Dog Names for Boys that Begin with R

Having a pet is not an easy job. The difficulty starts from the first moment. The first question arise in everyone’s mind is that what name will suit it? Many people just call their dog with regular name. It just shows the laziness of the owner. However, a unique name which has a proper meaning shows the sophisticated nature of the owner. It expresses his taste and culture. Here are few dog names that start with the letter “R”. All of these names have proper meaning to it. Choose one of these names according to personal preference and the nature of the animal.

Dog NameMeaningThe breed it suits
RakoSomeone who love dance and musicGolden Retriever
RaikoThe Bulgarian word for sunPit Bull Terrier
Rambassomeone who can change destinyBorder Collie
RamiroThe Spanish word for supremeGerman Shepherd
RankoWho is very early to everythingDogo Argentino
RamiresA wise ruler of the worldLabrador Retriever
RasantSomeone is very fast in everythingPug
RatschaAdmirable to everyoneCocker Spaniel
RaukThe Austrian word for the best friend Labrador Retriever
RegusSome who love to do actingNeapolitan Mastiff
RemoA strong person or defenderGerman Spitz
RexorThe Filipino word for “The Last Dragon”Lhasa Apso
RibotThe French word for obedientRottweiler
RienoA Korean word for freedomBeagle
RimboThe Indonesian word for jungleGolden Retriever
RizziAn Italian word for curlyPit Bull Terrier
RoverAnyone who loves to travel log distanceBorder Collie
RusoAnyone with reddish complexionBeagle
RaskanSomeone fearless in natureGerman Shepherd
RapoxSomeone who can’t remain stop in one placeDogo Argentino
RangoAnyone who weak up lateLabrador Retriever
RiffMusic lover who always dancePug
RalkSomeone who loves the colour redCocker Spaniel
RenkoA Germanic word for slender or curvedLabrador Retriever
RoscoA Scandinavian name for someone love gamesGolden Retriever
RoryThe red king of the junglePit Bull Terrier
RosaA Latin word for roseBorder Collie
RucaSomeone faithful to elderly womanGerman Shepherd
RonanAn Irish word for little sealDogo Argentino
RastaA Hindi word for road or walkwayLabrador Retriever


Many people choose their dogs name on their own and many people need consultation with their family. In both cases the dog owner need to keep couple of things in mind. At first he needs to short out some unique names. Make sure no one nearby call their pets with these names. Otherwise it may create confusion in future.

Another aspect of naming is the meaning of the name. Do not give any name to your dog where the meaning of the name is unknown. In above table there are multiple dog names available, which start with the letter “R”. These names are unique and all of these names have proper meaning to it. These names show sophisticated nature and class of the dog owner.

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