Boy Dog Names That Start With the Letter K

One of the most exciting as well as confusing part of adopting and raising a new pup is choosing a suitable name for it. There are so many options that people often don’t know where to start. Consequently, they often end up calling their pups with random names. And their dogs even don’t know how to respond to such names.

Selecting that one right name for your furry friend is very important for an effective start to your dog parenting journey. Your pup’s overall behaviour and response towards you will depend on the name by which you call him. If he doesn’t understand or remember the name you have given, there are high chances that your dog won’t listen to you at all.

Points to Remember While Naming Your Dog

Naming Your Dog

Here are some important points that you must keep in mind while naming your pup. These points will not only help you to select the most suitable name for your dog but also streamline the whole name selection process.

  1. Select a name that concludes with a vowel sound: Dogs have a much higher potential to differentiate between frequency ranges than human beings. Consequently, when you call your dog with a vowel name, they become aware of the change of tone that a vowel name tends to exhibit.
  2. Avoid using lengthy names: Your Dog’s brain size is one-tenth of your brain. Consequently, he may find it difficult to remember his name if it is too lengthy. Besides that, you will also get tired of calling him with such a long name after a point of time. Therefore, use a small, snappy name that contains only two syllables.
  3. Avoid using a name that sounds like a command: It is very important to select a name that is not similar to any of the commands you may use to address your pup. Otherwise, your dog may get confused whenever you call him by his name.
  4. Choose an uncommon name: Your dog has its own unique personality. Then why choose a very common name? Moreover, a common name or a name that is similar to your other pets or family members can confuse your dog. Therefore, you must try to search for a unique name for your four-legged friend.

Boy Dog Names Beginning With the Alphabet “K.”

Dogs are very aware of non-palatized (hard) consonant sounds. Therefore, a name starting with the letter ‘K’ will help you to gain your pup’s attention easily. Here is a list of some popular male dog names starting with the alphabet ‘K’:

  1. Kaalu
  2. Kady
  3. Kafka
  4. Kaiser
  5. Kai
  6. Kaka
  7. Kalla
  8. Kariya
  9. Kaspo
  10. Kato
  11. Kody
  12. Kaki
  13. Kayro
  14. Kofy
  15. Kenny
  16. Kiko
  17. Killy
  18. Kimono
  19. Koala
  20. Kratos
  21. Krusty
  22. Kimmy
  23. Kiosko
  24. Kio
  25. Kenzo
  26. Karma
  27. Krypto
  28. Kuzco
  29. Kaito
  30. Kamaro
  31. Kandi
  32. Kandyno
  33. Kandro
  34. Karlo
  35. Karlos
  36. Kennedy
  37. Kento
  38. Kevin
  39. Killer
  40. Koko
  41. Komet
  42. Korro
  43. Kosmo
  44. Koshy
  45. Kuggy
  46. Kurly
  47. Kester
  48. Kyle
  49. Kilo
  50. Kinder


This list mentioned contains enough unique boy dog names starting with the alphabet K. All you need to do is consider your pup’s personality and select the most suitable name for him. However, if you are still not satisfied and want to name your dog after a famous cartoon character, call him “K-9.” Isn’t it a cool name?

“K-9” is the alien pet dog of “Marvin the Martian.” He is credulous and unintelligent but often occupies a favourable position over his master. If your pup has all these qualities, “K-9” is the name for him.

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