Top 10 Reasons to Love and Appreciate Your Dog Daily

The most common reasons to love your dog are the qualities that dogs posses like fun-loving, forgiving nature, best cuddlers and offer protection. On top of that, as you go out with them, they also help keep you healthy with their walks and fetch games.

In the ancient times, people’s first interaction with the dogs was the wolves before they were domesticated. They were very beneficial through hunting and protection against dangerous wild animals that would greatly endanger the human species. Over time they became good friends and therefore led to their domestication.

Despite there newly found relationship with man, dogs have similar characteristics to their wolves’ family. For instance, they still protect their territories through urinating on trees and fence as these scents give notice to other dogs of the existence of an animal occupying the area.

The modern dog has tones of benefits towards man. It is for this distinct reason that man has adopted a variety of dogs with the many benefits they accrue.

Variety of dogs

There are numerous variety of dogs that come with a vast of benefits accrued to them. Dog breeders have opted to have or develop specific dog breeds that have specific qualities and attributes that are beneficial to man. There are the purebreds and the mixed breeds.

The former had a weakened immunity hence need for the latter to enhance adaptability. All these were done to ensure continued and longer relationship with man.

That being said there are numerous advantages brought about by owning a dog that make many people appreciate and love dogs even more. These numerous benefits can be outlined in details as discussed.

1) They love you with no limitations

Dogs are arguably the best animals that possess altruistic love. Despite your shortcomings or dark private engagements, your dog will never judge you and instead will always offer you nothing short of infinite unconditional love.

You don’t have to try so hard for instance buying numerous gifts to please him and instead he’ll always love you under all circumstances whatsoever.

Normally, when a person meets someone else they tend to distance themselves from you. It is even worse when the new person is way outgoing. Dogs are strangely different. They will always keep you company despite having met someone that are way better and provides amazing treats.

They have no otherwise thoughts to give or look for better persons as they are busy loving you with undying love as just by being with you makes them the happiest beings in the world which is very contagious, and that’s such a good thing.

2) They always put a smack on your face

You know those days when you wake up in a very low spirit and reluctant to interact with nobody, well dogs are the best to turn those feelings on 360 degrees and put a grin your face again.

I confidently challenge you to disburse some quality time with your dog and tell me if you’ll come back moody. It is beyond the bounds of possibility not to grin after such time spent with your dog.

They put a hell of a show where you are the audience, for instance watching a dog chase his tail endlessly is quite hilarious. In addition to that dogs are quite impressive to watch when executing your commands from pursuing anything to rolling or sitting down.

They do it perfectly well making you smile repeatedly. Watching hilarious videos of dogs is impossible to not be happy and smiley the entire time. So contagious is their happiness that it makes the entire family in merriment.

3) Forgiveness

It always a hard thing to think about what a dog can easily do when you get to do what it doesn’t want or even like. But dogs are some of the best creatures that you can have around. A dog can forgive the anger that you have, the arrogance that might have invested in you and even your brutality.

This is all done even before you realize your mistakes and even forgive yourself. One lesson to learn here is that dogs never hold down grudges. If you might have mentioned something wrong several years ago or even weeks or days ago, all that is brought to a standstill in no time.

Take a look at dogs when they are playing, one of them might not be in the game and then turn out to be rough. But it is always told that it is a rough game when the other dog gives out a yelp, getting to let the dog know that that kind of play is not suitable for them.

The best part is that they easily get along with each other quickly and also easily.

4) They best know how to have fun

Normally we are caught in a dilemma in what to do for fun be it go hiking or clubbing or just stay at home and watch movies. Dogs are heaven-sent as they provide immeasurable fun as you have never experienced before. Funny thing their happiness is contagious making you have fun similarly.

For instance, when you take a ball and throw it in the air, your dog would steadily run to grab it before landing and that’s more than fun enough.

Dog owners have limitless fun activities to explore with their dogs be it playing tricks, going hiking or taking them for a walk that provides impeccable happiness and pleasure.

Those without pets particularly dogs are missing out big time on the fun of their life. I would, therefore, encourage everyone always bored to go have a playfellow as soon as they can.

Dogs Having Fun
Dogs playing with a rod

5) They don’t care if you are not a perfect chef

You don’t have to get worried about your chef skills with your dog because it does not really take it into many considerations. Dogs will love you because you are such unique to them that way.

The best character about a dog is that they are made to eat virtually anything and everything that you give them, which is, of course, good for them. Their appetite will always be there for your food, so dint gets stressed on going into much cooking food for them.

They would easily love your recipes when you make them so much care and love. Dogs love cupcakes and these are also called pupcakes because pups love them so much. Check the recipe for dog cupcakes.

6) They never judge you

People are big critiques and very judgmental in all aspects of life. From wanting to know what you do for a living, your next move or even what you look like they can be a pain in the ass.

Dogs have no interest whatsoever and they absolutely careless in your private engagements. They give you unconditional love despite your flaws.

In addition to that, dogs appreciate the real you without striving to change you to fit their statue or social standards, one great virtue that I wish people would borrow to make the world a better place.

This, therefore, means you can live happily despite your unpleasant flaws with your dog as it doesn’t give judgmental eyes in whatsoever situation. This ideally makes them man’s best friend.

7) They are the best cuddlers

Ever had those lonely moments that make you desperately yearning for some company or better yet bad days that make you wish for a shoulder to lean on and someone to cuddle with. Well, dogs are actually the best cuddlers that ever graced our mother earth. They are furry and warm making them offer arguably the best cuddle.

Most might disapprove but cuddling and ultimately letting your dog sleep with you in bed has vast health benefits. The calming adventure of the company of a dog eradicates the risk of heart attack by reducing blood pressure.

People with dogs have a lower risk of heart problems as well as being more relaxed with minimal stress.

dogs cuddlers

8) They offer you protection

With the increasing menace of crime, break-ins, and burglary, there is a dire need for more efficient and effective security. Dogs have the best scent sensors that can sniff anything a mile away.

They have been greatly absorbed into the army worldwide and given top-notch training to enhance a country’s security and offer protection to the troops preventing them from attack.

They effectively minimize the risk of ambush by timely warning the soldiers of eminent threats and the presence of enemies before any strike is made. The modern world sniffer dogs have been further trained and are therefore used in airports and highly secured places like the embassies to detect explosives from luggage.

They are further used domestically by families to offer protection as they can smell an intruder and effectively chase them away by barking or worse bite them.

9) They are the most loyal animals

Loyalty is a very rare virtue in the current even though it is very necessary for many relationships of any kind. This short supply has led many individuals to opt for other avenues where they would get affection and confidence. Contrary to the common mislead belief of dogs being only loyal to those that give them food and comfort, they can be the most loyal creatures that ever existed.

There are many instances when a dog’s loyalty is demonstrated for example sleeping and going hungry beside the bed of a sickling master until they are well and back on their feet.

They also show loyalty when waiting daily by the gate for their masters to return from work on a regular basis. There are special cases when dogs go by their masters’ graveyard, stay there and even starve themselves to death so they can follow their masters.

10) Dogs help you stay healthy

It is true to the saying that health is wealth owing to the fact that the healthier you are the greater the ability to actively be involved in money-making activities. Dogs are a perfect companion to attain a healthy living.

The soothing feeling when cuddling or in the company of a dog greatly eradicates the risk of heart attacks by reducing blood pressure.

It is believed through a study that walking your dog daily reduces stress and boosts your self-esteem in addition to lowering the blood pressure. It is further proof that frequently playing with your dog boosts and increases brain activity while also enhancing happiness.

Dogs are also believed to have the ability to smell and detect cancer in a person. Research has further deduced that people who own dogs live longer than those who don’t own any pets.


Dogs are the best option for anyone looking to adopt a perfect companion. They are indisputably man’s best companion and playfellow. It really doesn’t discriminate against your way of life or your environment. Living with a dog especially when having children help them attain a sense of responsibility.

It is also our responsibility to love our dogs and care for them. So for that, check the article on 10 ways by which we can love our dogs and puppies.

With the numerous benefits brought about by owning a dog including health, physical fitness, having fun and staying happy, I would gladly and confidently recommend dog ownership as a priority due to the unconditional love it gives.



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