Schnauzer Lab Mix Breed Information, Characteristics, and Facts

When it comes to choosing things in the supermarket we tend to search for ideal products according to our need but an apt pet searching is somewhat next to impossible because each being in this world has a unique trait and we cannot selectively choose from the options available.

But as they say, when is there is will there is a way, human beings have the enhanced capability of problem-solving and they find the way out of the problem easily. The dilemma of choosing a dog and not getting a suitable one according to the need gave birth to the concept of cross-breeding.

By definition, cross-breeding means to hybridize two different species to get a new one but this process is very complicated. Gregor Mendel coined this term and experimented with that on pea plant and today we are using this concept in every walk of life. This breakthrough has resulted in the evolution of how we breed animals especially dogs.

Dogs have always been with humans. Historically they were bred for security purposes but today they are everywhere. From therapies to recreational things you will find hounds everywhere. Crossbreeding has become much common these days and one such result of extensive crossbreeding is the schnauzer lab mix breed.

If the schnauzer lab mix looks appealing to you and if you are thinking of adopting one, then ladies and gentlemen, you are in the correct place. We will try to unfold each and every topic around the schnauzer lab mix so that you don’t have to go anywhere. You probably have come over many forums and platforms where a lot of people ask about this breed, aesthetically as well as physically, this breed is mesmerizing.

Schnauzer lab mix is a crossbreed between Canadian origin Labrador retriever and German origin Schnauzer. They do not have any specific name so you will constantly see this long-term “Schnauzer lab mix” in this blog. P.S. I have copied this text in my clipboard so that I do not have to repeat it! But before studying any dog’s breed it is essential to know about its parent breed. After all, progenies tend to acquire the trait of their parent breed.

Some topics in this world do not require any introduction and one of them is Labrador retriever…

Labrador Retriever

Likely the most well-known and adored variety of homegrown canine, lab don’t need any presentation in that capacity. Labrador was used as a working dog by the fishermen in Newfoundland and its adjacent areas but now they have become the household name. Curiously there are two sorts of Labrador-English and American. Male canines have a height of 24.5 inches and can put on weight as much as 80 pounds or around 36 kg while female canines can accomplish 23.5 inches of height and 70-pound weight or around 31.5 kg.

The lab is a friendly breed and is popular for lifelong bonding. They socialize well with everyone be it your friend, relative, neighbor, or even another dog. But don’t think that they are not capable of doing any outdoor thing. They are excellent athletes and are excellent swimmers (if taught) and hikers. You can check our blogs if you want to know more about them. You can check our sites if you are willing to know more about them. We are dedicatedly working towards the lab and we have left no stone unturned in their case. You can find things ranging from diet plans to health on our website.


Labs are known for their knowledge and wisdom and are very emotional beings. They participate well and go well in the family; they are extremely family-friendly being. Labs are considered highly trainable dogs and are actively used in different sectors for their versatility. As referenced above, they are a vivacious and energy-stuffed variety so prepare for some wreck in the house if you live a very boring life.

schnauzer 3


Schnauzer is native to Germany. They are absolutely unique breed and can be identified by that signature “snout” or” mustache”. And their name itself comes from the German word for the snout. The snout is the result of wonderful adaption and is to protect them from rat bites and scratches.

All and all, there are three types of schnauzer- miniature, standard and giant. So let’s see their individual traits.


They are the smallest of all and their breeding is getting uncommon because the bigger versions are getting more attention for breeding purposes. Male height ranges from 12 to 14 inches whereas the females have less height which is around 11 to 13 inches. Talking about their weight, males can weigh anywhere between 11-20 pounds while the females also weigh nearly the same. Typically, they are of Black, pepper and salt, black and silver, white color.


The history of standard schnauzer date backs to the 14th and 15th century by the mating of miniature and giant schnauzer. They are a robust and versatile breed and are generally classifies as utility dogs though more people are domesticating them for aesthetics. They have two variants i.e. either salt-and-pepper or black and are famous for exhibiting “ideal traits” which include alertness, agility, strength, intelligence, and others through the same is common for all Schnauzer, irrespective of size.

Male height ranges from 18 to 20 inches whereas the females have less height which is around 17 to 19 inches. Talking about their weight, males can weigh anywhere between 35-58 pounds while females can weigh anywhere between 30-45 pounds.


Giants are a relatively newer breed and were developed in the 17th century in Germany. and were created as a working dog breed since then they have been used extensively. They performed jobs like cattle driving, guarding. They too have the same color as the standard one. All in all, the color is the same in all the sizes because of the same gene.

Male height ranges from 25.5 to 27.5 inches whereas the females have less height which is around 23.5 to 25.5 inches. Talking about their weight, males can weigh anywhere between 77-104 pounds while females also weigh nearly the same as males. They are literally ubiquitous these days. Giants are serving in the police where they learn everything which matches their temperament.

Schnauzer are excellent swimmers and are better swimmers than Labrador. They are hairy and have a toned body; they can jump and reach ample height. Schnauzer is known for endurance and agility and they love to run, jump, and do different activities.


Schnauzer are known for their companionable behavior. They cooperate well and get dissolved easily in the family. They are very assertive and confident. Exhibiting sweet, energetic, and calm behavior you can expect many surprises. Some people refer to them as “ideal traits”. They are very dominant beings and are aggressive toward another animal. A very muscular and powerful breed; they are a nightmare for intruders. They are very gentle so if you have kids in your house then you don’t have to worry about them. And the best part about them- they are hypoallergic which means that they aren’t allergic to most things.

Now that we have discussed parent breeds of Schnauzer we shall now look into the Schnauzer lab mix.

Schnauzer lab mix

The above details on Labrador retriever and American Schnauzer can be helpful in determining the overall trait of schnauzer lab. The traits Schnauzer lab’s trait can lie anywhere between Labrador and which American Schnauzer includes their height, weight, color, etc that is why it was important to study about them first.

Physical Description

As mentioned above the physical or emotional trait of Schnauzer lab can lie anywhere between their parents’ trait so that means their height can lie between 22 to 27 inches and talk about the weight it can lie anywhere between 55 pounds to 115 pounds depending upon the Schnauzer’s size. The standard and giant Schnauzer lie close to the lab’s description, so they are widely used. Miniature ones are seldom used that is why it is getting more uncommon to see miniature schnauzer. You can see there is a huge possibility in the body structure.

The Schnauzer has a long and hairy coat, so will obviously inherit the long coat. Long coat requires more grooming but are aesthetically pleasing. Labrador retrievers come in three possible colors i.e. chocolate, black and yellow whereas American Schnauzer are primarily white in colors with marking of black, red, brindle, brown, or fawn but they can also possess coats in these colors. So Schnauzer lab mix inherits the color of their parent. They have a waterproof coat that is because of Labrador’s gene.

Genetically, females are shorter than males, as this is the same for both Labrador retriever and Schnauzer. The physical trait totally depends upon the purebred parent and the above information is just a gist of what you can expect if you are thinking of domesticating Schnauzer lab. Their tail is low, long, and curved. Schnauzer labs’ legs are straight which thick rear pads.           


The best part about Schnauzer lab is that they share the common temperament of Lab and Schnauzer. You can expect them to be intelligent, playful, jolly, vigorous, the family dog. The success behind the popularity of Labrador retriever was its ability to adapt to the condition and you can expect the same from Schnauzer lab.

The Schnauzers have extrovert and vigorous temperament so its progeny has that temperament. Labradors are destructive if they don’t find anything interesting and the same is with Schnaus but they are like mild destructors. They were bred, to deter the wolf attack and safeguard breweries and another establishment, by the traders but you can expect them to safeguard your home from any intruder. They are very patient and if you have any children in your house then you don’t have to worry about their safety.

 But as we said earlier, the traits are totally dependent upon the dominating gene. Labradors are outgoing and extroverted kinds of beings whereas Schnaus are kind of reserved breeds.


Schnauzer labs are inclined to indulging and obesity as one of their folks is an enthusiastic eater so turns out to be critical to pick an eating regimen plan which best suits the general turn of events. Supplanting the calorie-loaded treats with something natural and normal tidbit will altogether diminish the general fat admission.

The fat-laden red meat and other parts should be avoided and the boiled eggs or boiled meat should be given. Consult your vet for the quality and the brand of food if you are buying some pre-packed food. For a home-cooked meal, you should include different veggies and fibrous food. Sugar intake is not recommended as it can significantly decrease immunity.

Give meals according to their age proportion. Overeating is not recommended especially in old age where metabolism is simply weak digest any form of cereal and protein.



Schnauzer labs share a similar trait of lab and Schnauzer and luckily both of them possess low maintenance coats. Their coats require meager attention and bathing is necessary only twice or thrice a year depending upon the dirt. You should brush your tyke’s teeth regularly to prevent any tooth or gum disease. Aesthetically they are very appealing dogs but maintenance wise you can give them less time, thanks to their parent breed. The bad news is that both the breed’s coat can trap loose and dead hair so you will have to spend time brushing their fur. When you brush its fur, it is advisable to remove wax and dirt from the ears. You can use medical-grade cleaning solutions for the effective removal of ear wax. Their nails are very strong and grow quickly so regular clipping is recommended for deterring overgrowth.

Ideal living condition

Schnauzer labs are referred to do best in homes rather than apartments due to space limitations. Schnauzers are more of an out-going breed because of their past tendency. The schnauzer lab will likewise adore the proprietor who lives an audacious and appreciates being outside. It makes a brilliant family canine, and furthermore, it very well may be defensive and should be directed if any untouchables experience them.

Holding them on a chain is a smart thought if any untouchable is around them. In the event that he acquires his Labrador parent’s attribute for energy, at that point he could likewise be inclined to biting and hyperactivity. It is necessary to take them out for regular walks and hikes because they have apt stamina and you will also get a partner that won’t leave you in the middle of a jungle or hike. Obviously, they mingle well and are a decent family partner!

Common health conditions

Following are some of the medical conditions that American Schnauzer lab mix inherits from their parent breed.

  1. Elbow and hip dysplasia
  2. Neurological disorder
  3. Eye disorder which includes Progressive retinal atrophy and cataract.
  4. Bloat

Take your dog to the vet for an early eye checkup so that they can check for Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Bloat can be life-threatening so check for its sign which includes swollen and harden belly,  drooling, pain in the abdomen, panting, restlessness, retching. The life expectancy of the lab is about 10-12 years. Early health screening is a crucial part of keeping a schnauzer lab because they are always at a risk of contracting genetic diseases from the purebred parents.

Exercise and training

Both the Lab and the Schnauzer are very clever and skillful. The Lab values learning new things yet Schnauzer labs learn all the more independently due to their instincts and the parent gene. They could secure this independence from their remarkable Schnauzer parent, or he could be more inclined to basic getting ready like his Lab parent. So, you can count on any of these habits and plan their fitness and exercise regimes accordingly. Keep the arrangement techniques positive and fun so that both the owner and tyke can enjoy them. Labrador Retrievers are incredibly energetic canines and so are Schnauzers. So, the hybrid simply needs a rigorous and immense proportion of action. You could end up with qualities such as hiked endurance, agility, and alertness.

It is clear that a Schnauzer lab is a very easy-going breed that has the trait of both Labrador and American Schnauzer. Keep all these things in mind if you have one or are planning to groom one. There are many myths and rumors around crossbreeding which hasn’t been proven yet. But one of the major advantages of cross-breeding is that you get desirable traits. 

A schnauzer lab is a very unique breed and the outcome is very random after the breeding so you can expect any new surprise! If you want to buy one for your house then remember that you should keep it with utmost care. Merely completing desires and abandoning them afterward is morally incorrect. They are designer dogs but unfortunately, you will find them in adoption homes and rehab centers so before going for a buying check in the local adoption homes. Give a puppy a new home and life; this is the best gift that you can gift them.

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