out of this zone then you will receive an alert. This will allow you to react to the situation quickly before your dog is able to get too far away.

You can also follow the direction they are traveling from the app which can help you to intercept them if they do run off.

Are They A Better Choice Than Radio Trackers?

GPS trackers are generally considered to be a better choice than radio trackers which may have been used in the past. Radio trackers were commonly used for hunting dogs as they only work when the dog is within range. The technology that is used in radio trackers is also quite dated.

They are not as flexible as GPS trackers and do not offer as many features. The technology that is used in GPS tracking is being developed all the time and it is likely that it will continue to improve in the future.

What Is The Range Of The Trackers?

The actual range that you get from your tracker will depend on the model that you buy. If you buy a tracker that uses the cellular network, then as long as there is a cell tower nearby, your dog will be trackable from anywhere.

There are trackers that do not use this technology and so they will have a more limited range. If your dog is prone to running off, then a GPS tracker that uses a cellular network will be the best choice because if they run too far away then you will still be able to track where your dog is.

Can I Share My Dog’s Location?

Some trackers will give you the option to share the location of your dog with family and friends. This is a very useful feature if your dog does manage to escape from your home somehow.

There may be people who can get to your dog’s location quicker than you can, and if they have the app as well they will know exactly where the dog is. This can reduce the time it takes to get your dog back and this will make things less stressful for you and your dog.

Share My Dog Location

How Long Do The Batteries Last?

The batteries on most trackers will last for around seven days. You should get an alert when they need charging which can help prevent the battery from ever running out completely. Many people choose to charge the batteries overnight while their dog is sleeping and the tracker is not needed.

The battery will be completely charged in just a few hours and so if you ever do need to charge it during the day, your dog will not be without the tracker for too long.

Will The Trackers Stay Attached?

It is not easy for your dog to be able to remove the tracker from their collar. They attach securely and it would take a lot of scratching to even move them a small amount. You can check that the tracker is in place on a regular basis and then there is no real danger of it being lost.

If the collar is loose around your dog’s neck, then this will make it easier for the tracker to come loose. You can also buy a collar with a tracker already included inside.

Will a Tracking Device Bother My Dog?

The tracker should not cause any discomfort to your dog if they are used to wearing a collar anyway. They do not add hardly any extra weight to the collar and are not bulky. If your dog does not wear a collar at the moment, then this is something that they will need to get used to.

You need to make sure that the collar is not too tight around your dog’s neck so that the tracker does not rub against their skin. As previously mentioned, the collar should not be too loose and so it is important to find the right fit for your dog.

comfortable dog tracker

Does It Matter If The Tracker Gets Wet?

The tracker should be able to withstand a certain amount of moisture without it causing any major issue. If your dog is out for a long time in the rain for example, then the tracker will still work.

What If I Have More Than One Dog?

If you have more than one dog, then they will all need their own individual tracker. However, if they all have the same brand of tracker, then they can all be tracked on the same app. This makes it very convenient to see the activity of all your dogs in one place.

Even when it is submerged in water for a long time, then this may cause a problem. If you walk your dog near a lake and they enjoy swimming, then you may need to take the tracker off while they are in the water and then reattach it once they are out.

If you need to buy more than one tracker at the same time, then you may be able to get a discount from the manufacturer or the store. Shopping around for the best deal can often pay off in this situation.

How Much Do Dog GPS Trackers Cost?

The price of a GPS tracker can vary quite considerably between different models. Generally speaking, the more expensive the model, the more features it will have. You can buy some trackers outright with nothing more to pay, whereas other models may have a monthly subscription.

The average price for a GPS tracker varies between $100 and $150 for the best models. When you are setting your budget for the tracker you also need to find out whether there are any ongoing subscription charges that you need to pay.

Will My Dog Still Need A Microchip?

It is recommended that your dog still has a microchip even when GPS trackers are used. The reason for this is that if they do get lost and taken to a vet, the microchip can be scanned and will have all of your information on it.

This information wouldn’t be available from the tracker alone and so would make reuniting you with your dog more difficult. It is also more difficult to remove a microchip than it is a tracker, which can be very useful if the worst were to happen and your dog is stolen.

Can GPS Be Used For Other Pets?

Many people use GPS trackers for cats as well as dogs. In some ways, they are more suited to cats as they have more of a tendency to wander far from home than dogs do. When your cat has been gone for a while, you can check where they are and make sure that they are not too far away.

The trackers work in exactly the same way for cats as they do for dogs, by being attached to their collar. You may need to check them more often on a cat as they may find it easier to dislodge the tracker than a dog would. There are smaller models available that have been designed specifically for cats.

Cat Tracker


The benefits that GPS trackers have meant that they can be well worth the investment. They are one of the most effective ways to give you peace of mind that your pets are ok when you are apart.

If you are considering buying a tracker, then you should do your research and find the one that is going to work best for your pet.

You need to think about what you need the tracker for and how it will be used. If you are worried about your pet getting out of your home, then you will need a tracker with a greater range than if you just want to make sure they are ok while you are at work.

There are so many different trackers on the market that you should be able to find one that does everything you want it to.



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