Colloidal Silver For Dogs – A Miracle?

Colloidal silver happens to be one of those mysterious medicinal products that seem to be a miracle in terms of its health benefits. In essence, it is a natural liquid antibiotic which consists of pure particles of silver combined in a liquid base.

Owing to the minute dimensions of the particles, the silver component is believed to be powerful enough to be able to enter individual body cells and kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Its remarkable anti-fungal and anti-viral properties provide cures for a large number of diseases. Colloidal silver primarily functions by destroying pathogens, and thus it can be used to treat infectious diseases as well as cuts, incisions, rashes, and allergies, and even problems of the ears and eyes.

It is one of the best forms of immunity boosters that you could give to your dog as a precaution to ensure safe health, even if they are not suffering from health issues. Colloidal silver is commonly used in people but it also offers a great alternative for medication when it comes to your pets.

Use of Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Our little furballs are continuously on the go and rarely ever still. This may be a cause for anxiety as a pet parent, if you cannot always be around to watch them. Their inquisitive noses find their ways into all kinds of sticks and stones and it is neither fair nor possible to monitor their movements all day.

Unfortunately, this means that sometimes they will unconsciously come into contact with germs which may enter their bodies before you can wash it off. Here is where colloidal silver can help you immeasurably.

This liquid is certainly not a new invention and has been around since the ancient days of the Roman Empire, because of how visible and quick its effects are. Luckily, despite all the complications in medicine in modern times this simple formula has not changed. You can use this safely on your dogs and rest assured that your work in protecting them from harmful bacteria and viruses is done. It is a shockingly simple solution to most of your problems as the elements in colloidal silver actively kill all active germs and prevent the growth of further bacteria and infectious diseases.

What all can Colloidal Silver be used for?

Colloidal silver can be used to effectively treat conditions of the following regions:

  1. Skin – it may be used as a topical ointment on cuts and wounds. It also works wonders for healing wounds and other damages to skin tissue, and infections on surface.
  2. Eye – Yes, this miracle liquid can also treat eye infections! For curing inflammations and eye allergies all you have to do is directly apply a drop of the liquid to the eye. The usual course is to repeat this thrice daily, but consult your vet first.
  3. Ear – Ear infections can be treated in a similar manner by applying a few drops into the concerned ear. If the task is difficult to perform on your own the vet may also suggest giving the medicine orally.
  4. Lung infections – A corollary in building up the immunity system is its ability to function as a medicine for lung and respiratory issues. It can cure lung infections, bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia if the suspension is turned into a mist and administered through a nebulizer.
  5. Surface infections – Colloidal silver can be used as a disinfectant. It can kill any potential viral, bacterial, and yeast infections that are likely to occur and thus may simply be used for preventative measure. You can use this if your dog has been exposed to any and all possible pathogens.

Application and Use of Colloidal Silver

Ease of application happens to be yet another factor contributing to the efficacies of colloidal silver. Since the liquid has a variety of uses, it may be administered in any which way that suits you best. Certain companies also manufacture the liquid with a spray head for the easiest form of application. This is useful especially for treating wounds in regions difficult to reach by hand.

To treat problems on the skin, dab the liquid with cotton and gently clean the wound with it. For cuts of a slightly more serious degree, you can apply the spray directly into the wound without being concerned of hurting your dog by mistake. This helps you to ensure that the process is painless, as the liquid does not sting and there is no pressure applied to the wounded area.

Colloidal silver is odourless, tasteless, non-toxic, and can thus also be administered internally. Before giving the suspension you have to measure out the dosage using a dropper or a syringe. Internal administration of colloidal silver is very helpful even in case of wounds and skin infections. In such cases you can apply it both externally and internally. The dosage appropriate for your dog depends entirely on their body weight and severity of infection, and thus it should be fixed by the vet and not decided randomly.

Important points to keep in mind while using Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a relatively harmless solution to a variety of health problems, and is as such not known to have significant side effects. However you must note the following before using it:

  1. Do not add this solution to water for ingestion. This will dilute the suspension and it will not be as effective. Adding a few drops to your pet’s drinking water might seem like a smart option but it is actually not.
  2. If you are self-medicating then take care to not give your pet more than ten drops of the liquid at once, and not more than thrice daily.
  3. If your dog has a serious skin condition, then consider using sprays for greater effect.
  4. Since this is primarily a quick home remedy, do not use it at will and to whatever extent you deem fit. Always consult your vet and do not experiment on your furry friends.
  5. If you see the problem recurring even after a few days of usage then immediately see a vet before using colloidal silver again. Closely monitor your pet’s health and delays in healing, if any.
  6. A common side effect of regular ingestion of colloidal silver is the depletion of healthy gut bacteria. This may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and other stomach issues. To counter this you can ensure that your dog is also having a regular dose of probiotics to maintain their gut health.
  7. You should always discuss with your vet before endorsing in any brand of colloidal silver. There are often variations in ingredients used by different brands and it is best to know beforehand which suits your dog the best.
  8. Very rare cases of allergic reactions to colloidal silver have been known to happen and it is unlikely that this should be the case with your pet. It goes without saying that in case such reactions do happen immediately cease administering this liquid and see your vet.
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All things considered, colloidal silver has a vast range of health benefits and is the miraculous solution you were looking for to expensive prescription drugs and antibiotics. It works wonders for minor and major ailments alike and is very easy to procure and store. However do not approach this as an all inclusive one time solution to every health problem.

Like everything else, even too much of good can be bad in case of colloidal silver. Try to avoid using it if your dog is completely fine and does not require any medical intervention. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral in nature and generally should not be used without a cause. For more serious health conditions colloidal silver can be used as a backup and an additional medication, but not the primary one.