Male Dog Names That Start With the Letter L

Adopting and raising a dog is a big responsibility. However, one will happily take such responsibility if it entails having the companionship of a trustworthy friend like a dog. The happiness of becoming the parent of a dog is no less than having one’s own baby. And the journey of raising a dog is no less beautiful than raising your own child.

In the course of this beautiful journey, one of the most significant and thrilling jobs is finding a suitable name for your furry friend. Otherwise, how will you address him and make him feel a part of your family?

Finding a suitable name is also essential for determining your pup’s response and behaviour towards you. If your dog cannot process or decipher the name you have given him, he will not listen and respond to you at all. Therefore, you need to take the job of naming your new four-legged baby very seriously.

Factors to Consider While Naming Your Dog

Dogs’ brains are not as big as human brains. Consequently, their potential to process information is very limited. Hence, you need to be quite careful and consider a variety of factors before choosing a name for your pup. Some of the most significant points that you must keep in mind before naming your dog are:

  1. Do not use lengthy names as your pup may find it difficult to remember his name.
  2. Do not use an embarrassing name that you cannot shout aloud in public places.
  3. Do not use a name similar to your other pets and family members.
  4. Do not use a name that is too much common. It will create confusion for your pup when he is playing in a park or any other public place.
  5. A name with two syllables is considered perfect when it comes to dogs.

Male Dog Names Starting with L

The twelfth letter of English alphabet series, ‘L’ is quite popular when it comes to choosing dog names. Here we have mentioned some of the most popular and trendy names starting with the alphabet ‘L’ for your furry friend:

  1. Loki
  2. Lucas
  3. Leonard
  4. Lucky
  5. Liko
  6. Lamont
  7. Luke
  8. Lancelot
  9. Lloyd
  10. Lennon
  11. Larry
  12. Lewis
  13. Lazar
  14. Leizer
  15. Lennart
  16. Lagoon
  17. Legend
  18. Lemuel
  19. Langford
  20. Lenny
  21. Lexter
  22. Latex
  23. Lever
  24. Levant
  25. Laptop
  26. Luther
  27. Lobo
  28. Ludwig
  29. Linus
  30. Logan
  31. Louie
  32. Lunar
  33. Liberty
  34. Laser
  35. Llama
  36. Limbo
  37. Lucifer
  38. Lion
  39. Leader
  40. Leo
  41. Lanky
  42. Lyon
  43. Lucian
  44. Lucent
  45. Label
  46. Lael
  47. Leto
  48. Lazar
  49. Labrador
  50. Ludo


The letter ‘L’ is so popular with regards to dog names that some of the most famous dogs throughout the world have their name starting with ‘L’. For example, ‘Lucca’, a German Shepherd who served the US Marine Corps for almost six years. Then, there’s ‘Laika,’ the first doggy astronaut of the world.

Based on your pup’s likes and personality, you can choose any of the names from the list mentioned above. They meet all the criteria that you need to consider while naming your pup.

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