How Often Should Labradors Be Groomed

After having a Labrador, the first question that comes to the mind is how to take care of the dog. Besides feeding the dog on time, what other steps are required to ensure his health? Grooming the Labrador is essential to ensure his health. This process makes him clean and prevents various diseases in advance. Many Labrador owners often ask the question of how often Labradors should be groomed. Let’s take a look at why Labrador needs grooming and what are the steps associates with the grooming process. This article summarizes all of these questions and explaining the Labrador grooming process in detail.

Why the Need to Groom Labradors

Before knowing how frequent Labrador needs grooming, many people wonder about the benefits of grooming. As a dog owner, it is very important to understand that the Labrador is not a toy. It is a living breathing animal. Just like a human it also needs regular care. Otherwise, the animal will get sick quickly. Here are a few reasons why Labrador needs regular grooming.

  1. Health: Grooming allows inspecting the Labrador closely. During this time it is easy to assess its health. Therefore, the owner can take the right steps to ensure the health of the dog. Most of the time an early indication of his degrading health can be found in the grooming process.
  2. Hygiene: Grooming makes the dog clean. Regular baths can prevent parasite accumulation in dogs. Regular brushing makes better airflow through his air and stops hair falling. Teeth and nail care also remove germ from his body.
  3. Appearance: Regular grooming not only make the Labrador healthy, but it also makes the dog look good. Grooming makes a psychological effect on the dog. Even though it is a superficial reason, but it makes the dog look beautiful.
  4. Bonding: Grooming allows the owner to bond with the dog. During this time the dog plays with the owner and get familiar with him better. It is an opportunity for the Labrador to know who is taking care of him.
  5. Obedient: It becomes more obedient when the Labrador gets familiar with his owner. Both the dog and his owner learn about each other during the grooming process. It builds up the communication link better between the dog and his owner.

How often should a Labrador be groomed?

The grooming is a process where you take care of the Labrador. It is a continuous process. Many people do it every day, but it is not necessary. For a normal grooming process, the owner needs to give a few hours every week for the dog. Generally, it is recommended to brush the Labrador twice a week. During the shedding season in spring and fall, the owner needs to increase the brushing frequency. At this time it is recommended to do the brushing 3 or 4 times per week.

Similarly, give the Labrador bath once a week. However, in the winter season, it is recommended to reduce this frequency. In the cold season, it is all right to give the Labrador bath twice a month. Clip his nail once a month if the Labrador runs of concrete and asphalt. Otherwise, the owner can clip it when necessary.

How do you groom Labradors?

The grooming is a process, which can be divided into six parts. These are bath, brushing, clipping nails, cleaning ears, cleaning teeth, and taking care of eyes. The owner can choose to do all these processes in one day or choose to do it as per requirement.

  1. Bath: it is the most essential process of dog grooming. Just like a human the dog also gets dirty. But unlike a human, they can’t clean up themselves properly. For this reason, Labrador needs a bath regularly. At first, put the dog on a leash and then tie it up with something from where it cannot run away easily. So the Labrador cannot run away easily. Then take a hose pipe and give it a gentle bath. At this time, use specific dog shampoo for cleaning his fur. After giving the Labrador bath, dry it well with a dry towel. The owner can also use a hairdryer for this purpose.
  2. Brushing: Next important part of Labrador grooming is brushing. The brush removes dead follicles out of his fur and makes the fur shiny. Another benefit of brushing is that the process allows air to circulate through his body and increase new hair growth process. Use high-quality Labrador for combing. Start brushing from the top and then gently go down. Most Labrador loves brushing; they will remain silent this time.
  3. Clipping nails: The nails of Labrador are very sharp. In the jungle, they used to utilize it for hunting. Most house dogs don’t need long nails. If these nails grow longer it can hurt the owner. For this reason, hold the dog tight and clip his nail every month.
  4. Cleaning ears: The ears of the Labrador can fill with wax and in the future, it may cause bacterial infection. For this reason, check every week for wax accumulation. If any ear waxes come to notice then clean it with hot water and a cotton swab.
  5. Cleaning teeth: Some time food debris remains stuck to the Labrador teeth. It required being clean properly. Otherwise, it may cause germ growth in his teeth and later cause problems in his teeth canal. Use a toothbrush and dog toothpaste (it is different than what human uses) to clean Labrador teeth and gums.
  6. Cleaning eyes: Just like humans, the eyes of Labrador also produce tears. These tears can accumulate into tearstains or boogers. If not cleaned regularly it can cause bacterial infection into the eyes. Use warm water and cotton swabs to clean the eyes.

Should I groom Labrador puppies?

Labrador puppies do not require any grooming when they are born. At the initial stage, their mother takes care of them. The owner needs to wait at least 8 to 12 weeks before starting the grooming process on Labrador puppies. In the beginning, the owner needs to comb the puppy slowly with a soft brush. Then the puppy needs to get familiar with the water. After the puppy gets a little comfortable with the water, give it a light bath with warm water. During this time clean its paw, ear, and eyes. The owner can clip its nail when the puppy gets 16 weeks old.

When do you need to groom Labs most?

Compared to other dogs the Labrador has short hair. This species of dog also require less grooming, most of the time twice a month grooming is enough. However, during the fall and spring season the dog starting shedding more. During this time combing its fur becomes necessary.

It is advised to increase grooming sessions in these two seasons. During this time it is better to Labrador grooming 10 days apart. To keep the dog comfortable from hair shedding it is recommended to comb the dog 4 times a week. It is the time when need to groom the Labrador most. Regular grooming keeps him happy and healthy.

Best brush for grooming Labs

The brush is the most important tool for dog grooming. Buy the best quality grooming brush after having the Labrador. The owner needs to use it two to four times a week. Regular combing keeps the fur healthy and shiny. It also keeps loose undercoat and mats away from the dog’s skin. Here are five different types of brushes available on Amazon for Labrador grooming that you can try.

1) HOP Home of Paws Dog Brush for Grooming

Home of Paws

It is a Double-Sided Brush specially designed for Labrador grooming. Two sides of this brush are made out of different materials. One side of this brush is made out of metal wire and another side is made out of thick nylon bristle. Brushing with the metal side of the brush helps the dog shedding dead fur. The brush also removes tangled hair, knots, and mats.

On the other hand they nylon side of the brush helps essential oil distribution. The owner can also give the dog a light massage with this side of the brush. The brush is made out of wood and the handle has a non-slip cover. The brush is around 9 inches long with its handle. It is very easy to use and most Labrador loves grooming with it.

However, there is a big drawback with this brush. There is no shedding dispensing mechanism available in this brush. Therefore, removing long hair out of this brush can be a bit difficult.

2) Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This brush is made out of plastic. However, this plastic is very durable and designed to last a long time. This brush has a soft bristle. The bristle is retractable and comes out with a push of a button. Use this brush to gently remove Tangled Hair, mats, and loose undercoat. This brush has a gripped handle, which lets the brush in hand when combing.

Along with adult dogs, this brush can be used on small puppies. The brush doesn’t have any sharp angle to it. Therefore, this brush cannot hurt the puppies. The big benefit of this brush is that it has a hair dispensing mechanism. For this reason, removing hair from this brush is very easy. When not in use tap the button in behind to retract the bristle inside.

3) Pet Magasin Professional Grooming Brushes

Magasin Professional Grooming Brush

It is a brush set, comes with three different types of brushes. Most professional dog groomers use these types of brush sets to groom dogs. This set contains one double-sided brush with metal bristles on one side and nylon bristles on another side. Another brush has an undercoat rake. The third brush is a de-matting tool. It is the best brush set for the Labrador.

Different brush set gives you reach to each corner of the Labrador. It is much easier to groom the dog with this set of brushes. For this reason, it is the first choice of professional dog groomers.

The thick padded handle of these brushes is non-slippery. For this reason, the brush always remains in hand when combing the dog. All brushes are made from durable material and these brushes last quite a long time.

4) ROPO Dog Grooming Brush

ROPO Dog Grooming Brush

This brush has a dual purpose. Along with regular grooming, it can also be used during the bath. The brush is made out of plastic and it doesn’t get damaged in water. The brush has a ring handle and it tightly fits in every hand. At the time of giving a bath, the brush does not come out of hand easily.

The brush is very lightweight and using this brush does not put any strain on the hand. The brush is made out of safe PPP plastic. The non-toxic element of this brush does not cause any harm to the dog. This brush can also be used for giving the dog a massage. The brush will help the owner groom their dog perfectly.

5) Pet Grooming Glove

Pet Grooming Glove

Many Labrador doesn’t like combing with regular brushes. For these types of dogs, the owner can use pet grooming gloves. This pet grooming glove is suitable for those dogs that have some kind of skin infection where the normal brushes enhance the irritation. The unique type of brush glove softly removes loose hair from the Labrador and doesn’t cause him any irritation.

It has very soft rubbery bristles. As a result, it gives the dog quite a relaxation. Compared to other brushes, this glove gives you more control. It is made from durable material, which is designed to last a long time.

How often should I bath a Labrador

Bath is the most important part of hygiene. It is necessary to keep the dog clean. Many people wonder how often the Labrador needs a bath. The frequency of the bath depends on how quickly the dog gets dirty. If the dog goes outside and plays in the dirt, then it needs more baths. Generally, if the dog stays home and doesn’t go out that often then it is recommended to give the Labrador bath twice a month.

The owner also needs to keep the weather condition in mind. In cold winter it is ok to give the Labrador bath 20 days apart. During this time, use warm water for the bath. Similarly, in hot summertime the frequency of baths needed to be increased. During this time give the dog bath every week.

Shampoo and conditioners for Labs

There are various types of dog shampoo and conditioners available in the market. This fact puzzles many Labrador owners. They often find it hard to choose the right shampoo and conditioners for the Labrador. First of all the shampoo regular people use is not good for Labrador. Avoid their use as much as possible. The fur of Labrador contains natural oil. This oil repeals the water and maintains the body heat of the dog. Ordinary shampoo can wash away this oil coating from the dog skin, which may cause various problems to the dog skin.

Instead of regular shampoo and conditioners, use Labrador specific shampoos. For puppies, the owner can use baby shampoo and a mixture of olive oil. If the Labrador skin is sensitive to chemical shampoo then it is better to use oatmeal or aloe type shampoo. There is also hypoallergenic dog shampoo available in the market for allergic Labrador. Once in awhile give the dog a bath with fleas killing shampoo. It will keep the fleas away from the dog.

Drying your dog after bath

Drying the dog is the next important step after giving the Labrador bath. If the dog lives in a warmer climate, then it will shake off the water and dry himself naturally by going out under the sun. However, this option is not feasible if the dog lives in a colder climate. It can catch a cold if the owner lets the dog dry through the natural process. In such a situation, using a hairdryer or blow dryer is the best option. After giving the dog bath, dry the excess water with a dry towel or chamois. Then use the hairdryer or blow dryer to dry the dog quickly.

Cleaning your Lab’s ears

The ears of Labrador accumulate wax over time. This wax is a breeding ground for germs. If not cleaned in time, it can cause bacterial infection to the dog’s ears. To avoid such cases, check the dog’s ear every week and clean ear wax regularly. For normal cleaning warm water and cotton swabs are enough.

To clean the ears at first, the owner needs to calm down the dog. Then unfold the ear cups. Then put a few drops of warm water into it and clean with cotton swabs. In case of any bloodstain come to notice, use an ear cleaning agent.

Cleaning A Labrador’s Teeth

Unlike a human, the Labrador doesn’t need daily brushing. However, just like human pluck also accumulates in Labrador’s teeth. For this reason, the owner needs to brush the Labrador once in a week. For this purpose do not use regular toothpaste. There are specific dog kinds of toothpaste available in the market in different food flavours.

At first, make the dog calm and then gently open his mouth by pulling one side up. Then gently brush the gum and teeth at a 45-degree angle. Brushing once a week will keep his mouth clean. It will also remove food debris from his mouth.

Trimming a Labrador’s nails

Many dog owners dismiss the fact, that just like humans the Labrador’s nails also require clipping. However, long nails can put stress on the dog’s claw, especially if the dog often runs on a hard surface like concrete. Hard surfaces put total body weight on the nails and cause the nails curve. It such conditions the Labrador experience immense pain and start walking slowly.

If the nail grows longer then at first make the dog calm, then clip the nail using a nail cutter. There are many specific dog nail cutters available in the market. It will make the job easy.

How to Care for Eyes of Labs

Just like us the eyes of Labrador is very delicate. Dust particles, shampoo, or any other ingredient can irritate their eyes. If it comes to notice that the dog is holding his eye with his paw, it means the Labrador is suffering from any eye problem. Check its eye first, if require clean it with dog eye rinse cloth. If the situation doesn’t improve with it, then take him to the veterinarian immediately.

The owner can also use the dog eye rinse cloth to clean the dog eyes every week. It stops eye booger formation and prevents further bacterial infection in the eyes. If the dog eye rinses cloth not available nearby then the owner can soak a cotton swab in warm water and clean the dog’s eyes.



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