Labrador Puppy Beds and Bedding Tips

Most dog owners consider purchasing a separate bed for their dog a luxury. However, they don’t understand that a dog bed is useful for both them and their dog. Getting your pup its own bed becomes especially important when it is sick or injured. So, try to be a little generous for your pup’s comfort and provide it with s separate dog bed.

Now that you are clear about the importance of separate bedding for your Lab puppy, you must be wondering which beds are best suited to your dog. It is natural for your thought process to head that way. And why not?

There are so many types of dog beds available in the market. Based on shapes, we have square ones, round ones, squashy ones. Then we have beds of different designs such as checks, tartans, and faux fur. Besides that, there are beds with particular qualities like:

  • Spongeable
  • Washable
  • Hose able
  • Waterproof
  • Orthopedic
  • Beds with legs
  • Beds with sides
  • Beds with facilities to place blankets and baskets in them and so on.

Such a vast range of choices can obviously cause your head to spin with confusion. However, do not worry. That’s precisely what we are here for. We will deal with all the factors essential for selecting a suitable bed for your Labrador pup. We will also provide you with the Amazon links for the dog beds to be mentioned by us. So, read over and gratify your curiosity.

How to begin your dog’s bed-searching mission?

Before you plan to look for your pup’s bed, you need to first chalk out the objectives you want your dog’s bed to achieve. You have to analyze your dog’s nature, behavior, and personality. For that, you have to carefully observe your dog’s habits and accordingly decide which bed will be suitable for your pup.

Nonetheless, there are some general habits that all Lab puppies tend to possess or acquire. Some of them include chewing, scratching, etc. Even their beds do not seem to be spared from their torture. They chew it, pound it, rip off the mattress, dig out the bed stuffing, jump on it, have ‘accidents,’ and the list goes on.

Now, you may think, why not present your dog with a chew-proof and scratch-proof bed? Unfortunately, they do not really exist in the real sense. If you want to provide your pup a chew-proof and scratch-proof dog bed, the material with which the mattress is made up won’t let your pup sleep in peace. Then what is the effectiveness of such bedding?

Now, do not scratch your head, wondering whether you should expend your hard-earned money on a dog bed that your pup is ultimately going to rip off. You have to do it. There’s no stepping back. However, you have to ascertain that you spend as little as possible on your dog’s bed. Having established this fact, let us move to the actual work of bed-hunting for your Labrador pup.

Bed Shopping for Labrador Puppy

Before you decide to run to the pet supermarket, or start scrolling online stores, keep two things in mind.

  1. Your Labrador is an inquisitive creature.
  2. It must be teething.

Consequently, there is a high probability that it will chew off or swallow its first bed. Therefore, even if you want your dog to feel warm and comfortable, you have to be a little heedful and not get carried away by your feelings for your pup.

Here are some of the things you must keep in your mind before running into an online or offline pet store.

  1. Usually, dogs tend to chew the edges of their bed. Therefore, ascertain that the dog bed you choose has lesser fringes. It will make the dog bed less appealing for your pup, and thus, its curiosity won’t be triggered.
  2. It is natural for you to feel concerned for your furry baby and try to make it feel cozy amidst warm and fluffy cushions and a padded bed. But you must remember that your puppy is still not used to the notion of having its own bedding. Too much comfort will definitely trigger its curiosity. If you insist on having a padded and stuffed bed, you must ensure that your pup’s bed is placed within your vicinity. It will enable you to keep a vigilance on your pup’s antics.
  3. Lastly, as far as your dog’s bed is concerned, you must learn to skimp a bit. It is salutary to first teach your pup how to use its mattress. Once you are sure that your dog has become accustomed to the idea of separate bedding and has learned how to behave, then only consider buying an expensive dog bed.

Different kinds of dog beds for your Lab pup

Having established the objectives that you should want your pup’s bed to fulfill, let us see what types of dog beds are suitable for your Labrador puppy.

1. Puppy versions of Adult Dog beds

If you think your Labrador puppy is trained enough to have a beautiful luxurious bed with loads of stuffing, a downy lined bed with elevated sides is recommended for your pup, like this one:

This fluffy lined cuddler from the ASPCA is made from a fabric that is a hundred percent polyester. Consequently, it won’t be easy for your pup to rip it off. Besides that, it is less prone to developing stains as we all know that polyester tends to be less absorbent. Furthermore, it is washable and can be dried quickly. As a result, your pup won’t have to spend a single night without its bed.

However, as it is visible in the picture that there are edges in this one. So ascertain that you either do your pup’s bed training adequately or choose a place from where you can always keep an eye on your pup’s actions.

In case you want to do away with the edges, we will suggest you get a ‘donut style’ dog bed for your pup, like this one from Hiputee:

Again, because the fabric is made of polyester material, you won’t have to worry about its durability.

2. Puppy Crate Rugs

As far as your pup’s bed training is concerned, puppy crate rugs are one of the most suitable of all dog beds. Because you have to do your Lab’s crate training, why not make the crate a comfortable one? After all, the dog crate is going to serve as a separate domain for your pup.

One of these crate rugs’ most remarkable features is that they are mainly created to fit the usual crate sizes available in the market. Consequently, there is no chance that the rugs’ edges will have to be raised to make it fit into the crate.

As there is zero probability of your pup’s crate mat not fitting within its crate, your dog won’t get access to the rug’s edges. As a consequence, you won’t have to fret about your pup’s chewing habits.

Besides that, crate rugs tend to be lightweight. They do not contain too much stuffing. These qualities make them less prone to severe damages and suitable for washing machines. Furthermore, they are moderately priced. No doubt, they will fit your budget. You have to purchase two rugs. It will enable you to have an option ready as you decide to wash your dog’s bed. Here is the link to a suitable crate pad for your Lab puppy.

3. Veterinary bedding for Pups

If you are smitten by the crate pads, you have not yet known about the veterinary puppy beds. In fact, they are the most suitable dog beds if your pup has a terrible chewing habit. The fabric is made of synthetic fleece that makes these dog beds extraordinarily durable and resistant to wears and tears. Furthermore, dogs usually don’t find these vet beds too appealing to chew. Although not very cozy and cuddlesome like the stuffed dog beds,  they are still comfortable and soft.

On top of that, they are durable. In fact, unlike those fluffy soft dog beds, vet dog beds won’t lose their ‘bounce’ too quickly. Even though vet beds are washable and can be tumble dried, they tend to be stiff-backed. Consequently, you will find it a bit difficult to adjust the dog bed in your washing machine. Hence, it is recommended that you purchase two vet beds of a smaller size. You can place them in the crate in such a way that they lay over each other.

Vet beds are available both as roll and pre-cut pieces to fit your pup’s basket or crate. Purchase whichever you find convenient to use. And don’t worry about their comfort level. With every wash, they grow softer and softer. Here is the link to a suitable vet bed for your Lab puppy:×20/dp/B000UGFOXC/ref=pd_lpo_199_t_2/131-1288032-3949664?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000UGFOXC&pd_rd_r=3fe3add3-0d44-488d-a876-8d5dfbfdfa76&pd_rd_w=xAWAR&pd_rd_wg=lXFV2&pf_rd_p=7b36d496-f366-4631-94d3-61b87b52511b&pf_rd_r=V9JWD8FZQZEQ74QQ1SDQ&psc=1&refRID=V9JWD8FZQZEQ74QQ1SDQ

4. Blankets for Puppies

To begin your Labrador’s bed training, you can choose to prepare a puppy bedding on your own. All you need to do is get some old blankets or towels and cut or fold them according to your pup’s crate size. If you have baby blankets that are no longer in use, employ them to make a comfortable bed for your puppy. Because they tend to be smaller in size, you won’t have much difficulty fitting them into your washing machine.

If you don’t have old blankets or towels, you can always choose to purchase them from a charity. The price is meager. Or you can choose to be a bit more sympathetic towards your pup and get it some new blankets. Here is the link to some beautiful puppy blankets for your Lab.

However, there are some severe limitations of using towels and blankets:

  1. Your Labrador will develop a terrible habit of chewing because of the appealing fabric.
  2. They are inclined to trap dander and hair. This can cause a severe problem if any one of your family has pet allergies.
  3. You have to use several of them to prepare a comfortable surface for your pup to sleep.


Providing your pup with bed training is one of the first tasks you must do after bringing your pup home. Not merely because you need to save the dog bed from getting damaged and, therefore, save your hard-earned money. That’s, of course, an essential factor. However, there is a more crucial reason behind this argument.

Your pup’s chewing habit can land it in serious trouble if it swallows its bedding stuff. Most of the time, puppies tend to spit out whatever they have chewed. However, you never know about their actions. Therefore, observe your pup carefully and call the vet immediately if it swallows too much of its bedding. Try to diminish this habit at the nascent stage itself. You don’t wish to see your pup getting sick, right?