Best Retriever Kennel Cover

Labrador retriever is indeed a versatile dog. Compared to a human they can easily withstand rough weather. For this reason, many people overestimate their ability and keep these dogs out in an open enclosure. However, it is not the right way of thinking and it may cause some difficulties for the dog.

Open space does not give the dog any privacy and any activity outside makes him nervous. Similarly, the open enclosure doesn’t provide any protection from the weather and the dog can catch cold and other illnesses easily. Therefore it is important to have a retriever kennel cover for the dog.

Best retriever kennel covers

1. EXPAWLORER Double Side Dog Playpen Cover

EXPAWLORER Double Side Dog Playpen Cover

This cover is designed for hot climatic areas, where a closed cover can create suffocation for the dog. It is a large cover only for the top portion of the crate. The cover keeps the bottom portion of the crate open and let the air circulate properly. The dimension of this cover is 51 inches by 51 inches. Due to this large size, this cover fits all small and large dog crates easily.

The owner can install the cover quickly and it can be done under a few minutes. For quick fit, the cover comes with multiple straps in the side. These straps can be easily tied to the side of the cover. For this task, there are no requirements for special tools. Once tied to the crate the cover remains in place securely and doesn’t budge from its position.

The cover has a dual-layer. It protects the retriever from the harsh weather and sun. Extra-durable 190T polyester taffeta cloth has been used for this cover. This fabric is known for durability and lasts quite a long time. The material of this fabric is so tough that the dog won’t be able to tear it apart. The cover is washing machine friendly and easy to wash when necessary.

2. HiCaptain Double Door Dog Crate Cover

HiCaptain Double Door Dog Crate Cover

It is a simple Kennel Cover available in different sizes. The smallest Kennel Cover size is 24 inches and the largest Kennel Cover is 42 inches long. The Kennel Cover encloses the dog crate from all six directions and gives the retriever a safe and comfortable environment. The cover has two openings. It gives the dog an open view when needed.

The cover is made out of light yet durable fabric. It is UV light and windproof. Therefore, many people use it for both indoor and outdoor dog crates. The fabric of this cover is made out of scratch-proof material and it is so durable that the dog won’t be able to scratch or tear it apart. The synthesized polymer used in this fabric is also very safe for the dog. It is breathable and lets the air circulate inside the crate slowly.

The weight of this cover is around 4.2 pounds. Without much instruction, anyone can put this cover on. The cover comes with multiple hooks, which can be easily strapped to the side of the crate. Four elastic ties in the corners keep the cover in place tightly. The cover also has a zip opening on the top. Pulling up the crate becomes easy with when the cover in on.

3. Petsfit Durable Single Door Polyester Dog Crate

Petsfit Durable Single Door Polyester Dog Crate

This Kennel Cover is made with durable oxford cloth. The cover can withstand bites from the dog’s sharp teeth. It won’t be worn out easily and going to last for a long time. The oxford cloth has breathable properties. For better ventilation, the Kennel Cover has two mesh windows and two openings. This Kennel Cover is designed to withstand any temperature difference. The retriever will be comfortable in both hot summer days and wintery chilli night.

This Crate Cover does not use any tie-up string. Instead, it has high-quality zippers. These zippers are made from steel teeth and easy to fit. Metal slider and nylon teeth make these zippers very strong and durable. Installing this cover on the crate is an effortless job and doesn’t require any instruction at all.

The covers weigh around 2.8 pounds only. Thanks to this lightweight the dog crate does not become bulky. After installing this cover the owner can move around the crate easily. The cover has a warranty for one month. In case of any problem, the owner can exchange the cover without any hassle.

4. Pet Dreams Complete Crate Bedding Set

Pet Dreams Complete Crate Bedding Set

The unique feature of this Kennel Cover is inner padding. This padding has two purposes. One is to give the retriever thermal protection from outside elements and the second is to provide a comfortable surface where the dog can rest well. The cover converts an ordinary dog crate into a perfect shelter for the retriever. It keeps the dog cool from the outside commotion and proved a relaxing place to sleep.

The fabric of this Kennel Cover is made out of washable material. It is super easy to clean. The owner can wash the cover in the washing machine as well. Even after multiple washes, the cover will retain its shape and properties. The durable fabric is very strong and it can endure the dog’s bites. It is 100% scratch proof and lasts quite a long time.

This Kennel Cover is most suitable for cold climatic areas. The thick pad on the ground and side will give the dog warmth. There is only one opening available in the front, which allows the dog ventilation and a way to in and out. Installing this cover on the dog crate is very easy. There are dedicated strings present on the cover. These strings get easily attached to the dog crate.

5. Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

MicroLite3 insulation is the primary material of this cover. It is a high level of insulation. It is made out of two heavy-duty polymer shells. It creates a protective personal space for the dog. Different sizes of covers are available. Available lengths of this cover are 32, 36, 37, and 42 inches. For easy carriage, the cover comes with two handles. These handles give the option to move the crate while the cover is on.

The cover has multiple pockets around it. These pockets let the owner carry multiple dog-related things with the Kennel crate. It is water-resistant and keeps the rainwater outside the dog crate. The cover also has a rubbery bottom and it keeps the crate in a fixed place. It is an ultra-modern cover, which makes a perfect habitation for the dog.

In the frontal section, there is an opening and there are two windows available in the side. These windows are protected with mesh and the owner can open or close them according to climactic condition. Opening the window slots lets fresh air in and reduces the temperature inside the crate. Similarly, closing window slots increases the temperature inside the crate.


Whether a dog lives inside or outside of the house, the kennel cover is an essential part of his habitation. In hot summer days, it keeps the dog cool and gives warms in cold winter nights. Good kennel covers protect him from sunlight, rain, and other outside elements. It also gives the dog a cosy environment for relaxation. It keeps the dog spate from outside commotion.

However, before purchasing any kennel cover take a proper measurement of the dog crate and make sure the cover fits the crate properly. At the time of installation fit it tightly. Always try to purchase washable kennel covers. It will make the sanitation job easy. Every week clean the cover with detergent. Make sure the material used for the cover is made out of breathable fabric and provides proper air circulation to the crate. Otherwise, the dog will fill suffocation and discomfort.  

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