Great Dog Names For Boys That Start With Letter Y

Naming your new puppy can be one of the most exciting yet confusing parts of your dog parenting journey. Finding that one right name for your furry baby can really exhaust your mind. Then there is so much work to do to accommodate this new member of your house. Making the appropriate living arrangements, getting the required training equipment, and so on.

But that doesn’t imply you will let your dog live without a name. It is a part of your family, remember? And you must make it feel like one. Therefore, without wasting any more time, start searching for a suitable name for your pup.

If you are muddled about how to begin, do not worry. That’s why we are here. We will recommend some of the most unique and trendy names for your dog. But before that, you must know certain limitations regarding the task of naming your dog.

  1. Make sure that the name suits your dog’s personality. For example, avoid selecting a name like “Ruffles” for a rough and tough dog.
  2. Avoid choosing a too common name for your dog. Otherwise, your pup will get confused in public places.
  3. Do not name your pup after a family member. Otherwise, your puppy will come running towards you every time you call that family member.
  4. Make sure that the name is short and snappy. It will help your dog to easily remember its name.
  5. An ideal dog name is supposed to have only two syllables with a vowel sound.

Boy dog names starting with the alphabet Y

Now that you are clear about the supposed nature of your dog’s name, you won’t find it much difficult to find a suitable name for your furry friend. Here is a list of some of the trendiest male dog names beginning with the letter Y.

  1. Yona
  2. Yves
  3. Yiannis
  4. Yildeen
  5. Yoden
  6. Yaar
  7. Yakar
  8. Yasir
  9. Yutu
  10. Yaholo
  11. Yash
  12. Yasuo
  13. Yule
  14. Yosha
  15. Yardan
  16. Yavin
  17. Yora
  18. Yoshi
  19. Yuri
  20. Yarb
  21. York
  22. Yukiko
  23. Yair
  24. Yancy
  25. Yemon
  26. Yestin
  27. Young
  28. Yabo
  29. Yafar
  30. Yaguar
  31. Yanush
  32. Yardo
  33. Yarin
  34. Yatakan
  35. Yimmy
  36. Yimbo
  37. Yiwo
  38. Yiko
  39. Yeti
  40. Yilko
  41. Yoga
  42. Yogi
  43. Yollo
  44. Yonasch
  45. Yoni
  46. Yorky
  47. Youri-Kay
  48. Yoster
  49. Yuppy
  50. Yippee
  51. Yusso
  52. Yolo
  53. Yosemite
  54. Yatzee
  55. Yella


The list mentioned above is exhaustive enough to help you find that one perfect name for your dog. Just make sure that you consider your dog’s personality while scrolling through the list.

If you wish to name your dog after a famous cartoon character, then consider “Yoyo.” Yoyo is one of the many puppies of the 1961 Disney animated film “101 Dalmatians.” He is cute as well as funny. If your pup exhibits all these qualities, then Yoyo is just the name for your dog.

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