Male Dog Names That Start With E

One of the most exciting parts of bringing a new dog home is searching for a suitable name. You cannot just give him a random name as every dog has its own unique characteristics and personality. Besides that, having a new pup is like becoming the parent of a newborn baby. And you cannot just address your baby with arbitrary names. So what if he is not a human?

In fact, it is the very reason you should search for a suitable name for your mute friend. The name you have chosen will decide the kind of response you will receive from your hairy companion.

You can begin your name-searching mission with the English alphabet “E.” As far as names are concerned, it is a very uncommon letter. But this unconventionality is the very reason you should use the letter “E.” It will enable you to select a unique name for your pooch.

Male Dog Names Starting With E

Here is a list of some unique names starting with the letter “E” for your new furry best friend:

  1. Easo
  2. Eastman
  3. Easter
  4. Easton
  5. Ebbe
  6. Ebert
  7. Ebony
  8. Eberhart
  9. Ekho
  10. Ektor
  11. Eleby
  12. Elador
  13. Elam
  14. Eldridge
  15. Eleanor
  16. Elea
  17. Electryon
  18. Emerald
  19. Emerson
  20. Emilio
  21. Emmanuel
  22. Emmett
  23. Eryk
  24. Escapade
  25. Eskimo
  26. Escort
  27. Edmond
  28. Esmond
  29. Esprit
  30. Espresso
  31. Ecuador
  32. Eden
  33. Edgar
  34. Edge
  35. Edison
  36. Editor
  37. Eleusis
  38. Elf
  39. Elite
  40. Ellington
  41. Elliott
  42. Empire
  43. Emrick
  44. Encore
  45. Energy
  46. Essex
  47. Ester
  48. Euclid
  49. Ethan
  50. Euphoria
  51. Euphrates
  52. Eureka
  53. Eurus
  54. Edward
  55. Edwin
  56. Evans
  57. Enzo
  58. Evil
  59. Egghead
  60. Eggnog
  61. Egypt
  62. Elton
  63. Elwood
  64. Elzo
  65. Epic
  66. Epilogue
  67. Equity
  68. Express
  69. Equinox
  70. Exeter
  71. Epcot

Things to be Kept in Mind Before Naming Your Dog

A dog’s brain is one-tenth of the size of a human brain. Consequently, it takes a bit of time to process a new word. Therefore, you need to be careful when you select a new name for your pooch. The type of name you choose to address him will determine his response. Here is a list of factors you must consider before naming your pup:

  1. Select a simple and short name that will enable you to call out to him in a public place or when he is not around you.
  2. Names with one or two syllables are preferable. It will enable your furry baby to easily remember his name and respond to you.
  3. Choose a name that has a vowel and a non-palatized (hard) consonant sound. It will enable your pup to hear your voice when you are calling out to him.
  4. Do not use a very common name as it can confuse your dog when you are in a park or a public place.
  5. Avoid naming your pup after any of your family members or other pets. It may create confusion for your pooch.


You can address your pup with any adorable names you want. But don’t name it “Eddie” as “Eddie” is one of the most common names used for male dogs. Consequently, your pooch may get confused when you use this name in a public place.

The list mentioned above is comprehensive enough to help you select a suitable name with the letter “E” for your pup. However, if you are still not satisfied and want to name your dog after a famous character, call him “Everest.”

“Everest” is one of the six fearless puppies of the 2013 adventurous cartoon series “Paw Patrol,” If your dog is brave, strong, and intelligent, “Everest” is the perfect name for him.

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