Dog Names for Boys that Start with H

Naming a dog can be a difficult task. The name needs to suit the breed of the dog. Just like a human the dog also has a different personality. Therefore, the name does also require showing its personality. The dog reflects the personal taste of the owner. For this reason, it is advised to choose the dog’s name carefully.

At the time of selecting a dog name, make sure the name is easy to pronounce. Determine the meaning of the name and if possible choose an uncommon name. Here are some dog names for male dogs, which start with the letter “H”.

NameMeaningBreed it suits
HarveyA Battle Warrior who cam victoriousLabrador Retriever
HachiThe Japanese word for number eightGolden Retriever
HadesSomeone who came back from hellBull Mastiff
HatchikoWho is faithful to his ownerLabrador Retriever
HaydenA new beginning with lifePug
HashWho bring a smile to the faceRottweiler
HiltonAnyone who lives in the mountainMixed Breed
HeeraSouth Asian word for diamondAlangu          
HoochGerman name for alcoholic liquorLabrador Retriever
HanuSouth Asian word for monkeyLhasa Apso
HayderArabic word for lionDogo Argentino
HiwanStar that shines very brightRottweiler
HoratioThe Japanese word for a timekeeperGerman Shepherd
HonchoGroup leader in Japanese vocabularyIndian Pariah
HuckAnglo-Saxon word for hookRottweiler
HilfiHebrew word for constant changeLabrador Retriever
HobbesSomeone who is going to be famousLabrador Retriever
HajakBest friend and companion of a woodmanBoxer
HakanThe Turkish word for the emperorSiberian Husky
HandoA name for the life experiences of the personBordeaux Mastiff
HanselThe German word for god Is graciousLabrador Retriever
HarkoThe German word for someone from a royal houseSiberian Husky
HartmutThe Anglo-Saxon word for brave mindGerman Shepherd
HerkyThank you for the helpIndian Pariah
HetoThe Ancient Greek word for heroPug
HilgerThe Danish word for battle-readyMixed Breed
HolgarThe Scandinavian word for Icelandic spearRottweiler
HonsySweet as honeyLabrador Retriever
HuitSomeone very honest in natureGerman Shepherd


Dogs are very sophisticated inside. Therefore, it makes sense to name them respectfully. All of these names start with the letter “H”. These names are unique and most people love them. At the time of name selection, make sure the name suits the personality of the dog.

Many people choose the name on their own and many ask others for opinion. Before choosing any name makes sure the name can be pronounced correctly and tell everyone the meaning of these name. If multiple people select the name of the dog, then it is better to know its meaning. After discussing the name with others the owner of the dog can choose any of these according to personal preference.

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