Best Dog Activity Monitors (These 4 Are a Must!)

We spend very little time with our fluffy friends, while a major part of our day goes into office it then becomes imperative to know what our four-pawed friend is up to.  While when the subject of dog activity monitors arises, it also becomes important for the owners to go beyond just the emotional need of knowing what their dog is doing but also to keep in mind that an ideal monitor should be one that not only helps them to track their dog’s activities but also provides a clear insight at their health and also helps in improve their quality of life.

Dog activity monitors are not just an extra helping hands rather are essentials every owner must have.

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While choosing a monitor for dogs can be difficult, it can be even more a piece of work for new owners who have just welcomed their four-legged buddy into their abode and wish to provide it with the best of care without compromising on anything.

here is a list of 4 best competitive dog monitors to must have for your tiny buddy –

1. FitBark dog activity monitor

Fitbarks’ tiny dog monitor comes in a variety of colors, while the brand very remarkably made the monitor tiny to fit all kinds of dogs. From tiny puppies to Pomeranians to a German shepherd fitbark took all of them under the same umbrella.

  1. The brand being aware of the playful nature of dogs has designed the monitor water-free.
  2. The monitor comes in a lightweight fashion, weighing only around 8 grams. as to best suit every dog type and to dissolve well with every breed, from tiniest to the bulkiest, your fur baby will love this new useful toy. 
  3. The monitor tracks the dog activity 24*7
  4. also set healthy goals for them for the dog to remain in best of their health.
  5. behavioral changes that might be sensed in any dog from time to time are read by the monitor.

Thus the tiny fitbark dog monitors come with a package of services. exclusively designed to provide owners a better insight at their dog’s daily life which they otherwise fail to spot and giving a great helping hand to first-time owners, helping them to provide their little friend better.

not only that, the behavioral changes are read with at most accuracy to give a better insight to new owners.

2. PitPat dog activity monitor and fitness tracker

Pitpat’s dog activity monitor provides the owners a little more than just the basic activity details of their dogs. The monitor works in a variety of ways to best compliment the dog’s lifestyle and also add value to it. It comes with a bunch of tools that are easy to use and helps the owners to not just become a part of their dog’s otherwise hidden daily activities but also to access it and enhance it.

Following are the perks which the new generation pitpat dog activity monitor comes up with –

  1. Dog- proof: the least we can expect from dogs is to sit in one corner and not be the cheerful, energetic creatures that they are. Naturally, dogs love to play, be it in a park, water, or with their fellow human. Pitpat has made their monitor in such a way that when your dog acts playful the monitor sustains it and not breaks off. coming up with a strong yet small and lightweight monitor that supports your dogs’ playful nature. does not wear out when coming in contact with water or any hard stroke which the dog might make pitpat go through.
  2. The comfortable design: brand believes that every dog has their likes and dislikes; an uncomfortable strap around the neck is one of those. While dogs are furry animals, pitpat wish for their monitors to be friendly with any breed of dog. whether they have an excessive fur coat or not.
  3. The monitor is carefully designed in a way to not pull or catch in your dog’s fur and fit around their neck in a way they won’t even know it’s there.
  4. Added owner benefits: the company does not charge the owners with any extra charges in the future for any kind of subscription, while their pitpat life club perks, points, and prizes are extra gifts for the owners to enjoy. 
  5. The monitor is easy to use and does not take much time for it to set up.
  6. Pitpat encourages the owners to install their free app to have a better check at their dog and creates a community of owners to share, and guides.

3. Whistle GO & GO

The whistle store has been the most loved and appreciated pet store by owners all across the globe. Whistle has been a one-stop solution to all the pet-related items/products/trackers. The Whistle GO & GO is one of the most renowned monitors the brand offers, while the price can be a little heavy on the pocket but the monitor worth every dime it is paid for. 

Whistle’s dog monitor comes in a variety of designs and colors to best compliment one’s pet. It can be every rightfully said that whistle twist & Go collars aren’t the only reason why this product has been a best seller for years and largely opted by owners when it comes to having a monitor that does not just track their dog’s activity but also keep their pet in their peak shape.

Whistle takes care of your pet’s location and provides live tracking, thus giving great relief to owners about their pet’s security. In addition to which the brand keeps the pet’s health at most priority, thus, cutting the distance between a vet and you, making them just a tap away through the whistle app.  The monitor also takes care of any future potential health issues that might occur. Making a 30-day report at the end of every month and making it easy for the owners to share that with a vet right from the whistle app.

On top of that, this little pet monitor also takes care of the calories burned, distance traveled, minutes active as well as behavioral changes and such as licking, scratching, sleeping with suggesting answers to each one of them.

Here is what owners can expect inside their pet’s favorite Whistle GO & GO box

1 whistle GO device
1 snap collar attachment that can fit collars up to 1’’ wide
1 hook along with a loop collar attachment
1 USB original  charging cable
1 quick start guide

Whistle GO & GO can be activated by just these three simple steps

  1. The owners are required to download the official Whistle app.
  2. the whistle app enables thousands of veterinarian services at just one tap.
  3. Owners can choose any subscription plan which they believe best suit their pet.
  4. Just attach the collar to your little friend and it’s ready!

4. Tractive LTE GPS DOG tracker

Tractive comes up with a much affordable solution when it comes to monitoring your furry friend’s location. While most of the features of the monitor are very similar to other monitors but what makes Tractive a catch is their affordable price and their durability which when combined with their subscription plan makes this monitor a must-have for every owner. The Tractive LTE GPS DOG tracker has been constantly been on no. 2 at Amazon’s ‘best dog monitor’ list.

While the major features of this impeccable product can be considered as three-

  1. Affordable and economic
  2. Excellent live tracking, the inbuilt tractive GPS will find your pet almost anywhere in the world.
  3. Helps the owners to provide a safe surrounding for their four-pawed baby. It enables the owners to identify safe zones that are dog friendly.
  4. giving complete control over managing fences or areas that they wish for their dog to not explore.
  5. The monitor also saves the location history of your pet.
  6. tractive provides a complete guide to pet fitness. undertaking pet security as a priority as well.

Thus Tractive LTE GPS DOG tracker is a perfect suit for your four-pawed buddy who just cannot stay indoors.  It provides maximum security, complete control to the owners with second to second information of their pet. Thus making Tractive a consistently loved device when it comes to pet security and well being.

helping the pet to have a safer and fuller outdoor experience, proving to be an extremely reliable device globally.

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To sum up, it can be very rightfully said that owning a dog comes up with a lot more responsibilities and commitments that need to be taken care of. While the office life leaves today’s adults with very little time left to monitor or catch up to what their furry friend has been up to the whole day while they were away. Dog monitors are that substitutes which help the owners to not just know better about their pet but also to stay updated with their needs and duly stand up to all their pet-related responsibilities.