Male Dog Names that Begin with the Letter P

Naming the pet dog is an enticing experience. The pup that comes home will be called with the best suited name that shall set the tone for joy. Especially the male dogs shall have relatively a men ‘thing’ in their names to make it sound bold and cute. Unlike the female dogs where it is more of a princess and lovely types. Nevertheless, this writes up is all about the names of male dogs that start with letter ‘P’ Here we go.

1. Penny / Pennie26. Patches51. Poe / Po76. Pugsley
2. Piper / Pyper27. Puppy52. Poncho77. Peggy
3. Pepper28. Peach53. Pickle78. Piglet
4. Peanut29. Paris54. Patrick79. Peewee
5. Prince30. Pickles55. Pongo80. Princeton
6. Pablo31. Polly56. Pedro81. Pilot
7. Prince32. Peyton57. Perry82. Pita
8. Poppy33. Pippin58. Pancake83. Piggy
9. Penelope34. Pluto59. Puck84. Patton
10. Parker35. Presley60. Pixel85. Punkin
11. Paisley36. Pip61. Pookie86. Phantom
12. Pearl37. Pepe62. Paxton87. Paddington
13. Petey / Petie38. Polo63. Paige88. Peppa
14. Pippa39. Pancho64. Preston89. Prissy
15. Porter40. Petunia65. Pico90. Puff
16. Pebbles41. Payton66. Palmer91. Paddy
17. Peaches42. Peach67. Pippi / Pippy92. Puma
18. Pixie43. Pierre68. Pudge93. Pepsi
19. Panda44. Peter69. Prada94. Pogo
20. Paco45. Patch70. Posey95. Pinot
21. Precious46. Pj71. Porkchop / Pork Chop96. Philly
22. Pumpkin47. Papi72. Potato97. Pup
23. Phoenix48. Pinky73. Pandora98. Patty / Patti
24. Pete49. Penny Lane74. Priscilla99. Popeye
25. Pablo50. Pax75. Phil100. Paul

The names that are mentioned here mostly resemble human names. And that’s the best part about people who own pet dogs. The trend has changed and people are treating pet dogs as one of their family members. Unlike ancient times where people are wanting the pet dogs only for services. There are a few more names that we would like to mention that starts with P. let us take a look at the next set of 50 names

1. Peppy26. Paloman
2. Petra27. Portia
3. Puddles28. Pele
4. Phineas29. Pooka
5. Popcorn30. Puffy
6. Pumba31. Punky
7. Pistol32. Pau
8. Pinto33. Phillip
9. Pretzel34. Pink
10. Poochie35. Ploy
11. Pasha36. Pika
12. Panzer37. Poco
13. Patsy38. Peanut Butter
14. Pig39. Phoebe
15. Pirate40. Pooh
16. Poseidon41. Polar
17. Pocket42. Perla
18. Pharaoh43. Pi
19. Potter44. Padfoot
20. Picasso45. Pascal
21. Prim46. Pippen
22. Prince Key47. Papa
23. Porsche48. Packer
24. Prudence49. Prancer
25. Padme50. Panther

We would suggest you select the name based on the dog’s character and your personality. Also, check out for a theme and name them too.

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