Should You Shave Your Labrador in the Summer?

Grooming your Labrador is a regular practice. As a protective dog owner, protecting your pet from scorching heat is essential too. But, will you shave your dog during the summer? Of course many do that. But it is not recommended and also dangerous to the Labrador.

Shedding is a normal process. And if you cannot withstand it, you need not own a lab. Also, shaving does not end the shedding trouble too. It shall still shed small, pricky hair that may poke your feet. The bottom line is, do not shave your Labrador during summer.

But Why? What makes us say that shaving is dangerous?

Labrador Has double Coat

Let us get into scientific information. The lab has two coats. One inside and one on the outside. The outside coat is the lengthier one that shall protect your dog from moist and dirt. But the inner coat is something you must be careful about. It is a type of insulation. In a nutshell, the inner coat shall protect the dog in summer as well as winter. If you shave the dog anytime, you are taking the protective layer out of the dog. This means to say, you are putting your dog to danger.

What are the possible dangers that the dog may encounter if shaved?

Shave Your Labrador

Sunburns: The inner coat of the Labrador is the most important layer in the skin. This acts as a shield from the external environment. Moreover, it is the dense layer of fur that shall protect the dog from UV rays. The outer layer is just a cover. The inner coat is the one that avoids any sunburns or any other sun-related troubles to the dog. So, in the intent of saving the dog from heat, you are giving them trouble.

Undercoat Provides Warmth and Cold: The inner coat of the dog is a toggle insulator. It gives warmth during winter and cold during summer. Nature has got itself a protective layer in the form of undercoat. Please do not shave it. Your dog shall feel very uncomfortable. Why would you defy nature?

Regrowth is difficult: The inner coat of the Labrador is evolved from its young age. It grows thicker as it ages. The right amount of protection is offered at the right age. If you shave the inner coat, it is very difficult to grow to that stature again. Also, the shedding can happen like a sharp thorn. It shall be small and shall make your cleaning process difficult too. Also, the inner coat cannot be trimmed for comfort as well.

Protection from Dirt and Moisture: The double coat for the Labrador is of the prime body system. Both the coats together protects the dog from dirt and moisture. If you happened to shave it, you are allowing the dog for more danger. Many skin infections are possible and add to your trouble as well as for the dog.

Shedding does not Stop: As seen earlier if you intend to stop shedding by shaving. You are making a bigger mistake. Lab tends to shed and what good will it do if you shave. The fur shall grow and it shall shed too. Do not make the mistake of shaving the Lab anytime.

So, what can be done to keep your Labrador cool during summer?

As such, the shaving of Labrador is ruled out. What else can be done to keep your lab cool? Many things, yes many things.

Shaving is not the only solution to keep your dog cool. Also, the shaving can increase the difficulty too. Please follow the guidelines given below to keep your lab safe from summer.

Appropriate Grooming: This is the best alternative for shaving. The Labs shed and they may have loose hairs stuck in the body. Your job is to brush them off regularly. This removes excessive loose hairs and the ones that are about to shed as well. The loose hairs are the one that shall trap sunlight. It is wise to remove them by grooming. Use a good brush all the time. You can probably do it every 3 days. It shall keep your dog cool during summer. This allows the air to circulate appropriately and the inner coat which is already present does its job too.

Opt for a Professional Groomer: This is required at least once or twice a year. Though we brush the lab every three days, the professional support is required for you to keep things intact. Most of the labs shed once a year and a few, twice a year. Note this schedule and send your pet to the groomer, who shall assist you in this regard. We suggest you send your lab to the groomer during spring.

Save water during Summer: Yes, if you are planning to bathe your Labrador during summer, do not do that. It shall add to the misery. Rather, use a blower to blow the undercoat out. It shall remove the dirt and moisture from the body. Also, any tangled hair can be untangled. This shall be of great help as it gives way for the air to circulate. It also additionally removes any dander inside. Any type of foul smell is removed effectively.

Make them Drink Lot of Water: This is for all the living beings on earth we suppose. During summer, save water from bathing them and give them a good amount of water to drink. If it is hot and no fresh cool water, the dog might find it difficult to regulate its temperature. If there is enough money, get him a flashy pool where he can play during extremely hot days.

Tips to Groom Your Labrador

As we have seen that the only alternative to shaving is grooming. Let us know some of the important tips that you might use.

These tips shall ensure that you groom your pet correctly.

  1. Grooming must be in your schedule. You must groom your lab at least 2 to 3 times a week. If your dog is heavily shedding, you can groom them 4 times a week too. This shall reduce the matting,
  2. Ensure that you use correct grooming materials and tools. The idea is to remove the dead hair in from the body. If you do not use the right brush, you are not serving the purpose. Also, ensure that the brush is soft and sturdy enough to move through the fur. After three swipes remove the fur and redo it again.
  3. It is always advised to use a slicker brush. This shall get into the lengthier portion of the hair that the regular brush cannot get into.
  4. During the grooming process, you must remove the matted knots. The matter knots must be removed carefully. Place your hand in between the skin and hair so that you do not cut the skin of the lab.
  5. The last step to groom is to use a bristle brush to bring back the shine in your dog’s fur.

Labrador need not be shaved during summer. God’s gift through nature is already providing them with protection. All you have to do is, groom them at regular intervals. Do not allow your pet to be in danger by shaving them anytime.

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