Best 3 Dog Sunglasses and Goggles

Whatever people may say, dog goggles are not mere fashion accessories. If you love taking your dog outside or relax at the beach with it, you must consider purchasing some good quality dog goggles.

 And why not? Even your pup has eyes that are sensitive to the sun’s UV rays, dust, and debris. Besides that, goggles made for humans won’t fit dogs. So, you have no option except to go to the pet stores for buying suitable goggles for your pup.

Why are dog goggles and sunglasses necessary?

Just like humans, animals are also affected by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Besides the skin, these injurious rays can cause various kinds of eye problems – cataracts, blindness, and so on. Besides that, dog goggles or ‘Doggles’ help reduce irritation and adjust your dog’s vision in the face of dazzling sunlight. Furthermore, they prevent dust, debris, and various kinds of irritants from entering your pup’s eyes on a windy day. Consequently, your dog enjoys the outdoors without any discomfort, irritation, and damage.

Things to consider while purchasing sunglasses and goggles for dogs

The market is filled with different styles of dog sunglasses and doggles. Consequently, it is quite natural for you to get confused while selecting a suitable doggles for your pup. In this situation, preparing a list of criteria can probably make your job a bit easier. Here are some features you must include in your list of criteria.

  1. Size: Size plays a vital role when it comes to selecting your dog’s goggles or sunglasses. You cannot afford to make your pup wear ill-fitting sunglasses as those will come off with your dog’s energetic demeanor. To ensure that your Lab’s goggles and sunglasses stay on its eyes, search for flexible frames and adjustable straps.
  2. Durability: This is another vital feature you should look for while choosing your dog’s glasses. You cannot afford to purchase new sunglasses and goggles every time your Lab manages to destroy them with its hyperactive antics. A durable pair of sunglasses and goggles will be made up of materials like plastic, rubber, and shatterproof lenses.
  3. Style and color: Protection is crucial. But fashion is not less important. In fact, everyone wants their pooches to look nothing but the best with the potential to stand out in a crowd. Fortunately, the market has sunglasses and goggles of different colors, styles, and materials. Try all of them and watch out for the most suitable pairs according to your pooch’s personality.
  4. Protection: This is the primary reason behind your hunt for some appropriate dog sunglasses and doggles. To protect your pup’s eyes from the sun’s UV rays, look for sunglasses with shaded lenses. If they are goggles-styled, that will prove to be the icing on the cake. This is because the sunglasses will then protect your Lab’s eyes not only from the irritation of the sun’s scorching rays but also from dust and debris.
  5. Anti-fog lenses: Not necessary but can be considered if your dog is a water lover. Anti-fog lenses will allow your pooch to swim without affecting its vision.

Dog Goggles for Small Breeds

Enjoying Fashion Anti-ultraviolet Waterproof Pet Sunglasses

These dog sunglasses have been manufactured, keeping in mind some really small-sized dogs, say Poodles, Chihuahua, etc. The lenses are waterproof, shatterproof, and provide debris and UV rays protection. They are surrounded by foam-padded frames for fittings and comfort.

The designs are fashionable, but the colors are limited to only pink and black. There are adjustable elastic double straps to prevent the doggles from slipping off. No doubt, these protective gears are so much preferred by owners of small breed dogs.

Dogglez Originalz Small Frame Goggles for Dogs with Smoke Lens

These doggles are mainly preferred by working dog owners. Such is the popularity of these doggles among the border patrol, search and rescue, and K9 dogs that they are also called “guard dog goggles.”  The lenses are smoky, shatterproof, anti-fog, and provide a hundred UV rays protection. Deep lens cups surround these lenses, and there is a highly-flexible chrome-colored frame for a comfortable fit. You can find these glasses in all sizes, even for dogs with an extra small face.

Doggles-ILS Extra Small Shiny Red Frame with Smoke Lens